Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – London, March 31, 2018

The day dawned to a chilly and quiet morning. After breakfast until noon, the ever busy God went about blessing many with interviews, while the entire household along with the youth and other members of the Anugraham Trust were busy at the Public Satsang venue, Sir James Hawkey Hall in Chigwell, a five-minutes drive from the Malhotras.

Swami entered the Hall at around 5:45 p.m, where over 400 people were signing the name of the Lord with much adoration and devotion. The energy was palpable, the love was infectious, the bliss was divine! A word here, a look there, an assurance here, a blessing there; as Swami walked down the aisle to the stage, it was Love begets Love, for He is only reflection, reaction and resound!

Dr Grish Malhotra welcomed the gathering and submitted himself at the Lotus Feet for this divine visit yet again. The youth presented soul stirring songs, which was followed by a piano recital by Francesco Paniccia, a charismatic pianist and composer from Italy. He signed off with Manasa Bhajare, which captivated every heart.

Mr Isaac Tigrett was the first speaker, who spoke about how Jesus, one of the greatest servants of truth gave His life on a Good Friday. He reminisced Swami’s passing on in 2011, which he said is a great and grand coincidence, to celebrate His life and gift to all. He spoke about his love for Christ, and how he discovered the same personality in Sai Baba when he met Him for the first time in 1972, and thereafter how he found the motto of his business, ‘Love All Serve All’. Mr Tigrett had realised this was the new purpose of his business. ‘Understanding to evolute and the formless nature in everything’, is the lesson he learnt when Swami didn’t speak to him for 17 long years! ‘How do you get to God?’ was the first question Swami had asked him during his first interview. After asking everyone around in the interview room, Swami Himself answered by saying, ‘Love All Serve All’. Mr Tigrett concluded by saying that he had practised this tenet and believed in his heart, which is truly the magic formula for evolution – learning that each person is a divine being!

Sri C Sreenivas began his speech by saying, “Swami is stimulating in us the unique impossibility that exists within us. We are not ordinary beings. Being chosen and touched by the Divine is not ordinary! Human character is only defined in crises. Man’s ascendence from human to divine, is when man sees the crises in another individual. When we reach out to people in trouble and crises, each person will start playing God!” He reminded everyone that they have been chosen to do God’s work.

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy in his short talk spoke about the establishment of the Mandya Campus which is being wholeheartedly supported by the devotees of UK, and urged all to visit to see the marvel of education.

Swami blessed everyone with His divine message. He start by saying, ”What is the reason behind God incarnating as a human? It is out of compassion for humanity that He comes down, in the human form with limitations. Though He has this human consciousness, He also has the divine consciousness.

Every Master, Incarnation and Messiah who came to this earth, came out of compassion to humanity. We are celebrating the life and message of Christ today. Though He did everything like a human, He was not one of the them! He was born to redeem mankind of their greed and pettiness, and to show man his own divinity. So He said, ‘All are one’ -our scriptures to present this resounding truth of how one has become many – Ekoham Bahusyam.

But the question may arise, ‘How can we be same, when our bodies are different, and the way we see and relate are different?’ Christ truly addressed the eternal spirit that dwells inside the shell of the body. The most important message is ‘All are one, be alike to everyone.’ It is to teach this message of oneness, incarnations take place. Of all the Masters, Christ was someone who showed the path by His own practise. Towards the end, He gave up His body for the sake of others. As He was to leave the body on the cross, He forgave everyone who wronged Him. This is the hallmark of every Master.

There is no humanity without compassion, and one ceases to be a human when one ceases to have compassion. What is compassion – unable to stay quiet when you see someone else suffer. Compassion propels one to act. It relieves, it springs into action when it sees someone suffer. Only prayer is not enough, in our own capacity however small, one must act with this feeling of compassion. This is your true identity. The day you forget, you don’t exist! Compassion should become your hallmark and virtue.”

Swami urged everyone to realise that they are divine, especially the children. ‘Growing to be God’ is an initiative by Swami which is now spreading to many countries in Europe. The Lord appealed to the teachers and parents to teach them they are God indeed. Swami questioned, ‘But what is God? Anything good is God!’

Swami urged the children seated right in front to ask questions. This was probably the only public Satsang in the world, where the children took over asking precious, and deep questions, with one of the questions being, ‘How do you feel being Sai Baba?’ Swami answered in His own inimitable way for this child, “When you feel Sai Baba, you feel love and compassion for everyone, for Sai Baba is love and compassion!” The glorious evening came to an end after many more questions, with Swami answering each one of them in a way the children could understand! Mangala Arati was offered, and dinner Prasadam was distributed to all. Swami departed to the Malhotra residence where dinner was served to Him. The entourage partook their dinner reminiscing every moment of the evening, and packed to depart to Paris the next morning.