Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Izu, Japan – March 19, 2017 (Evening)

Divine Visit – Izu, Japan – March 19, 2017 (Evening)

After lunch and brief rest, Bhagawan proceeded to the Amagi Assembly Chapel for the public Satsang. Over 250 devotees from all over Japan had gathered to experience Bhagawan’s love. Bhagawan was led from His residence to the venue by the Japanese devotees who chanted Rudram in absolute perfection and diction. The Lord was very pleased and expressed His happiness to them. As Bhagawan entered the Satsang area, the atmosphere was charged with absolute ecstasy and bliss.

The first programme for the evening as Bhagawan took His seat was an exhilarating performance of music and dance by devotees of Japan, which depicted the essence of Japanese culture, and reinforced faith in their culture. Mr Okano enthralled everyone with his flute recital. Swami blessed all the performers abundantly.

Sri C Sreenivas, the first speaker spoke about the culture of Japan, and stressed on reinforcing the faith in culture. He said that the two words that stood out during the evening’s visual presentation was belief and faith, not only in Japanese culture, but also world culture. “Sometimes these are both matters of choice, and also necessity. We learn and imbibe these great values and put them into practise in our everyday lives. The hallmark of culture is so beautifully depicted as humility in the Japanese. If there is one common thread between Swami and the Japanese it is humility, which is the first pre requisite for learning and achieving anything in life.”

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy congratulated all the performers for their wonderful programme. He spoke about the human aspiration which is to go beyond body consciousness is universal. He said, “It is that aspiration which has brought all of us in His divine Presence. That is the purpose which brings God down to earth. He reminds us that we are not just the body. Why is it so? Body is temporary like a water bubble. No man or woman is satisfied to be confined to the body, as life will end with death. Human beings are not happy with temporary happiness, but want immortal happiness. They want infinite joy! They are not satisfied with a short span of life, but want an eternal life. It is for this purpose that God came as Rama, Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Confuscious, Laotze, and others. 2000 years ago He incarnated as Jesus Christ for the same purpose. In our times, he He came as Shirdi and Sathya Sai and echoed the same truth.”

He spoke about how He met Bhagawan when he was just 19 years, and how he has been obeying him all these years, and admitted that it was this virtue of obedience, which has kept him at His Lotus Feet. Sri Narasimha Murthy said that it was the same virtue which has kept Sri Sreenivas and Brother Madhusudan as well, at His Lotus Feet. He then narrated the morning of April 27, 2011 when Swami appeared in front of Brother Madhusudan at the Prasanthi Mandir, just before the physical remains of Swami was to be lowered into the bowels of earth. Swami had told Brother Madhusudan who was sobbing uncontrollably like everyone else, and who was singularly fortunate to be able to see Swami, that all that was happening in front of him (Swami’s physical body lying in state) was only a ‘Tamasha’ or joke, and the Swami he was seeing in front his eyes was real! Sri Narasimha Murthy’s voice reverberated through the Chapel when he asked everyone, “When did Swami say He was the body? When did we devotees identify Him with the body? We always identified Him with His infinite love.”

Swami began His divine discourse with a poem, which said, just as the oil is present inside a sesame seed, just as butter is present in milk, just as fragrance is present inside a flower, and just as juice is present inside the fruit, and just as fire is present inside wood, God is present in everything.

“Birth, growing up and death are attributed to things which belong to this world made up of elements. Since the beginning of time, man believed that divinity is something beyond this. Ancient cultures and civilisations knew this truth, that what we see in front of our eyes is not the truth and there is something beyond that. Just like the ancient Indian culture which believed that there is life beyond death, so does the Japanese culture. They both understood that there is an imperishable basis for this perishable world. And this has been understood as the presence of divinity in everything. Both worshipped nature as God, and in the fellow beings around. Both the cultures also perceived what is beyond the seen and heard. Therefore, spirituality to both these ancient culture is understanding that which is beyond ‘para’.

They both have been guided by the single principle of realising our true selves. They understood the divine basis for the entire creation. But they also proclaim that to realise this unseen divine bliss, one must put in effort, which is sadhana. Oil, butter and fire are present in the physical elements, but these can be obtained with effort.

So it is with divinity which resides in every heart. Only when we churn this heart which has both desires and divine principle, desires fail and divinity rises. Only those who sincerely put efforts to get what is engrained in them will get it. Man has gone to the moon and is also planning to reach other planets. With his single minded effort, he has been able to create objects of great comfort and convenience. He is able to travel faster, communicate with people who are not in front of their eyes, he is able to conquer disease and sickness, and all this has been possible to achieve due to effort.

The mind, intellect and other faculties which are directed towards the outer world for worldly achievements, can achieve much more if they are turned towards inner spiritual arena as well. The mind is simply a bundle of thoughts and desires. Turn this mind towards God. If you have to look for me, you have to find me where I am. I am not outside. But if you turn your vision inwards, you will find Me; that is where I am. I took the form, so you all develop a relationship with it, understand what is divine love, and aspire to gain it. I came to tell you in the language you understand that you and I are one. It is possible for you to be like Me. I am still there today. I BECAME LIKE YOU SO THAT WE COULD MEET. NOW YOU HAVE TO BECOME LIKE ME SO THAT WE CAN MEET AGAIN! It is up to you!”

Thereafter, Mangala Arati was offered to the Lord, and dinner Prasadam was served to everyone. Bhagawan and His entourage were served traditional South Indian dinner, once again lovingly prepared by the ladies from Singapore.