Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Malaysia and Singapore – August 4 and 5, 2018

It was time to leave Kuala Lumpur and proceed to the next destination, Singapore. Soon after breakfast, everyone gathered at the living room of Sai Amrutham for the farewell Satsang. It was a wonderful and causal session, where Swami spoke about various things. Speaking on the need to work together, Swami said, “Those who have been to the Himalayas are aware that the Ganga starts in a small way in the Gangotri. Nobody can imagine that it will become a mighty river. All the three rivers Bhagirathi, Alaknanda, Mandakini come together, and they become the Ganga which is so powerful, and passes through many lands and gives so much of water, so much of life, so much of food to so many people. But alone it cannot. Like that, you should join hands with other good people, good groups and try to serve in a better way. That is possible only if you subdue your ego. ‘I am also somebody, I need to be known for doing something’ – this kind of thinking is not required. If you just do in any name, any form, as long as you do good, many many people can join and do more work. That is the way to work forward!”

One of the devotees seated submitted to Swami saying, “Swami, You should be in all our hearts all the time.” And the Lord was quick to reply by saying, “If your heart has some place, then only I can be there. If too many things are there in the heart, I cannot be. God is the resident of the heart. He is known as Hrudaya Nivasi. However, when Swami wanted to come here, though they (pointing to Brother Ayavoo and his wife) had a big room upstairs, they vacated it, because they didn’t want Swami to stay in a small room. So, they wanted the big room for Swami, and they went up to the small room. What did they do? They vacated, they created place for God to stay. So God came, and stayed!
Body is a temple. In that, the resident is God. Here they have taken so much care of the physical house for Swami to stay. How much more care we have to take to see that our temples are clean, spacious, without any insects and without any darkness so that God can stay comfortably? That is why it is important to keep our hearts free.
Man minus desire is equal to God. Any desire will make you unfit to be God. Be desireless. He alone or she alone who has no desires can be truly a divine person. Anapeksha. Any desire is  – even the desire that I want liberation is also a desire. I want nothing. God knows everything. If I ask Him and demand things from God means I am not trusting Him. He will do everything. Life becomes so peaceful!”

After the wonderful session, Mangala Arati was offered, and Swami and His entourage proceeded to the airport to board their flight to Singapore. Upon arrival at Changi Airport, the entire ‘Singapore Gang’ received the entourage and quickly ushered them into buses for a drive to the splendid Marina Bay Sands to the Sands Theatre to watch the world’s number one musical ‘Lion King’! It was an absolutely memorable experience for the students for they had not seen any production like this in their lives! After a spectacular two and a half hour show, elders and students were driven to their place of accommodation to rest for the night.

The next morning, the students woke up with a lot of excitement as they were going for a city tour of Singapore, and also to visit the Museum. It was a morning of rest for the elders of Swami’s entourage, but a hectic morning for the Singapore gang as they were busy preparing for the evening Public Satsang.

Swami arrived amidst Bhajans and walked around blessing all the devotees. Sister Vidhushini Sivaramakrishna, a spirited youth from Singapore currently working at the Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital in Palwal, Haryana welcomed everyone and spoke about Swami’s love for all. Offering her gratitude on behalf of all the Singapore devotees, she invited Sri B N Narasimha Murthy to speak. He opined that unless one gives up worldly desires, divine bliss cannot be experienced. He asked, “How many of us feel the purpose of life is to serve society and please God?  But in Singapore, there are many many devotees who know this truth even without getting into Swami’s institutions. Swami does not need a school to teach. Swami does not need a university to teach. In the university of life, Swami teaches every one of us lessons – He creates circumstances wherein we are chiselled. The process of chiselling is very painful both for the master and for us; we do know it. He chisels us into His own images.”

Swami in His divine discourse said, “The greatest service that one can do truly is not just feeding children who are hungry, or giving education to those who are deprived, or healing those who have problems that cannot be solved by paying money. The greatest service of all according to Me is to be such an example to others, because that is when transformation begins. When you allow yourself to change for good, when you allow yourself to get transformed through Divine and then become Divine, you also become an agent of God, you also become an associate of God, a partner of God in this great mission of transformation of the world. So, this love, this service, these sacrifices, projects – all these are just opportunities for all of us to help ourselves transform. One alone is responsible for one’s own emancipation. And one alone is responsible for one’s own sorrow. One alone is the friend of one’s own self and one alone is one’s own foe. Therefore, it is up to you, up to us, up to each one of us to use this in the best of our own interest. First to redeem ourselves – Atmano Mokshartham – so that you become better. Jagat hitaya cha – With that, you also help the world. So, be an example – that is what I keep telling. I tell My students, I tell My teachers, I tell the devotees all the time – Try to be an example, try to be a Divine example to everyone whom you come across.
Millions of people are there in this region and beyond that billions in the world. All don’t get this kind of guidance and opportunity to sit by the feet of the Divine and then learn good things, noble things. So, having learnt this, you carry greater responsibility on your shoulders that of practising what you have learnt and then through your example, through your practice, through your own conduct and behaviour, you inspire ten others by being an example to them. Today children are being given examples, ‘Oh, that man you see has got so many degrees. Oh, that man has developed so many businesses. He is at such-and-such position. He has these many cars, that many houses. He has so many businesses in so many countries.’ This is the example that we give to our children unfortunately. What is the fault of the children? They only think that this is what will make them appreciated in this world. And they also chase this illusion like those who have done before.  However, today we need to tell the children, the greater example would be, if you can stand up for the sake of others. If you can help those who are in need, you are an example. If we tell this to our children and appreciate them for that, they will also follow this example!”

A short Questions and Answers session followed where a devotee asked, “How do I know if it is helplessness that makes me go to God, or it is my surrender to God?” To a pertinent question like this Swami responded quite simply when He said, “When God is the first choice it’s surrender, but when God is the last choice, it’s helplessness.”

Make God your first choice was the point to be taken home. Mangala Arati was offered to Swami. After granting a few interviews, Swami called all His students to the residence of Dr Ravi Pillay and Smt Shyamini. After blessing them, He partook His dinner and retired for the night.