Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – March 10 to 12, 2019

Twice a year, the benevolent and beloved Lord, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba blesses His students and select staff to accompany Him on a divine and unforgettable trip to the Far East. A trip which would be etched in their memory as the first flight abroad for this lifetime. A trip which would be etched in their memory, as a trip with God Himself! So on the morning of March 10th, one batch of excited students along with staff embarked on their first flight which would soar high above the Indian Ocean! And as always, Swami had blessed them with practically everything for this trip, shoes clothes, baggage and everything in between! The entourage landed late evening, and as always were welcomed with love at the Airport by the energetic Sai youth. After a little over an hour’s drive through the city, everyone reached Sai Amrutam, residence of Brother Ayavoo Arumugam and his wife Dr Vimala. Bhajans were in progress, and as Swami entered the living room, the tempo of the Bhajans reached crescendo and tearfully everyone welcomed their beloved Lord, who had yet again mercifully decided Kuala Lumpur with His gracious presence. Devotees and youth presented Swami with welcome gifts of flowers, cookies, chocolates and paintings, and thereafter Mangala Arati was offered to the Lord. The second batch of students had a later flight in the evening, and arrived early next morning at Kuala Lumpur.

The morning began with sumptuous breakfast, after which all the students and staff proceeded for a tour of the city, Swami proceeded to inaugurate a new Ashram. So, on the glorious morning of March 11, 2019, Swami inaugurated the blessed Sri Sathya Sai Sevashram, christened by Swami Himself. Swami had indicated that the activities of the Ashram would focus on youth transformation, and the Seva activities must focus on quality of selflessness with beneficiaries being children, followed by adults especially mothers and the elderly. He had commanded Brother Kishen Ranai and his wife Smt Sheela to establish this beautiful Ashram. They took the command as their life breath, and for the last six months worked hard shuttling between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, where they live and work!Melodious Bhajans were in progress and Swami entered the Ashram, lit the ceremonial lamp and walked straight in to His room. After spending some time with the family, Swami walked amidst the 130 odd devotees who had gathered, took His seat on the majestic throne which was specially and artfully crafted. Large idols of Shirdi Baba and Swami were placed in the main area, behind Swami’s throne, similar to the ones that adorn the altar area at Premamrutham, were specially made in Jaipur and flown to Kuala Lumpur. After a few Bhajans, Swami beckoned Sister Sheela to address the gathering. Completely overwhelmed, she could barely thank Swami for the opportunity and blessing. She then beckoned some of the youth to talk about the various Seva activities that are being undertaken. Swami then spoke to the gathering in a very casual way speaking about the importance of Seva or service, and truly no one wanted the session to conclude! He said, “‘As long as you are here to do Seva, this is a Sevashram. If you are young you can do Seva through body – that is hand, head and heart. After some time, hands become weak, you can’t do Seva with hand. Then you can still do Seva with your head and heart. After some time, head also becomes weak, you can’t remember your own name. Then only heart remains. With love you can still do Seva. If you can’t do anything at least pray for everyone. Keep praying – Samasta Loka Sukhino Bhavantu. Let there be peace. Let there be peace. Without inner peace, you cannot enjoy the outer peace. Inner peace comes from? ‘I want peace’. ‘I’ – ego, ‘want’ – desires. If you remove ‘I’, if you remove ‘want’, what remains is peace. Peace was always there. It got into pieces because ‘I’ and ‘want’ came in. If you remove ‘I’ and ‘want’, it goes back to its original state of peace. So all Seva is only to help us remove this ‘I’ and remove this ‘want’. All Seva is for removing ‘I’. “God has given me so much. There are so many more who are not as fortunate. How fortunate I am! I should become humble. I can serve those who are not having what I have. I get an opportunity to share and serve.” Then ego dies!”

Thereafter, Swami walked around the Ashram, blessing every inch of space, and then partook His lunch. After Mangala Arati and blessing everyone gathered, Swami returned to Sai Amrutam for the afternoon.

Sai Ananda was bustling with activity in the meanwhile in preparation for the Public Satsang. Upon reaching, Swami first inaugurated a new Dental clinic, a consultation room and also a pharmacy before proceeding to the Hall which was brimming with eager devotees, who were pinning to be in His presence. Though one may see Brother Madhusudan with their physical eyes, what one feels in their heart when he walks past, is something indescribable! Swami simply takes over, and lately, it is more and more evident as more and more people are opening their hearts to come and experience this mind boggling phenomenon! They come as sceptics, and return shedding copious tears, for they have found their Lord again in the most mystifying way! Surely, Brother Madhusudan does not exist…it’s only our beloved Lord, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai, who is continuing His divine drama in the most inexplicable and totally inscrutable manner, never done in the history of mankind by any other Avatar!

The Satsang commenced with devotional songs soulfully rendered by the youth. Thereafter, Brother Ayavoo Arumugam welcomed the gathering and thanks Swami for His merciful presence, yet again. He narrated how everyone had been preparing day and night for over two months for this trip, and how fulfilling it has been to every individual. Sri B N Narasimha Murthy addressed everyone next. He narrated how he asked a question to Swami sometime ago. The question was whether the current phase in the subtle and Swami staying in the hilltop at Muddenahalli was part of the big master plan which He had made before His advent in this world on 23 November 1926, or was it any deviation from the master plan He had made. Swami had answered very clearly, ‘It was a part of the master plan that I wanted to stay on the hilltop at Muddenahalli in the last eleven years of My life and mission as Sathya Sai and do all that I was doing, though it is not that I wanted to stay there only in the subtle form. I only made a small adjustment. Because when I was 85, My body became so frail and it was afflicted with many problems. It is not because I had to go through anything but I took it upon Myself the sufferings of My devotees, responding to their prayers. I also took upon Myself lot of negativity of the world. If I had not taken upon Myself that negativity of the world, the world would have really got to its doom. I took upon Myself. Therefore, I had to undergo that!’

Sri Narasimha Murthy went on narrate what Swami had revealed a couple of days ago while addressing the Chairmans of all the Campuses. Swami had said, “For 85 years I was in the physical form, 11 years I am in the subtle form as the Sathya Sai, which I have divided into three phases – three-and-a-half years or three years 7-8 months for each phase. The first phase is Sankarshana. The second phase is Sandarshana. Third phase is Sankramana. This is till 2022 till the Sathya Sai form completes 96 years.” Sankarashana means attracting those people whom Swami wants in His mission at this point of time. Attracting only those people whom He wants. And Swami had made it clear, “It is not that devotees’ want, and I go to them. I want some people whom I have chosen to work for Me during these 11 years of My mission in the subtle form. I went to them. I attracted them!”

Sri Murthy continued, “The second part which started in 2014 is Sandarshana, which means Swami started first public discourses in the subtle form in 2014 May at Kodaikanal. And the last three-and-a-half years of this eleven years is Sankramana, which means ‘such wonderful things will happen in the service of mankind’. Swami said that the ongoing projects and initiatives would grow multi fold, which would make people world over sit up and see what Sathya Sai Baba has been doing. Sathya Sai Baba is not seen today physically, but what He is doing really will strike our heart, strike our eyes and will wake us up from the slumber of ignorance so that we also join Him!”
The mike was handed to Swami next. For the next minute of so, He just looked at everyone. Nothing was said. And then He made a revelation, “This is how it is going to be! You look at My face, and I will look at yours! This is only going to happen, as there would be no talking or speaking. All communication would be within the heart. First, there was only heart, and words did not exist. When man arrived on this planet, there were no words, there was no language, there was no grammar. Everybody was in touch with everybody within their heart. They could speak to the trees, to the birds, to the mountains, to the rivers and to the Divine who was hiding in all of these. So there was only silence. That is the language that is known to God, the language of silence. In that language, God spoke to man and man spoke to God.  And everything was conveyed within that language of silence! God separated Himself from Himself so that He could love Himself. There was only God, there was nothing else. God felt He wanted to love somebody, to share His joy and bliss with someone. And so He brought this creation forward and there came man, the epitome of all the creation, the best of His creation, the crest jewel! God became so happy to see a perfect reflection of His in humans. Then He wanted to love them and He wanted to be loved back. This was the only purpose of creation! If somebody asked you, “What is the purpose of creation?” You should say that the purpose of creation was that God should love man, and man should love God. That’s all that is to be done! But over a period of time, all this changed.

So what is true form of God? ‘Nirgunam Niranjanam Sanatanam Niketanam Nitya Shuddha Buddha Mukta Nirmalaswarupinam’. Nirgunam – He has no Guna, no attribute; Niranjanam – He is always in the state of eternal bliss; Sanatanam – He is always present, He was never born, never going to die, He is a continuum; Niketanam – He is the refuge, He is the one in which everything else resides; Nitya – ever present; Shuddha – pure; Buddha – aware; Mukta – free; Nirmala – without any desires, without any dirt, without any contamination. That is God. If you have to understand that, you have to become that. You cannot understand God by talking or listening. Yes, to give you an idea, God takes a form, moves around, gives you an idea. But to know God, you have to become God. If you cannot become God, you cannot know God. You may think you know God. You have not tasted God, you have not experienced God!” Swami then went to reveal that there is 96 years of Swami, followed by a 6 years transition period. “That is all part of the transition from this to that. After that another Avatar, another form, another voice…but very silent, and very rare speeches. He will travel to meet people around the world – all this will happen. That is how the future is going to be!”

The electrifying discourse which was a revelation to the devotees of Sai around the world concluded with a thunderous applause. A short break was announced, and Swami proceeded to His room, while preparations were made to clear the stage for a dance recital by the Bal Vikas students. After the short cultural presentation, Mangala Arati was offered, and Swami proceeded to bless the dinner Prasadam. As always, there was a delectable spread ranging from LIVE counters to baked goodies. He then departed to Sai Amrutam for partake His dinner and retire for the night.

Always a difficult part of a visit to any country, as the next morning, March 12 was the final farewell Satsang, before Swami departed to the next destination. He had wanted all the youth to gather in the morning. For almost an hour, devotional songs and Bhajans were offered at the Lord’s Lotus Feet. The youth and students of Swami poured their heart out through their music. The Divine Musician spoke about the various Ragas, and also explained about why musicians are close to God, as it is a gift not given to all! He encouraged the youth to practise well, and acquire more knowledge with the help of a Guru. Lunch was served to everyone, and thereafter Mangala Arati was offered to the Lord and with heavy hearts everyone bid a fond farewell to their beloved Bhagawan, as He proceeded to the Airport with His entourage.