Divine Visit – London – April 15, 2017

A flurry of activities welcomed everyone in the morning at the Malhotra residence, as the Sai Youth of U.K. were slowly trickling in, and others were making arrangements for the Youth Meet that morning. It was also the last day of the long 16-day five country trip. 

Swami came down to the living room where all the youth were gathered around 10:30 a.m. Soulful songs were offered at Bhagawan’s Lotus Feet including the melodious meaningful song, Amazing Grace from the Church of Assisi. Soon after the song, Swami commanded that this song should become the anthem for the Sai Youth in the U.K. and every time they meet, they must sing this song together. Ms Saima Rajasingam welcomed the gathering, and offered her prayerful gratitude to Bhagawan, as He wanted to meet the youth. Five youngsters spoke their heart out, which left not a dry eye in the room! Last year Swami had commanded the Sai youth of UK to engage in service of the elderly. These five youth, the youngest being an 18-year-old, spoke about their internal transformation, and the joy of serving the neglected elderly, which is a huge problem in the UK. Swami was very pleased with their talks, and commented, “They know everything, what else can I say?” He then commanded Sri C Sreenivas to talk to the youth, who emphatically submitted to them not to doubt themselves even for a moment, as they engage in these acts of service however insignificant they may be. He said, “The beauty about service which Swami has inducted you into and now you are taking it further, is by meeting one person who till yesterday was a non existent name or face, the whole world opens up to you. That is the beauty of service! That is the beauty of God’s creation. Just meeting one person like you all did, and you picked what was pertinent and what was necessary possibly in this country of caring for the elderly, you will find that suddenly your vision of the world changes so much. And it is so amazing that how one single person and strange as it might seem, a person who doesn’t even sometimes know who he is or she is, who has forgotten who she is or has limited memory of this world, how much they can teach us. The beauty about service is, it is not for nothing that tears just come out like that. Because it puts you on to a state which can be truly ethereal. It is exactly like what it is when we are in Swami’s presence!” 

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy in His short speech confessed that in spite of having Swami by his side physically, he felt he was far away from Him in love and kindness. When he met Swami for the first time way back in 1965, He had told Sri Narasimha Murthy, “You are worried about your future. Don’t worry about your future; your future is safe in My arms.” He urged the youth not to have any doubt whatsoever, as Swami will hold everyone in His arms, but all that should be done is to hold on to His Feet. Sri Narasimha Murthy also said that the glorious opportunity of being guided by Swami personally, can be obtained if one aspires for it sincerely. 

Swami in His divine discourse said, “If your heart does not melt as tears through your eyes, at the pain of others, then it is not a heart, it is a rock or a stone inside you! First and foremost quality of a human being is compassion. That which is filled with compassion alone is heart – Hrudaya – looking   at   the   plight,   looking   at   the   sufferings, looking at the difficulties of others if nothing stirs within you, then you are no better than a piece of rock. Being called a human would be a mistake. The first quality of a devotee is that he should melt, he should feel, he should empathise with those who are suffering. There were many reasons why Swami told you all to go ahead and do Seva for the elderly and you all have yourself explained why Swami had told you do this. First and foremost it brings upon us a realisation that this body with time is going to age and decay, and ultimately it will not be there at all. So there is no point in filling ourselves with great pride and arrogance over this ephemeral, transient body. Arrogance and pride is very common in the youth because they have a body that is able and beautiful. But this also will go with time and you will only watch yourself helplessly become that. So learn from this ‘Ma kuru dhana janayauvana garvam’ – Do not be proud or arrogant about what has been given to you , for time can snatch it away from you in a second. Two, the reason for serving the elderly is they are the people who really need help. Thirdly, Swami wants you to go and serve them, so that you realise that all relations in life, all other friends and kith and kin gathered during the course of one’s life are all transient. That love which is bound by giving and receiving that does not last. Only that love which is bereft, free of all expectations, desires alone gives joy and happiness.”

Swami urged the youth to ask questions, and after spending precious moments with all, Mangala Arati was offered and Prasadam was distributed to everyone. 

After this, Swami spoke to the trustees of the Anugraham Trust that was instituted in U.K. with a handful of His devotees but has been rendering tremendous service, the most significant being the gift of Mandya Campus to the rural children of Karnataka.