Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Jayapura Campus And Hassan Campus – September 24 – 25, 2016 (Day II)


Next morning soon after breakfast, Bhagawan’s entourage proceeded towards the Sri Niketanam campus which is located on the other side of the Jayapura town, a few Kilometres away from the boys campus. After reaching the Sri Niketanam campus, Swami walked around inspecting the construction work, commenting and guiding as to what was needed to be done. Girls and teachers were all dressed up and with vedic chants and songs, Bhagawan was welcomed and taken to the third floor of the building, where the hall was made ready for the programme. Swami walked floor by floor patiently and at every floor stopped, looked at the construction work and gave His precious guidance. Finally, after reaching the top floor He walked into the hall where all the children were already seated and dressed up in various costumes for the performance that was to follow. Swami took His seat on the dias along with the other guests and the initial vedic invocation by girl students commenced which pleased Bhagawan immensely and He commented that they are all chanting in one single voice like the cuckoo, which sings melodiously. Two girls who were the Masters of Ceremonies for the day, announced the programme and this was followed by the welcome speech of the newly appointed principal, Ms Prarthana.

To the delight of all students right from Grade six onwards to Grade ten, several programmes and dance dramas were presented at the Lotus Feet of beloved Bhagawan. They came one after the other, as an ceaseless stream of delightful performances, each doing better than the previous one. The devotion and enthusiasm was evident from the hard work they had done in order to prepare these performances and please Bhagawan. Needless to say, they won the hearts of all gathered with their wonderful performances, and more than anything else their smiling faces conquered the audience.

After the performances, Sri B N Narasimha Murthy spoke briefly about the importance of education for women in Bhagawan’s mission. He placed women at the highest pedestal of Indian society for as mothers , they are the ones who build the lives of the children and in turn the society and nation. He quoted the examples which were often quoted by Bhagawan of mother Kausalya whose loving, care made Rama who he was; about Jijabhai whose encouragement made Shivaji a famous and valiant emperor; about Mahatma Gandhi’s mother Putli Bhai who was responsible for his adherence to truth and non violence, and also mother Eashwaramma, the source of inspiration to Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. He said that He has learnt valuable lessons of devotion and sacrifice from the life of his own mother. That is why Bhagawan gives so much of importance to girl children and their education.

After his brief talk, it was time for Bhagawan’s divine message during which He spoke in telugu, which was translated by Sri B N Narasimha Murthy to Kannada. Swami spoke about the importance of education and the qualities that education must bestow namely devotion( bhakti), discipline (krama shikshana), karthavya palanam (duty), sadh pravarthana (good conduct) sadh buddhi (good thought and intellect), SathyaNirathi (truthfulness). He appealed to the students to develop these qualities and there by become true students of Bhagawan’s institutions. He said “the purpose of education, Vidya, is to let us know the meaning of true education. By that we mean the changeless truth. Since the body changes with time, the mind changes according to circumstances  therefore that which is changing cannot be the truth. Therefore, the true education is the one which teaches us the changeless truth of Atman or Divinity that resides in one and all.”

Bhagawan announced to the girl students about the upcoming Centre for Human Excellence for girls in Chikkaballapur, and He encouraged them to participate in Bhagawan’s mission by taking up higher studies in His institutions, and thereafter taking up this mission of education, so that more and more children like them can be benefitted in the coming years.

Swami enquired very lovingly about the welfare, food, rest and other comforts. He was visibly uncomfortable that construction had slowed down due to the rains. He promised the girls that the entire construction would be completed in the next six month to make space for them to stay, study and also play. He blessed the children that they may use this opportunity to the best of their abilities and thereby grow to become women of character befitting Bhagawan’s education. Swami’s love for the children was so evident in the way He spoke to all of them, and they too responded to Bhagawan’s questions spontaneously, which made all understand the deep bond of love that Bhagawan and students of Jayapura, Sri Niketanam campus have for each other! Special invitees to this function were the students of the pre-university college, Sri Sathya Sai Prashantiniketanam at Alike, which was instituted only three months ago. 50 girls along with teachers had come from Alike to attend the function at Bhagawan’s command. After Mangala Arati, Bhagawan proceeded to His room which was kept for Him. Swami called all the students and staff of Alike in to His room and they took their seats around Swami. He was so happy to see them all, which was evident from the way He spoke to all of them. He enquired about their food, rest, comforts at Alike, enquired with teachers about any other needs they might have in order to make them impart education more effectively. He spoke to many students personally about their requirements and other issues, and guided them on various aspects including studies, character, culture and devotion. Bhagawan also promised them that within a year, that is, before next June, He would be commencing the new PU building at Alike, in order to house them in more comfortable spacious building. This was received by the girls with a loud applause. He said they have been praying that Swami should build the new campus quickly so that before they pass out from their portal, they are able to enjoy their stay in new building as well. Swami said no prayers would go unanswered with Swami if it is made with selfless feelings. Thereafter, Swami also announced that He would be visiting the campus in November and would speak to them again, which made them extremely happy. He also invited them for Navaratri pujas and Homas and appreciated their way of chanting vedas and asked to chant vedic hymns during the Navaratri festivals too.

Children presented bouquet of songs, some of them composed by their own teachers which touched Swami’s heart. Swami was extremely surprised and pleased to know that these girls who had not seen Swami or been to Swamis institutions, have picked up Swami’s philosophy so well. They are able to sing bhajans, chant vedas and able to behave and conduct themselves in a manner that befits the students of Bhagawan’s institutions. After blessing them all with gifts and grace, paada namaskaar and also announcing an extension of holidays according to their prayers, Swami returned to the main hall where lunch had been served to all. Swami took His place, waited for the children to settle down with their food plates. After Bhramarparnam and having had His little food, Swami walked around distributing ice creams, and spoke to the children who were more than 300. The joy that one experienced by simply looking at this beautiful relation between Swami and students cannot by described in words. After lunch was over, He  briefly spoke to the teachers. On His way out He blessed the workers with clothes as well as the Principal with a special gift. After Arati, at around 2 pm, Bhagawan returned to His bungalow at the boys campus.


After a brief rest, the evening programme commenced at 5 PM at the boys campus. Bhagawan proceeded from His bungalow to the newly acquired lands behind the campus, where the new playground for the students will be constructed. For more than eight years, the campus which was very small and did not have enough place for the students to play, had not been expanded,  but after Bhagawan’s arrival and taking over of the institutions, the first thing Bhagawan wanted to do was to provide more space for the students to play. This He has promised them during His last visit which was being fulfilled now. Based on His command, the authorities worked hard and acquired three more acres of land behind the campus, which is now been converted into playgrounds for the students. Despite rains, and mindful of the showers, Bhagawan went all the way to bless the newly acquired land and blessed the previous owners. He came back to the main venue, a make shift auditorium where the evening programme was arranged. As He walked behind the veda boys, He accepted letters from the students who had enthusiastically written their heart’s desires to the Lord. These were colorful letters expressing their feelings and emotions for Swami. The joy was inexplicable as He walked in between the students on the red carpet which led to the dias. A special Simhasana (throne) was made for Bhagawan to sit, which was beautifully carved out of wood and was placed at the centre of the dias. Bhagawan took His seat and the guests took their seats respectively.

The programme commenced with a boy from Grade 10, introducing  the proceedings for the evening. Thereafter, Sri Surendra welcomed all the guests and thanked Bhagawan for His benevolence. Three speeches followed thereafter, by students in kannada and english. Each speech was more impactful than the previous one in terms of devotion and gratitude to Bhagawan for all that He is being doing and all that has been done for the students of Jayapura and other Campuses. Each of the students who spoke, truly expressed  himself on behalf of the rest of them, and every word was straight from the heart which touched Bhagawan. He appreciated each of them by giving them namaskar and gifts at the end of the talks. Thereafter, Bhagawan commanded Brother Venkatesh Kamath, Warden of the Sri Sathya Sai Centre for Human Excellence, Muddenahalli to speak to all the students. For more than four decades, Bro Kamath, has been associated with Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli firstly as a devotee, then as a student, an alumnus, teacher and now as a trustee of the Sri Sathya Sai Saraswati Education Trust, as well as in his current role as a Warden. Brother Kamath spoke inspiringly about how Bhagawan looks after His students who have offered their all to Bhagawan. He quoted the example of his own life, and also the life of a student Bhargav Sai, from the Sri Sathya Sai Centre for Human Excellence, whose parents were suffering from physical illnesses and his sister, from mental illness. All these were cured by Bhagawan soon after Bhargav Sai had chosen to be Swami’s student, and serve His institutions. Bhagawan took over the responsibility of Bhargav Sai completely, and looked after all the requirements. Swami called his parents by appearing in their dream to Muddenahalli and allotted them staff quarters to stay in order to be close to their son, Swami and service.

After Brother Kamath, Sri Narasimha Murthy spoke briefly about his life and how he as a young man of 19 had come to Bhagawan and Bhagawan had assured him that if he does Swami’s work, Swami will do all his work. Keeping His word, Bhagawan looked after the family of 11 children, 6 brothers and 5 sisters, by taking care of their education as well as other requirements in their lives. His father and mother satisfied that their children were settled well under Bhagawan’s loving care and protection.

Swami spoke to the students thereafter, and very emphatically stated that the goal of the Sathya Sai education system was to develop students of character. He said that just like rain drops which come down from the sky are pure, colorless and odorless but once they fall on the ground they acquire the properties of the soil that they get mingled with. Similarly, when students are born, they are pure, with pure minds. But with the company that they keep, their mind gets polluted and contaminated. Therefore, keeping good company is extremely important for one’s spiritual and overall growth. “The first thing our Institution provides to all the students, is a good environment to enable them grow well in a good atmosphere, in the company of good teachers and good people, which helps them to retain the purity and grow into people of character.”

He commended the efforts being put by Sri Surendra, Sri Rakesh and other teachers in moulding the character of the students in providing them with all that they need. He was sad to see that they did not have covered space to play during rains, considering Jayapura receives four months of rain in a year. He commanded that a closed indoor stadium complex will be built which will help students to play indoors during the rainy season. This announcement was received with great happiness by all the students and there was thunderous applause. Swami said in His discourse that though our scriptures consider mother, father and teachers equal to God, however this is only if mother, father and teacher do their duties. The mother’s duty is to show father, father’s duty is to show teacher and teacher’s duty is to show God. If mother, father, teacher do not take you towards God then they are not fulfilling their duty and they cannot be considered equivalent to God.

Swami quoted the example of Hiranyakashyapu, the father of Prahalada who was against Prahalada worshipping God; Ravana, the brother of Vibhishana, who was against Vibhishana serving Lord Rama; Bharatha whose mother Kaikeyi was against Bharata helping Lord Rama, and Sukracharya who was against Bali Chakravarthy giving alms to Vamana. He said, “Hiranyakashyapa as a father, Kaikeyi as a mother, Ravana as a brother and Sukracharya as a teacher did not do their duty well in helping their people move toward God. Therefore, they could not be considered as equivalent to God. For the sake of God, anyone can be sacrificed, and it is the duty of the students to go towards God, and duty of the parents and teachers should be to help the children go towards God, which is the fundamental basis of our education system.” After enquiring about their food, welfare, sports, comforts, studies and all the other aspects, very lovingly, Swami blessed them all profusely before closing His discourse. After Arati, Swami retired for the day.

The next morning, Bhagawan’s entourage started early for Muddenahalli, via Hassan. At 7AM everyone gathered at Bhagawan’s bungalow. After an early breakfast, Swami came out, blessed all the teachers with gifts and Grace.

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