Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – January 5 and 6, 2018 – Sri Lanka

Soon after breakfast, Swami and His entourage departed for Piliyandala, which was a three and a half hour drive from Katharagama. Upon arrival at the Jayewardene residence, lunch was served to all. After a brief rest, students and staff departed from Piliyandala to visit the Kelaniya temple, while Swami and His guests proceeded to ‘Sai Malar’, residence of late Sri Rajeswaran, a devotee for many decades. Many miracles continue to take place here, and Swami had also visited ‘Sai Malar’ during His previous visit. The Lord was lovingly welcomed by Mrs Merja, daughter of Sri Rajeswaran, her mother and her husband Dr Saibal. About 75 devotees had gathered to receive Swami who was welcomed with Purna Kumbham and Veda chanting. After a few Bhajans, Swami spoke briefly about how God installs Himself, wherever His glory is sung. “There is no place where God is not there; He is everywhere. But when devotees sing His glory and there is purity of devotion in that place, He manifests and installs Himself there. Where devotees search for God, God is also in search of His true devotees!”

Swami explained about the true meaning of Bhakti, devotion. He said love for God and faith are two sides of the same coin, and this is Bhakti. Without one, the other does not have value. He urged everyone to have total and complete faith in God! Mangala Arati was offered, and Prasadam was distributed to everyone. Swami then proceeded back to Piliyandala along with His guests. Upon arrival, Swami called all His students to His room and spoke to them about Sri Lanka, about Mrs Penny Jayewardene, and her father-in-law who was the former President of the Country, the war, their struggles, and urged the students to take valuable lessons from such noble souls. Dinner was served thereafter, and everyone retired for the night.

The next morning, June 6 saw a flurry of activities as preparations were in full swing for the Public Satsang which was to be held at the Ramakrishna Mission auditorium in Colombo. After breakfast, around 9:15 a.m. Swami departed along with His entourage for the Public Satsang, where over 500 devotees had gathered to receive Bhagawan. After a few Bhajans, the proceedings commenced. The first speaker of the morning was Mrs Penny Jayewardene, who gave an overview of Swami’s continuing mission in Sri Lanka. Through a wonderfully done video presentation created by a young 14-year-old girl, who believed that the presentation should be done by someone within the team instead of giving it to a professional outside, as every penny was important for the hospital and the patients. And so she learnt how to create the video on her own, and offered it to Swami with much love! It was truly inspiring to hear this wonderful little story, and sure enough stories like these are the little nuggets of His love beyond boundaries!

Thereafter, Menali Dissanayake who was also the master of ceremonies for the morning, spoke on Bhagawan’s command about her journey of transformation. She hasn’t seen Swami in the physical form ever and came to know about Swami only in the subtle, yet feels the pure love that she has never ever felt before! Her thought provoking and inspiring speech was a reminder to everyone gathered that this body has been given only to serve, and since God Himself has benevolently given the opportunity to be a part of His mission, the choice is left to each one, either to sit back or plunge into Seva! She pledged herself to become a children’s doctor on Swami’s command and serve her motherland of Sri Lanka all her life.

Thereafter, Mr Isaac Tigrett addressed the audience and began with his most famous statement, “No one can tell you what to believe and what not to believe. I am blessed that I have become aware of past lives and life after death. There is life before birth, but we are born without the memory. There is an evolutionary phenomenon, even though we are born with no memory of the past, we have a seed of devotion, which is something higher than ourselves. We cannot love God without faith. Devotion is truly love and faith enveloped in to one. Eventually it becomes blind faith.” He urged everyone gathered to engage in one selfless and kind act a day.

Sri C Sreenivas in his short, but powerful speech said that there is indeed a lot of difference between intent and outcome. The outcome or translation becomes a test of devotion. He prayed to Swami to give a lot of strength to the team in Sri Lanka who have been trying to carry out the Lord’s command, despite many stumbling blocks. He spoke of the sacred Ramayana trail which he has been blessed to be a part of along with students, staff and other guests during this trip, and stated that his take away was one nugget of wisdom. While visiting the residence of Sri Pratheepan in Batticaloa, Swami had said, “Leadership is a primarily a thought and the rest is love.” So how does lovability really work he questioned, which is dependant on what one believes in. He concluded by saying that it has to be a shared belief, thought and ideology, by truly considering all as one.

The next speaker was Sri B N Narasimha Murthy, who started by saying that he was much inspired by two daughters of Sri Lanka – Mrs Penny Jayewardene and the young Ms Menali Dissanayake. He questioned as to why Swami is continuing His mission from the subtle, and narrated the story of King Vipaschit, who was known more as a saint than a king. When he gave up the body, messengers of God came to take him to heaven. But the King wanted to go to hell first, to see what happened there. He saw all the people around him happy; they came and took his blessings, and all the while the King was very surprised, as he saw everyone happy in hell. The messengers explained that no one could be miserable in front of him, and so the King decided not to go to heaven. Sri Narasimha Murthy said, “This is what Swami is doing by continuing the mission out of His love and compassion, as He wants to see that people in this world are happy. This is how He is making this world a heaven, through young people like Menali!”

Swami in His divine discourse started by saying, “Not by penance, not be pilgrimage, not by reading scriptures or chanting a name or Mantra, but only through service to other beings can one truly cross the ocean of Samsara. Every person born on this earth wants to be happy. Why a person? Even an insect born wants to be happy. But unfortunately man does not know or understands what should be done, to be happy. This is not the happiness which comes out as a gratification in a moment of joy. Happiness cannot be borrowed or bought or stolen, but earned out of one’s own efforts. Happiness should grow. If we make others happy, we can be happy.

The kind of example noble people set in the society, becomes a guiding light for others to follow. God does not have duties in all the three worlds, but He binds Himself by time, space and circumstances for the sake of others – to do good to others, and show that by doing good one can be happy. The one who lives by this adage by making others happy, will always have peace and contentment. Heart is that which is full of compassion, but it has become a stone today. Out of compassion Masters have descended. When I came in 2015, I told that all the love for Swami must be expressed as service to fellow beings. Despite all the initial difficulties and set backs, devotees took My word seriously and the work has begun!”

He further added, “So far you may have been worshipping Me in a form or a photo, but now it’s time for you to graduate and worship Me in all things movable and immovable. I exist everywhere, there is no place I don’t. Through a compassionate heart and loving hands, see Me in all beings!”

Mangala Arati was offered and Prasadam was distributed to everyone, while Swami and His entourage proceeded to the residence of the Speaker, Hon Sri Karu Jayasurya for the half-yearly board meeting of the Sri Sathya Sai Karuna Nilayam Foundation. Swami was received with a lot of love by Sri Karu Jayasurya, an ardent devotee for many years. The current project updates were presented at the Board meeting, and a brief overview of the upcoming 25-bed Hospital was also discussed. The plans were handed over to Sri Channa Daswatte, Sri Lanka’s leading architect who was also instrumental in designing the Medical Centre. The Health Minister was also a part of the meeting, and he was truly overwhelmed by all the project updates, and pledged his complete support in the catapulting medical mission.

After a few interviews lunch was served and soon after, Swami proceeded to the residence of Brother Nishanta Dissanayake for a brief afternoon rest before proceeding the the Airport. After some snacks, Swami blessed the Dissanayake family. Mangala Arati was offered, and Swami along with His entourage proceeded to the Bandarnaike International Airport to board their flight to Bangalore, thus ending yet another glorious trip with Sai Rama to His Lanka!