Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Hong Kong – March 13, 2018

Hong Kong is a city full of dreams, a city full of vibrancy and bustling life. And this was Swami’s ‘first visit’ to this city. After a traditional Sindhi and South Indian breakfast at the Daswani residence, close family and a few friends gathered to experience their Lord Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba for the very first time in the subtle. Initially it was evident that they didn’t know what to expect, but they had come with open hearts, leaving their mind aside. Like Swami says, the heart knows!

Bhajans began, and Swami came out of His room and took His seat in the living room of the Daswani residence. Swami then started talking in the most casual way to each person gathered. Looking at a young lawyer, Swami said there are two courts which exist – the court of love and court of law. Love does not know any law. Law does not know any love. But in God’s court, only love exists. “If you have love, everything is taken care.” He urged the young lawyer to deal every case he gets only with love, and as far as possible to settle it out of court, in the court of Love. It indeed struck a deep chord with the youngster which inspired him a lot.

Swami then said, “How can you be happy all the time. Only faith in God can keep you happy all the time. No situation can be so bad that it can go out of control. Happy and bad times are given by God. During bad times you must realise that God has already reduced the suffering, and is only giving you a dose which is tolerable to you! It’s like wearing shoes; wherever you are walking thorns or stones will not harm you. Everyone cannot be assured of success all the time. You have to understand and tell yourself, ‘This is the best that can happen to me.’

Parikshit was to die in seven days. He was happy all the time. People around him were surprised and asked him why he was happy, when he was going to die in a week. Parikshit replied, ‘You are all unfortunate as you don’t know when you are going to die. Since I know, I am contemplating on God all the time.’ First step is to have faith in God and think whatever happens is for the best.”

Swami then asked Sri B N Narasimha Murthy to address the gathering, and he reiterated what Swami had just said about how God rules with love. Explaining this aspect through a couple of stories, he concluded by saying that God is always full of mercy, irrespective of what man does.

It was a very causal interaction with all present, as Swami was revealing many aspects of their life. He urged those gathered to ask questions. One devotee asked how to escape the cycle of birth and death. In reply, Swami spoke in brief about the law of Karma and the law of Incarnation which are inter related. “The results of action will be experienced in this birth or in the next birth, but one cannot escape the same. Whether you do good bad, when you return you will reap the consequences of that action, good or bad. The only way to escape the cycle of birth and death is to escape the cycle of Karma. But how can you escape this cycle? The easiest way is to think that you are NOT the doer, but only an instrument. A thief uses a knife to kill and a surgeon may use the same knife to save a life. The knife is not accumulating any Karma. So always think you are just an instrument of God, and offer your actions with all humility and surrender to Him!”

It was a wonderful and intimate morning for the 30 odd devotees who were present, and of course by the end of the morning session there was no doubt that each one of them had indeed experienced for themselves the presence of Bhagawan. Lunch Prasadam was served to everyone thereafter.

In the evening, a Satsang was organised at a venue, 15 minutes away from the Daswani residence. Close to 180 people had gathered from Hong Kong, and other countries including Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and Macau. Swami entered amidst Bhajans, and Brother Vishal Daswani, son of Mr Raja and Mrs Shalini Daswani welcomed Bhagawan and His entourage. He spoke about how his heart had taken over his mind for him to be able to realise that Swami was indeed amidst all of them.

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy continued on the same lines, when he started with a quote of Rumi which said, “The head shall not hear anything until the heart has listened.” He went on say, “This is why all living Masters who came into this world said the Kingdom of God is within. What do we do when we go to temples? We close our eyes and fold our palms. What it ultimately means is that our heart urges us to find God inside our heart and not outside. All divine Masters taught the same thing.” Sri Narasimha Murthy went on to talk about the six phases of sixteen years each of Swami’s life – Leelas, Mahimas, Upadeshas, Vidya, Vaidya and Upadeshas – which Swami Himself had revealed starting in 1926 till 2022. The last being establishment of Sanathana Dharma or Divine Dharma, between 2006 and 2022 which is what is going on right now albeit in a most mysterious way!

Swami in His divine discourse started with a prayer ‘Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah Sarve Santu Nir-Aamayaah, Sarve Bhadraanni Pashyantu, Maa Kashcid-Duhkha-Bhaag-Bhavet’, which means Let everyone be happy. Let all be healthy. Let everybody see auspiciousness and good everywhere. Let no body have any sorrow or misery.

This is the ancient path of mankind. A path that teaches us to pray for everyone’s welfare and not just for us. It teaches to think beyond our selfish ways for the rest of humanity. This is the glory and beauty of Sanathana Dharma. A Dharma that believes in the good and happiness of every one and not just for themselves.

One may ask a question, ‘It is easy to pray for oneself or friends or relatives…but how should we bring ourselves to sincerely pray for the welfare of everyone?’ That’s where the answer comes from Sanathana Dharma, which looks beyond the physical aspect, and looks at the fundamental aspect of Atman in everyone, as internally all are made of the same Self.

The way to live in this world is to understand that we are playing a part, and we have to respect and care for each other. Sanathana Dharma is founded on the truth of Atman. We have forgotten who we really are, as each one is busy enacting the role they have adorned – businessmen, doctors, lawyers, etc. Body is a costume which the Atma wears, and just like clothes becomes old, Atman accepts another body when it becomes old. This is the wealth of truth you must aspire to accquire. So who is the richest in the eyes of God, whoever has the richness of wisdom, and the contentment born out of the understanding of this truth.” After a short Question and Answers session, Mangala Arati was offered and Dinner Prasadam was served to all. Swami returned to the Daswani residence for dinner, and rested for the night.