Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Kalady, Kerala – March 02, 2018

Soon after breakfast, Bhagawan sent His students for a private museum visit. Meanwhile, Swami visited a nearby Shirdi Baba temple constructed by a devotee. It has been the fruition of prayers of many such pure hearts that Bhagawan changed His plan to accompany the students to the museum, and instead chose to bless the devotees who were waiting for many years to receive their Lord in the hallowed temple premises!

Swami and His guests reached the Shirdi Baba temple before noon and were accorded a grand welcome at the entrance. On entering the temple, Bhagawan created Vibhuti for the Ganesha statue at the temple, and also materialised a statue of Shirdi Baba made of Silver for the devotee who built the temple! Bhagawan then proceeded to the public Satsang venue, and commanded Sri Rajan, the devotee who built the temple to address the gathering. Sri Rajan narrated how Swami guided them to build this temple and how at every phase, Bhagawan’s unseen hands were evident in the completion. His talk ended on an emotional note!

This was followed by Swami’s discourse wherein He mentioned the temple would now be rechristened as Dwarakamaayi, and that this temple’s glory will grow in abundance and there will be a huge flow of devotees into this temple over a period of time. Swami said His favourite work is installing God in people’s hearts. He then instructed that Narayana Seva should be conducted daily in the temple. And that it is not just humans, but also birds and animals should be served as a part of this Narayana Seva.

After Mangala Arati, Bhagawan and His entourage left for Kalady for lunch.

A boat trip with the Lord, His guests, His students, and His chosen devotees was arranged in the evening from Marine Drive at Kochi, and it was indeed a unique trip as the devotees had Bhagawan all for themselves for four long hours in the middle of breath-taking backwater close to Arabian Sea! ‘Santa Maris’ – the divine boat was all decked up to serve as a platform for private Satsang and have the Lord of the seven seas aboard! All the students, guests, and devotees were seated prior to Bhagawan’s arrival. With each passing moment, they could only count on their blessing to be a part of this unique divine cruise. Even as Bhagawan entered the boat which had 160 people on board, the entire entourage sang the song “Sai Karte Tera Swagatham”. After Bhagawan sat on His throne, He asked for more songs to be sung. Swami then enquired who the captain of the ship was, and pat came the reply from His students “Swami, You!”. How wise are these young boys to have realised that it is only God who controls the wheels of the ship of life, and He alone can take man across the ocean of Samsara!

Bhagawan called upon Brother Anirudh C, an alumnus of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, who was waiting to perform a short English song for Swami. After the song, Swami asked him to narrate how his life was saved many times in the past by Swami. Just as he finished his short talk, Bhagawan narrated a particular instance when Swami saved Anirudh’s life! Swami then started conversing with His students and called on some of them to speak on how the Sri Sathya Sai Centre for Human Excellence was playing a pivotal role in accelerating Bhagawan’s mission of bringing about societal as well as personal transformation. One of them, Sonu Kumar has been instructed by Bhagawan to find a piece of land in his hometown of Bihar in India wherein Bhagawan can start a free school. Interestingly, Swami had asked Sonu if he wanted to live with Swami or live for Swami, to which he replied that he would rather live for Swami even if it means he has to sacrifice living with Swami! Such is the pure devotion and faith of Bhagawan’s students.

Swami praised the students of Sri Sathya Sai Centre for Human Excellence, who were being prepared to take up bigger roles in serving in His divine mission, and He spoke at length about how selflessness will overpower the world soon from selfishness. Bhagawan then went onto praise His guests and devotees who takes His command seriously every time and ensures that all His projects happen on time.

Having commenced the cruise for almost two hours, Bhagawan was invited to top deck for refreshments along with others on board. Swami spent the next two hours talking to all of them about Lord Hanuman, Sri Adi Shankara, Lord Krishna, and His Fiji trip, etc. After a while, Swami asked the two boys to sing Ramakatha – one of His favourites! The Rama Katha was followed by a couple of other songs from the same singers, and then Swami asked if anyone else wished to sing. There were few elderly devotees who were eagerly waiting for an opportunity to sing for Bhagawan, and their joy knew no bounds when Swami allowed them to perform!A unique cruise with a unique passenger on board, in the Queen of Arabian Sea overlooking a beautiful sunset – this Satsang can be perfectly summarised in one word – MAGICAL! When the boat reached the coast again, no one wanted to leave their Swami, who then gave gifts to all students and guests, and then accepted Mangala Arati on board. He then proceeded to His residence in Kalady for dinner, and retired for the day at 9 p.m.