Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Kuching, Malaysia – March 14, 2019

A red-letter day for all devotees of Sai in Malaysia, as Swami was inaugurating the Ashram in Malaysia which would stand as a beacon of hope, provide succour and steer many generations of people on the path to finding the divinity inherent within each heart. Students and staff proceeded to the National Park close by to see Serawak’s famous Organgutans in the morning. Soon after lunch, around 3:30 p.m. Swami along with all the staff, students, and devotees proceeded to Bau. Close to two hundred devotees from various parts of Malaysia, and other countries had gathered to witness the auspicious inauguration.

Spread over close to six acres of stunning greenery, atop a hill, stands the first phase of Vishwaniketanam Ashram in Bau, close to an hour away from Kuching. The location of every Ashram in the world is nestled in the lap of Mother Nature, and this Ashram is no different. With stunning views of the surrounding mountains, and never-ending vistas of lush green foliage, Bau was originally a gold mining town. When Swami visited Kuching to perform the Bhoomi Puja in March 2017 He spoke about how two dragons, a white and a green, have been guarding the land for a very long time! Swami said that these two dragons are like the guardian deities of the entire place. Swami has also commanded Brothers Tony Bong and Gan to build a shrine for the Dragons behind the Ashram, and the story of the dragons as revealed by Swami is quite baffling.

A grand traditional welcome with lion and dragon dance awaited Swami. As soon as the Lord of the Universe alighted from the car, the entire place transformed in to a haven of divine energy, a feeling very difficult to expound in mere words. The ceremonial lamp was lit, the red ribbon was cut, and Vishwaniketanam Ashram or the ‘Universal Home’ welcomed the Creator and joyfully caressed Him in its bosom! Swami walked around giving further instructions to the team. Some more interior work and final touches are required, which would all be completed within the next three months.

Swami took His seat on stage at the Prayer Hall, and commanded Brother Hamish Ravindran to welcome all the guests and talk briefly about the genesis of the Ashram. Thereafter, Brother Tony Bong spoke about the omniscience of the Lord, and narrated some instances of Swami’s divine revelations much to the awe and delight of the devotees gathered. Brother Gan, whose family has lovingly offered the land to Swami for the Ashram spoke about the various challenges they faced, as they worked day and night with the contractors working on the project. Swami then beckoned the interior designer and architect on stage and blessed them profusely.

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy took to the podium next and listed all the Ashrams around the world which have come up, and those which are waiting to be inaugurated by Swami in the coming months. He spoke about the baffling continuing mission which has gained supersonic speed and nothing in the world can stop or hinder the progress! After all, the steering wheels lay humbly in the hands of the Divine Master, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai, an Avatar who continues to guide and guard from the other side, compassionately and mercifully.

Swami in His Divine Discourse reminded everyone of the presence of God everywhere and in everything. “The most fascinating feeling is that, in the entire universe, God alone exists! In the breeze that blows, in the water that flows, in the fire that burns, in the leaves of the trees, in the flowers and fruits and earth and sky, there is no place where God does not exist. And the one who realises this is a man of wisdom. For, such a person breaks all the differences and sees oneness in the diversity of this universe. And this vision of oneness in the entire creation liberates such a person, and he becomes realised. And that is the ultimate wisdom, that is the ultimate state that any person can achieve, after knowing which, there is nothing else to be known; after seeing which, there is nothing else to be seen; after experiencing which, there is nothing else that remains to be experienced. This vision of oneness is the ultimate spiritual experience! It is the end of all sorrows. It is the consummation of all spiritual austerities. And that is the purpose of establishing this Ashram so that one can realise this presence of God in the whole of the universe, see the oneness and thereby realise one’s Divinity. This is the vision of this Ashram – that everyone sees God in everything, everywhere and in everyone. So I invite one and all from the entire universe to come, experience God, participate in the Ashram, and ultimately find the highest peace, highest God! Therefore the motto All Are One!”

Mangala Arati was offered, and Swami blessed the dinner Prasadam, and walked towards the garden, before departing back to Sai Love for the night. The entourage packed to depart very early from Sai Love the next morning to board their flight to the next destination, Singapore.