Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Karwar, Karnataka – 23 October, 2017

After breakfast very lovingly prepared by the devotees of Puttur, Swami started for the Bhoomi Puja for the new campus Sri Sathya Sai Satwaniketanam, around 25 kms away from the guest house .

A special permission was obtained to take Swami over the Kaiga Dam which is the last of the four dams built on the River Kali over 70 kilometers of its flow, before it joins the Arabian Sea. The Dam which is 2.3 kms long also generates hydro electric power of 150 MW. It also has four nuclear reactors consisting of the Kaiga nuclear power plant at a distance of a few kilometers.

The restricted access was opened to Swami’s motorcade by the engineer-in-charge who had met Swami the previous day with his wife and was a part of the project since 1987, when the construction of the Dam had begun. An enthusiastic engineer showed Maps and explained to Swami about the hydro electric power plants and associated townships with a promise to take Him to the Supa reservoir 70 kms upstream which is ten times larger than Kaiga. A chair and some snacks were organised right on top of the dam and Swami blessed everyone with a group photo before proceeding to the Bhoomi Puja site at Belur village.

The local MLA along with the MLA of Dharwad Mr Arvind Ballad were waiting to receive Swami along with the Panchayat head and a BJP leader, Sri Raikar.

Swami straight went to the Bhoomi Puja site on the Ishana area of the land and performed the rituals along with the elders and guests who were present. Thereafter, He inspected the land and the small stream that flowed at the western border. Lush green vegetation, typical of western ghats greeted the Lord as His car drove in to the site where a large Shamiyana was erected to seat over 500 people who had gathered from near and far.

After blessing the devotees, Swami ascended the dais and took His seat, followed by the guests.

Sri Raghvendra Jannu, was the master of ceremonies who reminisced how Swami had revealed the previous evening at Sai Katta, that he had to enact the drama of land to demonstrate the devotion of Sri Anant Raikar and family. Thereafter, he welcomed all the guests an dignitaries. Sri Anant Raikar and family offered the land documents to Swami and received His blessings.

The chosen Chairman of the Campus, Sri Girish, who has been serving as the Warden of the High School at Muddenahalli for over two decades, spoke next acquainting the audience with the purpose behind establishing more institutions which was though in response to the prayers of Madiyala Narayan Bhat, but more importantly to rejuvenate and reestablish the Sanatana Sanskriti (eternal culture) of India, in the hearts of men and women.

The local MLA spoke next welcoming the auspicious establishment of Campus as a blessing of Baba to Belur area. He promised his whole hearted support while appreciating the great work being undertaken by Sathya Sai Loka Seva group of institutions. Sri Arvind Ballad, MLA from Dharwad spoke next, praying to Swami for a similar campus in Dharwad too.

Thereafter, Sri Madhusudan Nayak, the enthusiastic coordinator of the volunteers of Puttur area spoke, enlightening the gathering with the current mission and projects of Swami and narrating some of his experiences emphasising the need to be dear than near to Swami.

The Son of Sri Anant Raikar, who is a financial advisor to the Government of Oman, and had come down from Muscat for this function spoke briefly offering the land to Swami. He pleaded with the audience not to call the land as the one belonging to the Raikar family, as it was always Swami’s since it was purchased by his mother 20 years ago. “The announcement of the Campus in this land might have come today, but Swami had planned it 20 years ago”, he remarked.

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy spoke next about the mission of Swami which is spreading far and wide to other countries as per his 16 years plan of 6 phases, that of Leela, Mahima, Upadesha, Vidya,Vaidya and Santhana Dharma Sthapana. In the current last phase of 16 years of Swami’s Avatar which started in 2006 and will continue till 2022, the whole purpose is to establish the ancient Sanathana Dharma in the whole world. He reminded the audience that Swami’s word is truth and so His declaration of 96 years as well as travel around the world has to be true, albeit in the Subtle form.

Swami spoke finally drenching the whole audience with His nectarine message in which He insisted on the news to establish truth,righteousness and love in the hearts of people in order to have world peace and prosperity. He emphasised that the institutions are being established to rejuvenate Indian culture, establish righteousness in the soft heats of young men and women, fill them with selfless love and thereby ensure world peace. The Education for living is only a part where as education for life is whole. He urged all devotees to be selfless and participate in the noble cause of providing free and values-based education to rural poor thereby help building the foundation for a better society. The gratitude that students will have for society will inspire them to serve the society later, He said.

Arati was offered and Prasadam was districted to all followed by lunch for all the participants at the site.

Swami returned to guest house for lunch after which the group left for Goa airport to return to Muddenahalli.