Divine Visit – Kuala Lampur, Malaysia – August 10, 2016

The last leg of the trip culminated in Malaysia, where the students accompanying Bhagawan had another opportunity to catch a glimpse of the manifold manifestation of the Lord’s unravelling mission yet again. The kindled souls in distant lands are doing yeoman service in educare, healthcare and sociocare!

Bhagawan’s entourage arrived at the Kuala Lampur International Airport around 5pm on August 10, and were lovingly welcomed by the energetic Sai Youth. The drive from the Airport to the residence of Sri Ayavoo and Smt Vimala was almost an hour. The devout couple have been the fulcrum of all Seva activity being done through the Sai Ananda Ashram in Kuala Lumpur for over two decades now.

As soon as everyone reached the residence, there was a small Satsang, with the core team of Sai Ananda. On Bhagawan’s command, Brother Ayavoo welcomed the entourage to Malaysia on behalf of all the devotees. Requesting Bhagawan to bless those gathered with His divine message, he prayed to the Lord to keep the Malaysian devotees close to his heart.

On Bhagawan’s cue, Sri Narasimha Murthy addressed the gathering thereafter. He recalled the first time Swami had visited Malaysia in response to Brother Ayavoo’s prayer. “Selfless love and service of this couple has always drawn Him here. Swami has always been pleased by the Seva of Sai Ananda.”

Swami’s discourse to His beloved Malaysian devotees that evening was based on the theme of Truth. “World is a shadow of truth. If one runs behind the shadow one will not get anything, as the shadow changes its size and shape. But if one gets God, one will get the world too.” Swami said people in Malaysia realise this, which was evident from the fact that so many youth had turned up that evening.

Referring to the current ‘visit’, Swami said He hasn’t come to Malaysia today; He is always here, it is only His team had travelled. He assured everyone that He was always there and urged everyone to believe Swami lives in each person’s heart. “No point praying, ‘Please be in my heart’, but one should pray that He/she should be in Swami’s heart. I have come here because you are dear to Me. Ayavoo and Vimala are the engines driving the rest of the compartments to their destination, on the two rails of love and service.”

The divine discourse was followed by a medley of songs by the youth of Kuala Lumpur. After Mangala Arati and dinner prasadam, everyone retired for the night.

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