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Divine Visit-March 04, 2017 (Evening)-Top Slip-Valparai

Divine Visit – March 04, 2017 (Evening) – Top Slip – Valparai 

After the afternoon rest, everyone assembled back at the Forest Rest House which had turned in to the abode of the Divine. Perched on top of the highest point, it had a panoramic view of the forest. As everyone assembled in the portico, Swami emerged from His room a little past 5 p.m. and entered the Satsang hall, where Bhajans were in progress. Brother Madhusudan later revealed that Swami looked up at the sky which was beginning to get dark, and one could see the rain clouds gliding from all corners. It was a surprising sight, for the area was sweltering with the summer heat, and did not even have a drop of water. All of a sudden in the middle of the summer season, rain clouds in the sky were seen. The cool breeze carrying the fragrance of red soil wafted through the portico infusing everyone with fresh energy. It was obvious that something must have happened, as willed by Swami, who was very much moved by the forest fires and the inconveniences that the Forest Officers were facing to put out the fire and save the forest, as well as its inhabitants. And therefore, He had brought about this sudden change in the climate. 

After a few Bhajans, Swami asked the students if anyone wanted to speak, and Rahul Rao from second year Under-graduation from the Centre for Human Excellence spoke about his experiences with Swami. Though Swami had commanded him to join the Centre for Human Excellence, he had other thoughts in his mind which led him to apply in other institutions. But the Divine had willed, and he could not clear exams anywhere else despite his best efforts, and finally returned to Swami for further guidance. Not only did the compassionate Lord forgive Rahul for his disobedience, but also blessed him with an opportunity to study at the Centre for Human Excellence, the value of which he understood only later. Rahul said “None of our lives are truly ours, but they are all carefully designed and planned by Swami and if we surrender to Him, and let His will flow, everyone will be perfect.” He expressed his deep desire to engage in personal Sadhana as advised by Swami, so that he could progress in the spiritual journey and reach his goal of realising his true self. 

After this brief talk, Swami blessed him with a crystal japamala and when an overwhelmed Rahul asked what Japa he should do, the mischievous Lord said chant “I want wife, I want wife”. There were ripples of laughter all around, and then Swami said that the real mantra to chant is the Shiva Panchakshari – Äum Namah Shivaya, and advised Rahul that it will help him progress on his spiritual path. Rahul was extremely grateful to the Lord for this personal deeksha that He granted him on this auspicious evening. Thereafter, Swami commanded Sri B N Narasimha Murthy to speak.

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy re-emphasised what Swami had mentioned earlier during the day, that just by being physically close to Him would not ensure achievement of spiritual heights. Recollecting an incident from the past when he had asked a similar question to Swami, whether being in His physical proximity will help him attain realisation, Swami in His own imitable style had replied “You see, I have a lot of mosquitoes and cockroaches in My room, they are quite close to Me. In fact, the mosquitoes sometimes enjoy the taste of My blood, but do they all get Moksha? Therefore, you have to put efforts, you have to do your Sadhana in order to realise God.” The message was loud and clear to one and all. Thereafter, Sri Narasimha Murthy took upon the topic of the very first on the eight-fold path of Yoga – Yamah, and the five components of Yamah on the command of Swami. Yamah refers to the social discipline one must follow while one begins his journey on the path of spirituality. The five aspects of Yamah consists of truth i.e Sathya – which is highest truth of one’s own Divine existence, Astheya – which is not to steal anything in thought, word or deed from anyone, Aparigraha – which means not holding or accepting or keeping things that you do not require, Ahimsa –  which is being nonviolent knowing that the same Divinity exists in all, thereby not hurting anyone either through thought, word or action, and finally Brahmacharya –  which is celibacy in thought, word and deed, which is possible when one truly lives the name Brahmacharya (means living with God all through). Quoting examples from his life and incidents which happened in his life, Sri Narasimha Murthy very emphatically explained the importance of Yamah and especially Brahmacharya, which if one chooses to follow, will definitely find help by God’s Grace. Many decades ago, when he was on the threshold of his youth, the question of marrying or not, arose in his mind. Deep within he felt to remain a celibate and dedicate his life for the service of humanity. That is when Swami appeared in his dream and called him to Puttaparthi. When he went to Puttaparthi, Swami reading his deepest thoughts told him, that he should take to the life of celibacy, and vouched that Swami will give him the strength and protect him. These words of Swami gave him tremendous courage and confidence to take the road less travelled. Swami also assured that He would change the minds of his parents who would permit him to take up this noble path and it did happen so, when his innocent mother broke in to tears at the very thought of her son not marrying. Young Sri Narasimha Murthy prayed in his heart to Swami for guidance and the words which spontaneously flowed out from His lips soothed the anxious spirit of his mother. He said ”Amma, what kind of happiness have you gained in the Samsara or the worldly life? You have gone through hell, do you want to put me in to the same hell? Should I not live a happy life?” These words touched the very being of his mother, who immediately stopped crying and blessed him “You be happy and follow this noble path”. With the blessings of his father and mother, Sri Narasimha Murthy took up the life of a Brahmacharya. He also remembered that towards the end of his life, his 97-year-old father before being taken in to the operation theatre, called all his 11 children and gave them instructions. When he has finished with all, he talked to Sri Narasimha Murthy and said “See, Swami is right behind you. Serve Him till the very last breath of your life.” With the blessings of his father and mother, he took to this noble path in which Swami has guided, given the courage, protected and held him closely to serve Him to this very day! As his speech was going on, the rain clouds became thicker, and there was a pleasant smile playing on the face of Sri Rajasekhar who knew the plight of the Forest Officers and the need for rain at this hour. Swami thereafter asked the students to ask questions and further explained the importance of Brahmacharya in the life of students.  

Bhramacharya is the life of these set of students who were embarking on a very noble journey of the highest ideals of a Thyagajeevi. When one of the students said, “Swami, You must protect us and see to it that we just do what You want us to do”, Swami said “My will alone is not enough, your will must also join. Just as a father gives pocket money and doesn’t interfere in the freedom of the son to spend it the way he wants, likewise I have given free will to you, for you to use as you wish. But only if you come back and surrender the free will back to Me, can I take charge, hold it and do what is best for you. Without surrendering your free will to Me, I cannot interfere in your life.” Swami then quoted the story of Narada who was a great devotee of Lord Narayana, and a proponent of the Bhakti Marga. One day he got too curious to know as to what aspect of the world was so attractive that people are unable to come out of it, and taste the true joy of devotion. Therefore, he incarnated as a pig in a sewer to understand what truly attracts people of the earth, and the earthly affairs. So Narada was engrossed in a pig’s life, married another beautiful pig and had several piglets as progeny, and was quite happy and content in the dirt and filth of the sewer. When Lord Indra took pity on him and came all the way to take him back to the heavens, Narada as a pig resisted. However, upon insistence, he went back to heaven, but was not happy by the good food, the celestial dance or music, and was looking restless. Upon enquiry, he revealed to Lord Indra that he was looking for some slush and filth, to take a little rest. This was the plight of Narada, who incarnated once as a pig and the Vasanas got so deeply embedded in his mind that he could not adjust, when he was taken back to heaven. Swami said, “Only the grace of God or Guru can help realise your true self. Therefore, in the scriptures, importance of a Guru has been emphasised in several places. And when God Himself is your guide, there can’t be a greater opportunity, for God is known as the one who salvages His devotees who are stuck in the mud of the world.” 

As Swami was started speaking these words, it started drizzling to the joy of one and all. It was then that Brother Madhusudan revealed that in the morning, Swami asked him to chant Gayatri Mantra 108 times. When He asked the purpose of chanting, Swami said it was for the benefit of all, and in the evening Swami revealed that because of the selfless prayers, the Bhajans and Mantras that were chanted, Gods are pleased and therefore blessed all with the rains. He thereafter assured Sri Rajasekhar, the retired Conservator of Forest, that these rains will take care of dowsing the forest fire and protect the creatures. Mr Rajasekhar’s joy knew no bounds! Swami quickly wound up the session, went in to His room where He gave clothes and abundant blessings to all the workers who had cooked, cleaned driven and served the entire entourage. He blessed Sri Rajasekhar, his wife and son with special instructions and blessings, and thereafter after Arati and dinner, everyone retired for the day.