Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – London – April 02 to April 04, 2019

Sumptuous Sindhi and South Indian dishes made their way to the breakfast table at the Chhabria residence, after which Swami came down to the living room for Mangala Arati before departing to the next destination, London. A long but comfortable flight, and after 7.5 hours, Swami’s entourage landed at London Heathrow. Devotees led by Dr Grish Malhotra welcomed the retinue, and everyone were driven straight to the Malhotra residence at Chigwell. Rush hour traffic consumed a large part of the evening, and finally a little past 7:30 p.m. everyone reached home. The entire Malhotra and Tandon family along with the Trustees of the Anugraham Trust, embraced Swami yet again in their midst. Dinner was served, and immediately everyone retired for the night.

The next morning, April 03 Swami sent His student interns on a city tour of London. Answering prayers of a few selfless devotees, Swami decided to visit the new edifice which would be blessed as the ‘Sai Grace Ashram’. An hour away from Chigwell, Swami along with a few chosen guests drove through some sublime landscape. Sprawling acres of greenery dotted with sheep and horses, the beginning signs of spring with the about-to-bloom yellow mustard fields, deer wandering aimlessly, the clouds almost wanting to open its gates to sprinkle a few showers; alas, the beauty of London’s countryside at its best! Swami spent a little over 30 minutes walking around, and then returned to Chigwell for lunch. In the evening, a private Satsang was held at the Malhotra residence where members of Anugraham and Sai Grace Trusts along with their families had gathered. Dr Grish Malhotra welcomed the gathering, and emotionally thanked Swami for His Grace and compassion towards everyone. Few songs were presented, and then there were short speeches by Mr Isaac Tigrett and Sri B N Narasimha Murthy, after which Bhagawan delivered His divine discourse. He started by saying, “Vedaham Samatitani Vartamani Cha Arjuna, Bhavishyani Cha Bhutani Mam Tu Veda Na Kaschana. Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita says, I know everything. I know the past, I know the present, I know the future of everyone and everything. But nobody knows Me. Mam Tu Vedana Kaschana – Nobody knows Me. Then He says to Arjuna, Bahuni Me Vyatitani – We have spent many lives together. Tani Aham Veda Sarvani – All those lives I know about. Na Tvam Vetta Parantapa – You do not know about all those lives that we have spent together. That is the story of God and man. God who knows everything, behaves as if He knows nothing. Man who knows nothing, behaves as if he knows everything. But the truth is far from this.  Who should be where, at what place, doing what work, in what way, all this is already known to God. But yet He behaves as if He doesn’t know anything when people around Him think that they know more.”

Speaking to a few newly weds who were present that evening, Swami gave them precious advise about how to lead a purposeful life. “Your heart will expand and open some day to accept the whole society as your own – from an individual to a family to a society, and ultimately to the whole creation, which are the four stages – Vyashti, individual; Samashti – our society or the community; Srshti – the entire cosmos; and Parameshti – ultimately God. Every living, every moving, every immovable, everything belongs to me, everybody is mine. That is ultimate realisation. Realisation is not about suddenly getting some kind of vibrations or some kind of visions. That is not realisation. Realisation is this that everybody belongs to me, I belong to all. That is the thinking of God. Then we naturally become a servant of all. That is the ultimate stage you must reach!” Mangala Arati was offered to Swami, and dinner Prasadam was served.

A bright and sunny morning welcomed all the next day. Student interns proceeded for sight seeing yet again, while Swami spent the morning granting interviews to a few chosen devotees. Youth and devotees were busy preparing for the evening public Satsang which was organised at Lakeview Marquee at Fairlop Waters, a short drive from the Malhotra residence. Before heading for the Public Satsang, Swami decided to meet a few devotees who have been relentlessly supporting the various activities. Swami spoke at length about the importance of Seva, and quoted examples from the Ramayana. He said, “Service of monkeys who want to do a little bit of whatever they can; service of a squirrel which did what it could do; service of Sabari, who waited for her Lord! There is always a delay, but there is no denial with the Lord!” After Mangala Arati, Swami proceeded the the venue of the public Satsang where vlose to 500 people had gathered from various parts of the United Kingdom and neighbouring countries to once again witness the miracle of Divine Love, which selflessly continues to flow through Brother Madhusudan. Thank You Swami for this selfless gift to mankind at this time in human history, as you work through his instrumentation, executing projects and initiatives for the welfare of mankind around the world!

The evening commenced with Dr Grish Malhotra welcoming all the devotees. He offered his reverential gratitude to Swami for His benevolence and compassion. Next, Sister Saima Rajasingam briefly introduced everyone to the ‘Growing to be God’ programme, and a video was showcased which captured the journey of children who are part of this initiative of Bhagawan which has been instituted in the UK and a few countries in Europe. Few youth representatives read out stories of transformation, and a short offering of melodious and soulful songs followed.

Mr Isaac Tigrett and Sri B N Narasimha Murthy were invited to speak thereafter. Mr Tigrett once again reminded everyone this, “No one can tell you what to believe, and no one can tell you what not to believe, except for a Purna Avatar who has that power of Divine truth which resonates.” He urged everyone to be a little more compassionate in their daily lives, as he narrated his own story of how he started soup kitchens for the homeless. Mr Tigrett submitted that very soon he realised that the homeless don’t need food; all that they need is love. “They need to be touched, and for someone to reach across that gap and give them compassion. And that compassion is the thing that enlightens you!”

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy in his speech spoke about the kind of education Swami is imparting, not only to children, but to men and women around the world, which is a reconciliation of modern science and technology with the ancient spiritual and moral values, reflected in all the religions of the world without exception! He stressed that this was the kind of education which would and could redeem man today!

Swami in His divine message stressed that everyone is born in the image of God. He said, “We get lost amongst ignorant people who don’t believe that they are divine, as they are always afraid, worried, anxious and afraid. And we also become one like them. Then once in a while, a Master comes, roars. Uttishta jagrata prapya varan nibodhita. Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached. He gives that clarion call and then we wake up. Then He takes us, shows us our true reflection, who we really are. And if we believe in Him and in His words, we become ‘that’. This is the time, this is the place, this is the situation. If it cannot happen here, it cannot happen anywhere else. If it cannot happen now, it cannot happen any other time. If it cannot happen this way, it cannot happen in any other way. So don’t wait to start on this path! Here, now and in this way, let everyone decide. ‘Today onwards, this moment onwards, I will think, I will speak, I will act in a way that suits my true nature which is Divinity. I will not be a sheep any more bleating and eating grass and afraid and satisfied with that life. I will be a lion cub and eventually grow into a big lion. Not only I will be fearless, I will teach this fearlessness to ten others.’ That is the idea of Swami, that is the idea of Upanishads, that is the idea of all the masters. Realise that. That confidence you are talking about self-confidence, that is self-confidence. Confidence in the self, the Divinity within, that is self-confidence. You must realise and achieve it! One selfless act a day keeps the ego away. So everyday engage in a selfless deed for the sake of others without any expectations. That will redeem you!”

Mangala Arati was offered, and Swami departed to the Malhotra residence. He met the entire family, and showered them with His blessings during dinner. Serving food to Swami is an extremely unique and blessed opportunity, as Swami reveals pearls of wisdom, many of which are selflessly shared by Brother Madhusudan in his book ‘Inner View’. The entourage partook their dinner, and made their way to the hotel to pack their bags to leave for the airport the next morning to the next destination, Paris!