Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Hassan – December 19, 2017

Swami’s helicopter landed 20 minutes later at the beautiful Hassan campus, which is a marvel in the midst of no where! Many devotees, students, alumni and parents had gathered to see Swami descend from the sky by the helicopter and received Him with great excitement. The newly built basketball court served as the helipad. Swami’s helicopter descended and He got in to the car, and drove to the campus. Swami was received by the chants of Poorna Kumbham by students of Grade 6 and 7 who walked into the newly constructed block by the side of the existing blocks, which Swami inaugurated very lovingly along with devotees from the other countries. He admired the quality of construction, the spaces, the ventilation and the overall look and feel of the place and appreciated everyone for that. Swami also went to the toilet complex and inaugurated the solar hot water system, by opening the tap. He carefully looked into every detail and explained to the devotees why things were done the way they were done. Finally, He came back to His room, which was specially done for Him in the existing hostel building. After some refreshments Swami came to the main Bhajan Hall where all the students and devotees were seated. He walked amongst the devotees, blessed them, received their prayers, guided them, consoled them and finally ascended the dais to begin the morning programme, a little around noon. Sri Venkatesh Kamat, the new Chairman of the Hassan campus, an alumnus of Muddenahalli took to the podium and welcomed everyone and also tearfully, and emotionally recollected how Swami has always been giving and giving. He informed all the people gathered that how every time Swami visited the Hassan campus, He only brought more and more gifts for His students and solved their problems. This time too Swami has gifted washing machines for the convenience of the students, and has inaugurated a new block for the students to stay more comfortably and spaciously. He also commanded the next phase of construction to begin, to complete the entire hostel complex and many more such blessings. Thereafter, Swami commanded Sri Kave Gowda, a long time devotee from Hassan to speak a few words, who eloquently spoke about Swami’s love and compassion for the district of Hassan through free education. He also admired and appreciated the dedication of the devotees from abroad, who supported the campus and also the alumni who have taken up the responsibility of contributing towards the cost of education of every child through the Each One Educate One Programme. All the children of the Hassan campus have been covered under this programme and their entire school fees is being looked after by their own alumni brothers and sisters. Thereafter, Swami commanded Sri Madan Gupta from Dubai as a representative from the Dubai group who are supporting the Hassan campus to speak a few words. He was overwhelmed with this seventh visit that he has made to the campus and prayed that it would have been nice if Swami would have made him as a student of this campus forever, for there is much to learn here! He recollected all his previous visits and also what was told by one of the Dubai group devotees, “We are all students of the Hassan campus because we have learnt much from the students, staff, alumni and devotees of Hassan”. Mr Madan went on to quote what Swami had said earlier, that Prasanthi Nilayam was Primary School, the present mission in Sookshma is like the High School and eventually it will lead to the University of Prema Sai. He said. “I missed the Primary School – Prasanthi Nilayam because I did not have the physical Darshan of Bhagawan and now I am in the High School and happy to be here. I wish that I pass and graduate to University, but I must also tell that these students of Sathyaniketanam are extremely fortunate because they are not only part of the High School which is the subtle mission, but also actually the students of the Primary School of Hassan Campus”. He said that devotion of students impressed him a lot and recounted how a young girl from Dubai who was not much interested in spirituality had visited the campus in July, and when she asked one of the students as to whether he missed his parents being away from them for so long, the student’s reply transformed her when the boy said, “Why should I miss my parents when there is Swami to take care of me all the time?”

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy spoke a few words and quoted several Vachanas of great saints and wondered about the amazing ways of Swami where He connects one with the other. Hassan campus and Dubai have nothing in common except the fact that they both are connected by Swami. He brought Dubai devotees to help build the Hassan campus and this is relationship of Swami’s love that exists between the two places, far and near. He remembered the initial days of construction of the campus when he received much support from the devotees of Hassan. He acknowledged and thanked them for their unstinted support which is continuing even today.

Swami delivered His beautiful discourse and said, “Sathyaniketanam has the word Sathya or Truth and everyone must understand what this truth is. Truth is that which does not change with time, place or circumstance. Therefore, the body that we think we are, is not the truth, for it changes. The Atman that resides within all is the real truth. The students have to understand this in this campus, and their education will become complete only when they realise this great truth of oneness which will be the end of all the misery and conflict in the world. He explained this to the students using very simple examples, in the way He always does to drive home the point. After this, Swami went for a short break, and again joined the students back in the dining hall for a wonderful lunch session with them and guests. He distributed choclates to all after His lunch, and then went all the way to the service yard to bless the three new washing machines which had just arrived, by breaking coconuts. Swami then returned to His room for the afternoon rest.

After a brief rest, the evening session began at 5:30 p.m. All the guests had assembled in the prayer hall along with the staff and students. Some of the Alumni were waiting outside Swami’s room for His precious guidance. Swami emerged from His room, and spoke to all of them about their role in the current mission. Mr Kave Gowda, a devotee from Hassan who was present there, was overwhelmed by Swami’s talk. Swami then have him a special token of His love and explained to him about how the current phase of the mission is being done by devotees from India and abroad, along with the alumni. Swami also spoke about the sacrifices of all the devotees and the efforts of the alumni, and advised the alumni that they must consider all the children in the institutions as their brother or sister, and hence it was their responsibility to look after their education.

Swami also informed them about the Madiyal Narayan Bhat scholarship scheme, under which the poorest of the poor who cannot afford even the hostel fee would be given free hostel and food. He went on to explain how this would help and really promote education to the most needy sections of society. This would also help develop gratitude in the hearts of the young children, and when they grow up, they would extend help to others. This way, many more will be benefitted eventually.

Swami then proceeded to the Hall and took His seat. Brother Venkatesh Kamath, Chairman of the Hassan Campus introduced the evening programme, and welcomed all. This was followed by Vedic invocation by students, and two songs were offered at Bhagawan’s Lotus Feet.

Two students spoke thereafter, which touched every heart seated. Their honesty, confessions and their resolve to follow Swami’s words in their lives with complete determination and dedication moved the hearts of everyone. Next, Brother Navin Kumar, a faculty, and also an alumnus from the Muddenahalli Campus addressed the gathering. He had adbandoned his desires of becoming an IAS officer, so that he could be of service in Swami’s mission. As he concluded his talk and proceeded to take Swami’s blessings, the Lord declared that though he did not become an IAS officer, today he has become an SAI officer!

Swami then commanded an illustrious alumnus and neurologist by profession, Dr Suresh Kodapala to speak a few words about the role of students in Swami’s mission. Swami added more insights to Brother Kamath’s introduction about Brother Suresh. He revealed various facets of his life and his family to the astonishment of everyone gathered. An overwhelmed Brother Suresh Kodapala confessed that only Swami is aware of these intimate details of his life, which shows His omnipresence and omniscience. He went on to tell his tale about his impoverished background, and how by Swami’s grace he joined the institution at Alike, and eventually went on to become a neurologist. Today, he feels extremely happy, blessed and responsible to be looking after the education of his younger brothers and sisters in Swami’s mission. He informed to the delight of all that all the children at Hassan have been take care by the alumni in terms of all their educational expenses completely.

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy spoke briefly next, elaborating about how being an SAI officer is more important than being an IAS officer. SAI – Service, Adoration and Illumination, a culmination of Bhakti, Jnana and Karma Marga. He encouraged the students who had dressed up in the costumes of the leaders of India, spiritual as well as social for the drama presentation that was to follow next, that they must imbibe the ideals of these great men and women whose role they had adorned that evening.

Swami in His divine discourse emphasised yet again the reason why He is establishing all these institutions, which is to provide an opportunity to serve the society and thereby redeem oneself. “The rain that falls from the sky is the purest, but when it mixes with the soil it gets contaminated. The rain drop that falls in the Ganges become scared and pure, and those which fall in a drain become dirty. Likewise is the case of the children who are born pure as children of immortality, but due to their company they change. These institutions are like the Ganges. While on one side they preserve the purity of the children by accepting them as students, they also provide the staff an opportunity to meditate on its banks like saints and seers. This is also an opportunity for the devotees and others to come to these institutions as pilgrims, take a sacred dip in the acts of Seva, and return home with a pot full of love.” Swami urged the students to develop good qualities and become servants of the society in whichever capacity they can.

After Swami’s Discourse, there was a short break, during which the stage was prepared for the cultural programme. An LED screen was also put up on stage to display the backdrop. Swami spoke to a couple of devotees in the meantime back in His room, and thereafter returned to the Hall and took His seat.

The first presentation was a meditative Sufi dance of whirling dervishes by students of Grade 6 and 7, who were dressed as Sufi mystics. This was followed by a drama presentation, ‘Bharatha Bhagya Vidhatha’, which was truly the essence of Indian culture preserved by spiritual and social leaders from time immemorial, starting from the times of Adi Shankara, to Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekar Azad and the likes of Spiritual Masters like Madhvacharya, Ramanujacharya, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Vivekananda to Akka Mahadevi, Basavanna, Purandaradasa, and Saint Thyagaraja. Then, Rani Lakshmi Bhai, Chitoor Rani Chinnamma, and finally it culminated in to the freedom struggle led by leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Subhash Chandra Bose. The drama ended with a soulful song which touched everyone’s heart. Loka Hithe Mama Karniyam, was the line that was repeated several times in the song, which means that ‘We are here only to serve the world.’ Swami blessed all with a group photograph and then distributed sweets to all the students and everyone gathered. Mangala Arati was offered and Swami returned to His room. In a short while, He came back to dine with the children and distributed ice creams to the delight of all. Thus ended another glorious day in the Hassan Campus that witnessed the inimitable bond of love between Sai and His children.