Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Kuching (Malaysia) – February 01, 2017

Divine Visit – Kuching (Malaysia) – February 01, 2017

Another early morning flight, and the Lord’s entourage touched down at Kuching, in the state of Sarawak. Swami was welcomed to ‘Sai Love’, His residence in Kuching by Brother Anthony Bong, his wife Mrs Magdelene, Brother Julius Tan, his wife Mrs Uma Tan and many others, in a ceremonial manner with Poorna Kumbham. Sri Sathashivom, a well reputed priest from Chennai had arrived in Kuching a few days earlier to be part of the welcoming team. Close to 50 devotees had gathered at ‘Sai Love’, an Ashram which only exudes pure love, just like the name. 

Once again, Swami showed His room to His entourage who were with Him, and explained how Brother Anthony Bong and his wife Mrs Magdelene, have lovingly bought the residence for Swami. Since they wanted Swami to stay next to their residence, the devout couple bought the house which was right next to theirs, and Swami lovingly named it ‘Sai Love’, as it will serve as a place where people will come to experience only pure love. 

Brother Anthony’s story of how he and his wife came to Swami in the subtle is simply amazing! During Mahashivarati of 2011, Brother Anthony shifted back from Melbourne to Kuching, and was very unwell. Somehow he felt that it was not a medical sickness, and instinctively knew it had something to do on a soul or spiritual level. He then sought the help of a psychic whom he had known for almost ten years. Through this psychic he was able to channel a Taoist mystic through whom he got to know that the cause of his mental distress was connected with Swami’s impending demise. He was told that Bhagawan wanted to see him, because He was going to leave His physical body very soon! Of course this added to his mental distress, because he was told by everyone that Swami would live to the age of 96. The psychic told Brother Anthony to go immediately to Prasanthi Nilayam to have the last Darshan of Swami.  He was very distraught at this news, because he could not relate that the cause of his mental distress was connected with Swami’s impending demise. He left the psychic’s clinic feeling lost and bewildered at the news not knowing what to make of it.  

A week passed and his mental state was further deteriorating. Brother Anthony was afraid to go out of his house, was afraid to meet people and thought that he had to do something quickly to sort out this mental problem. He went back to the healer two weeks later, and again through the same Taoist mystic that was being channeled by the psychic, showed his displeasure at him that he had not gone to Puttaparti to have Bhagawan’s last Darshan. He told Brother Anthony in a very stern voice that beloved Bhagawan would leave the body very soon. He also revealed that there were a lot of people in the Ashram, and if he just set foot in the Ashram, that would be enough for Beloved Swami.  This time because of the seriousness of his voice, Brother Anthony somehow found out that the information was credible and the next day told his wife and a close friend about Swami’s ill health, which was true. They booked their tickets to go to Puttaparti for Easwaramma Day. When the news came that Swami was admitted to the hospital, Brother Anthony was hoping that the Taoist information of Swami’s demise would not happen before May 6th.

However, when the news came on 24th April, as everyone else they were devastated! He was on the plane the next day to Puttaparti.  A call came through when he was boarding the plane. It was the assistant of the psychic who had heard that Swami had left the body. Upon receiving that call Brother Anthony immediately broke down and cried, because he was given the information of Swami’s impending demise and did not act on it immediately and missed Swami’s last Darshan! After waiting for Brother Anthony to calm down, the caller told him to come back and see the healer after paying his last respects to beloved Bhagawan. He came back to see the psychic on 29th April and was given the information through a Javanese Sufi mystic, channeled through the same psychic that Swami had planned His demise secretly without informing the devotees because Swami has a very soft heart.  If the devotees had known of His impending departure, they would all have begged Swami to remain in His physical form! He also said that He had to quickly go, because He has a lot of work to do.  

Brother Anthony was puzzled by this last information that He has to go this way, as He has a lot of work to do! This didn’t make sense to him. Now Brother Anthony knew what it meant, looking at the speed of how the mission is exploding! The psychic then further told Brother Anthony that Swami also timed His departure by preventing a very big disaster from happening, and later came to know that this disaster is the Fukushima nuclear reactor meltdown! The Javanese Sufi mystic told him not to worry. He revealed that Swami was coming back soon and that He will communicate through a young man! Brother Anthony thought he was referring to Prema Sai.  He corrected him, saying that it will be Swami in the subtle form and will communicate with a young man who will hear messages and pass them to others. A perplexed Brother Anthony asked whether this young man will be in a trance and that Swami will come into his body. The psychic said, this young man will hear messages from Swami and he will repeat these messages to others. A curious and totally intrigued Brother Anthony asked how can he could contact this young man and where could he locate him. He was told that the young man will be of the same race (meaning Indian), and of medium build.  Since he thought that anyone could fit this description, he asked the name of this young man. He then gave Brother Anthony a name with multiple syllables, which he could not catch because of his peculiar Javanese accent.  He then told him the two syllable name which was ‘Madhu’.  Of course this information sounded like the most incredulous thing he had ever heard, as Swami had never mentioned in any discourse or devotees writings and experiences about such a thing! However, from the earlier information of Swami’s impending demise which materialised, Brother Anthony took this information as credible. He told a few close people only as he did not know the exact details of how Swami will communicate through this young man. And he tried to figure out where and how would he be able to meet this young man!

When the Kodaikanal discourses were published in May 2014, and it was mentioned there about Brother Madhusudan Naidu, Brother Anthony instantly knew that this was the young man that he had been waiting for the last three years, through whom he would be to able to communicate with his beloved Bhagawan. The ways of the Lord are indeed matchless!