Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Greece and Italy – April 08, 2018

Though it was a busy morning at ‘Paradise’, home of Brother Giorgos and Mrs Evanthia, peace and love enveloped everyone. Breakfast was served to the Lord, and He in turn served the family with precious advise and guidance. Students, entourage and a few devotees arrived at the residence around 9:30 a.m to bask in the love of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, at the farewell Satsang. Always a difficult and an emotional moment in every country as devotees bid farewell! Swami started by saying, “God exists, but only a few people love, serve and are with Him. Not because of God, but because of themselves. As they are pure, they are attracted by God. If they are not pure, even if God comes and stands in front of them, there won’t be any attraction! Like a piece of iron full of rust and dust can’t get attracted to a magnet! Out of all the people in the world, how many people are here? Everyone has to get rid of their rust and dust. Each one of you must realise that you are fully divine, become a magnet, and attract others. Doing Seva by providing food or education or health, is like administering pain medication. But, when you make everyone divine, that is the permanent solution; like surgery! No medication is required after that.” Swami then narrated an example of Krishna and Yashoda. Krishna would steal butter from all the houses, though there was plenty in His own home. Yashoda would go around with a stick in one hand, and butter in the other, hoping to catch Him. Krishna would then come for the butter, and Yashoda would catch Him. “Give people what they need, and slowly take out the stick of duty, devotion and discipline. Let them chant the name of any God they want. For after all, what is God? Is He a name or form? No! God is only love, and love has no name. Mother has a name and form, but motherhood has no form. Similarly, God has no form, but takes form like a mother!” Thereafter, Swami guided the group of devotees as to how they should conduct themselves and lead many more on to the path of God. It was a morning of casual chat, but every word was laden with deep inner meaning. Swami gave away Sarees to all the ladies who were present, and after blessing everyone abundantly, He returned to His room for lunch. A traditional spread of Greek and Indian food was savored by all, especially the young graduates who were being exposed to this Ancient Greek culture. Mangala Arati was offered to Swami, and thereafter His entourage proceeded to the Airport to board their flight to the final destination, Rome!

Upon arrival at Rome Fiumicino Airport at around 7 p.m. Mr Ampelio Veleda, Brother Salvatore Iozza and other devotees were eagerly waiting to welcome everyone. A 30-minute drive, and everyone reached ‘Casa del Divino’, the residence of Mrs Maria Buffa. Along with Mrs Buffa, Mrs Giovanna, Ms Lily and the wife of Brother Salvatore, Mrs Chiara emotionally welcomed Swami and His entourage. Swami took all the young graduates to His room, showed them around and spoke to them about how God-intoxicated devotees around the world look after Him! Dinner was served, and everyone retired for the night.