Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – London – March 29, 2018

A two-and-a-half-hour drive to Darsham in Suffolk was the first agenda in the UK. Darshan in Darsham! Soon after an early breakfast, Swami proceeded to Darsham, to the Sai Grace Ashram where Rev Leonora van Gils and other devotees had been preparing for the divine visit. Swami reached the Ashram, and was welcomed with a lot of gratitude by Rev Leonora. Swami walked straight into the Mandir room, where about 30 devotees were already seated and were blissfully lost in Bhajans. Swami beckoned Rev Leonora and asked her to explain to everyone about Good Friday and Easter. Swami then said, “Atman ( spirit) is beyond the body. The supremacy of the spirit over the body is the celebration of Easter. The eternal spirit is more powerful than the ephemeral body, which will perish some way or the other. Easter reminds who we truly are. Good Friday tells us who we are not! This is the message of Jesus, who was an embodiment of love and compassion. I don’t die, body dies. I am beyond birth and death, and I continue to shower My love and compassion like Jesus. And what should My disciples do? Just like the disciples of Jesus, they must love all and serve all.” Swami then explained the similarity between the lives of Jesus and Himself. Lunch was then served to everyone, and Swami rested for the afternoon.

In the evening, after a few interviews, Swami came down to the living room for a Satsang. About 40 people were gathered, and it was an intimate and cosy evening, and an evening of revelations. Swami started by giving advise about Seva. The devotees and youth in London are engaged in feeding the needy and also in elderly care. Swami said, “Service should be done keeping in mind the convenience of the needy, and not as per our convenience. Serving should be done with the faith that those receiving will develop a feeling of humanity, as they should realise that humanness exists and someone is there to look after them. This feeling will give them a lot of joy and assurance. Food will get digested in a few hours, but this Love will remain with them forever. Everybody understands hunger, so all must engage in feeding the needy. This is the simplest and most effective Seva, as along with food you are feeding them love.” Swami then beckoned Sri C Sreenivas and asked him to speak about the water project which gave millions of residents of Chennai in Tamil Nadu, and Anantapur, Medak and Mahbubnagar in Andhra Pradesh, earth’s most precious commodity, water. He traced the wonderful journey and spoke about Swami’s gift of water, which quenched so many parched throats in these two states. Swami then revealed plans for His upcoming massive water project which will commence in the next three years! It was simply mind blowing in every true sense to what all that He revealed! Thus spake the Absolute One!

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy spoke thereafter, and reminisced what Dr A P J Abdul Kalam had said during the first anniversary of the Super Speciality Hospital at Whitefield. “Sri Sathya Sai Baba has launched a ballistic missile against poverty through education, healthcare and water.” Sri Narasimha Murthy went on to talk about how God pervades every atom, who resides in the form of consciousness in all beings. He said that there is so much of spiritual poverty rampant, which is basically lack of compassion. He urged everyone to realise the divinity in each other and show compassion.

It was indeed a very intimate evening, and after Mangala Arati, dinner Prasadam was served to all.