Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – March 06, 2017 – Ooty

Divine Visit – March 06, 2017 – Ooty

All the students were up and ready after breakfast, and assembled to travel along with Swami to the Pykara Dam where a boat ride was organised for Swami’s entourage. Pykara Dam is approximately twenty kilometres from Ooty town and is nestled in the lap of hills. The water is clean, pure and serene and the atmosphere is absolutely unpolluted! Swami’s car drove past Ooty and crossed the town, the meadows, the hills, and finally reached Pykara Dam. Swami got down to watch the students board the motor boats and then bid them an enjoyable ride. He then departed to look for a certain piece of land for the upcoming Ashram in Ooty. By lunch time, Swami as well as the students arrived at the Palace. After a sumptuous lunch, everyone retired for a brief rest. 

In the evening, a Satsang was organised in a hall in Ooty town, where approximately three hundred devotees had gathered to bask in the love of Swami. Swami went to the hall a little past 5 p.m. and was greeted by the devotees in a traditional way, during which they offered the Poorna Kumbam and also washed the path on which Swami walked. As Swami glided into the wall, He blessed many devotees whom He knew from the past. He walked up to the dais amidst the Bhajans that were being sung by the students of the Sri Sathya Sai Centre for Human Excellence and after having taken His seat on the dais, Swami asked for the programme to commence. The evening began with a welcome note, and the first programme was a welcome song by a young boy Kavish who is in his fifth grade in Bangalore. He had come all the way to his Granny’s place in Ooty in order to be a part of the Satsang. He sang a very popular welcome song composed by Swami  ‘Premaku roopam nichina Sai ki swagatham, suswagatham’. After this melodic singing, there was a dance recital by a young girl, who has been a very blessed child. She has bagged several accolades and awards for her performances. The only twist to the tale was that though everyone could see her dance, she could not see anyone! She had lost her eye sight due to some illness, yet she had not lost her spirit. She was brought on to the stage by her grandfather who was a very long standing devotee of Swami, and then she was taken down the stage to the performance area. She performed two numbers; one on the very famous song on Shiva – ‘Shambho Shambho’ and next one was a dance recital on Lord Krishna and Gopikas. Both the performances touched everyone in the audience and one could not say that she could not see. Her expressions, her smile, her eye movements and gestures were all perfect! Swami was very happy with her performance and blessed her with a special gift and more importantly His grace, He told her mother that the way she has lost her eye sight, she will gain it back soon. These words were nectar to the parents as well as to the child! 

Thereafter, Swami also blessed two saintly people from Ooty who have their own Ashrams, and Swami honored them in front of the gathering and showered His abundant blessings on them. Swami then commanded Sri B N Narasimha Murthy to speak about Swami’s love for the devotees. Sri B N Narasimha Murthy mentioned about Swami’s ongoing leela in the subtle. He started off by saying that in the Bhagawad Gita, Lord Sri Krishna declares that though He knows the past, present and the future, yet no one in this world knows who He is. But that unknown formless reality adorns upon itself, a finite form to be known by devotees and to be able to give love to His devotees. Similarly, Swami also mentioned that the reason for Him to come down as an Avatar is sheerly out of the love for the people, and this has made Him descend to their level. He went on to say that even though Swami left His physical body He continues to be in the subtle, and continues His mission till the 96th year of His Avatarhood. “Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is truth incarnated and whatever He has said has always happened, and therefore when He declared that He would continue to be in His body till 96, it cannot go false. Similarly, when He said that He would travel around the world and bless the devotees by fulfilling His promise made to them, that too cannot go wrong. Swami in His own way is now fulfilling all the promises made, by travelling in His Sookshma Shareera by the Akasha Maarga to various countries, to the homes of devotees, and blessing them with His Grace. Coming to Ooty too has a reason, for He loves the devotees of Ooty and considers them equivalent to the Gopikas.”

He also recollected the words of Swami from last year during His visit to Ooty, “If He did not have mission, He would have rather stayed back in Ooty with these devotees who were like the Gopikas.” All the devotees were extremely happy to recollect the statement of Swami. After Sri B N Narasimha Murthy had finished his speech, Swami spoke to the devotees. He reminded the devotees that the only thing that matters or should matter in their life is that they should want God, and nothing else. Out of the four kinds of devotees who come to God, the highest one is the Jnani who comes only for God’s sake. Only those who pray and want Swami and nothing else, will get Swami. Those who come with various other desires will not be able to understand this true principle of Swami. Just as the nose cannot taste, tongue cannot breathe, ears cannot smell or eyes cannot hear, likewise the mind is not an organ to understand Divinity. 

Swami continued by saying that, “A heart which is full of pure love alone can understand the principle of God, and today pure hearted people can easily understand the presence of Swami, and feel it in their heart.” Swami in a jovial tone mentioned that Lord Krishna sent Uddava to Beindavan to tell the Gopikas about the Lord’s love for them, and did not forsake them and thus console the grief stricken Gopikas. But instead, he had to hear from the Gopikas that they never thought Krishna was just the body and moved away from Brindavan to Mathura. But Krishna was the Chaitanya Swaroopa, the in dweller of every speck of dust on the banks of Yamuna and every drop of water that flows in Yamuna! Therefore, their Krishna can never go away from them! Swami drew a parallel and said “Today  Narasimha Murthy was trying to console the devotees of Ooty by telling that Swami is right here with them. But little does he know that they are like the Gopikas who know far more than him that their Swami has never gone anywhere, He is always with them.” Blessing the devotees to develop single pointed devotion towards God and have only one desire, that is to realise God, Swami concluded His talk. 

Thereafter, Arati was offered to Swami and Prasadam was distributed. After the function, Bhagawan visited the residence of a devotee, Sri Ravi Kumar for dinner, along with a few guests. It was during the dinner that he revealed to Mr Ravi Kumar that long ago he was quite adventurous when he was young, and while driving in a jeep during the rains, all of a sudden the jeep skid, and was rolling down the hill. Mr Ravi Kumar was not able to even stop the jeep by applying brake, and at that point in time it was Swami who rescued him! This was a revelation to Mr Ravi Kumar and he was astonished with Swami’s omniscience! His wife and he have both been long standing devotees of the Lord. After dinner, Bhagawan blessed everyone and returned to the cottage for the night.