Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Kalady, Kerala – March 01, 2018

Devotees and students of Bhagawan started the day with most sacred Omkaram, Suprabhatam, and Nagara Sankeerthan around the Ashram premises. Bhagawan was served delicious breakfast during which He gave a glimpse of His omniscience when He narrated interesting incidents from the past occurred in the life of the hosting family, much to their joy and gratitude.

The Lord was ready to depart along with His students and guests all the way to the Ashram of Sri Sathyam, a realised soul who guides others on the path of spirituality through His Spiritual Awareness Institute (SAI) set up in a small village near Alwaye, a town in the Kochi district of Kerala. Sri Sathyam Swamiji is being constantly guided by Bhagawan, and incidentally Bhagawan had appeared to Sri Sathyam Swamiji in a dream and passed on Brother Madhusudan’s phone number, asking Sri Sathyam Swamiji to call him! Swamiji then contacted Brother Madhusudan and visited Muddenahalli to invite Swami to his Ashram, which the Lord mercifully accepted. Swami was received with much grandeur at the Ashram entrance by Sri Sathyam Swamiji, who garlanded Brother Madhusudan with a garland made of Thulasi leaves. Swami inaugurated a Devi (Bhagawathi) Temple in the Ashram after-which He proceeded to His private room amidst soulful Bhajans. After a short refreshing break, Bhagawan proceeded to the public Satsang venue where over 500 devotees had gathered to soak in the divine bliss.

The proceedings of the day was initiated with Vedic invocation. Bhagawan then commanded the father of Sri Sathyam Swamiji, Sri Bodhaswaroopananda Swamiji to address the gathering, who spoke on the genesis of the Ashram at Alwaye, and how their prayers were answered through Bhagawan’s divine visit.

Sri Sathyam Swamiji then narrated how Bhagawan commanded him to welcome Swami with a Thulasi garland in a dream. When he said that garlanding Brother Madhusudan may seem strange, Swami assured him that Brother Madhusudan and Swami are just one and the same! Sri B N Narasimha Murthy then shared his thoughts on Swami’s ongoing mission. It was followed by Bhagawan’s discourse on the significance of this Ashram in His mission, and the Lord said He was waiting to come to this Ashram for the past 11 years! Bhagawan also remarked that Sri Sathyam Swamiji is His son and that the glory of this Ashram would grow multi-fold in the years to come. Thousands of devotees would throng to this place just to find inner peace and attain enlightenment. Swami also revealed that this Ashram would serve as a spiritual hub for the region. Swami ended His discourse assuring that He is always present in the Ashram, and that He would provide all that is needed for the Ashram.

After the thundering discourse, Bhagawan asked Sri Sathyam Swamiji how old he was. When he replied stating his current age, Bhagawan remarked that Sri Sathyam Swamiji has always been in and around this Ashram for over 400 years in one form or the other, and that he has been helping people on the path of spirituality!

Swami then proceeded to the nearby makeshift temple to perform the most-awaited Prana Prathista of Sri Adi Shankara Lingam amidst Rudram chanting. Thereafter, He called the trustees of Bhuvaneshwari Trust for a private audience, and then partook His lunch which was served with much love and devotion. After blessing the family of Sri Sathyam Swamiji, Bhagawan accepted Mangala Arati and proceeded to His residence, and meanwhile, sumptuous lunch was arranged as Prasadam for all the devotees.

A special cultural programme was presented to Bhagawan in the evening in a big hall inside the Ashram. Swami commanded guest singers to perform first, and this was followed by His dearest students from the music group in Muddenahalli. Classical dance performances by devotees and children were also performed at Bhagawan’s Lotus Feet. At the end of the session, Bhagawan made the evening extra special for the hundreds of Sevadals by handing over small tokens of His love to all of them. Interestingly, most of the Sevadals were moved beyond their imagination when Bhagawan replied to all their queries in chaste Malayalam!

After blessing Prasadam and accepting Mangala Arati, Bhagawan left for His residence for His dinner. It was during this dining session that Swami revealed that soon Prema Sai would be coming to Kalady as well, and He informed the host about finding a land for Bhagawan’s Ashram in Kerala! After partaking His dinner, Swami retired for the day.