Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – March 07, 2017 (Evening) – Ooty

Divine Visit – March 07, 2017 (Evening) – Ooty

After the morning inauguration of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Kshetram, the students went for a stroll in the theme park. Swami returned to His residence in Ooty, only to start back to Conoor after a short while, to visit the very famous ‘Sai Nivas’ which is been looked after by Yashodamma. Yashodamma is an ardent devotee of Bhagawan who has been blessed with many experiences of Bhagawan’s presence in her home ‘Sai Nivas’. She is considered as mother to all in that area. She has been a messenger and instrument to Swami in promoting spiritual activities, Bhajans and Seva, amidst the people of her village. Many miracles in her home have been the reason for many devotees to visit her home from across the world. It is sheerly the credit of Yashodamma who stood all kinds of positions and threats, yet firmly believing in Swami’s Divine presence in her life, which undertook the construction of ‘Sai Nivas’, a home to Swami with a floor dedicated entirely to His residence. A special kitchen, dining area, interview room, living room, a bed room and a guest room, have been constructed and offered to Swami by Yashodamma. Swami stayed in ‘Sai Nivas’ last year when He had traveled to Ooty.

As Swami’s car went up the hill and towards the ‘Sai Nivas’ premises, many devotees had gathered on the road to greet Swami. By the shouts of typical Badaga welcome, and washing the road leading to His abode, devotees expressed their overflowing love for Bhagawan. Bhagawan was also very happy to be back in ‘Sai Nivas’, amidst His dearest devotees of Ooty. He went in to His room, after which evening snacks were served to Swami, as well as to devotees and the students. Then He ascended fourteen steps up on to the terrace, where about two hundred devotees have gathered to bask in His love. It was definitely a heavenly setting, for one side there were forests and the other side there were valleys, and in between was ‘Sai Nivas’, high upon the hills. The make-shift tent hall on the top of the terrace served as a venue for the evening Satsang. Swami took His place on the dais amidst soulful Bhajans that were sung by the students. A welcome talk was delivered by a devotee, who remembering Swami’s message from the previous day said that, “All that the devotees want here is just Swami, and no one else.” Swami then asked another senior devotee to address the gathering. He reiterated the thoughts of the previous speaker, and said that it was their greatest good fortune as Swami had come to bless all of them, a blessing that is beyond their comprehension. Swami blessed him with a special gift when He asked him, ”You have come here all the way to attend this function? Would this not cause problem anywhere else?” He immediately replied, “Swami, I want only You and nothing else”. Swami was very pleased with his answer and said, “Those who want only Me, will get only Me”.

After this Swami asked Yashodamma to speak, where she mentioned how her heart problem was cured by Swami and during His last visit, He assured her that the He extended her life for another 10 years in order to use her as an instrument in His mission. After Yashodamma’s heart felt talk, Sri B N Narasima Murthy spoke a few words at Swami’s command. Extolling the importance of Bhakti in the lives of devotees, Sri Narasima Murthy quoted from the life of Lord Krishna, where at the end of life, when He was shot down by an arrow of a hunter and was about to leave His body, He remembered Draupadi of all other devotees. He did not remember Pandavas, He did not remember the Yadavas, but remembered Drauapadi as His devotee. He said that Swami always has said, “For a devotee nothing else should matter other than God. And Draupadi was one such devotee, would desired for nothing other than Sri Krishna’s love and grace. The spontaneity of women devotees of Ooty was something that He spoke about in glorious terms. He praised Yashodamma’s dedication and devotion to Swami, and Her faith and commitment to Swami’s mission which is commendable.

After his talk, Bhagawan spoke for a while which was translated into the Badaga language by Dr M G Anand from the Sri Sathya Sai Centre for Human Excellence, who was a joint host. Swami said that just the way the oil is inside a sesame seed, just the way fragrance is inside the flower, just the way juice is inside the fruit and just the way butter is inside the milk, like wise God is inside the whole creation. The whole of this Sthoola or the material creation, has God as the Sookshma or subtle inside them. But even though God is there all around we are unable to experience Him, because we need to undergo a kind of a process to experience His presence, just the way we churn the milk to get butter or we squeeze the fruit to get the juice, or we extract the oil from the seed, like wise to experience God in this world we must undergo Sadhana. He said, “The purification of mind is Sadhana. A mind which is bereft of all selfish thoughts is a pure mind, and such a mind alone is capable of understanding God. A heart that is full of selfless love and hands that are busy in serving selflessly, are the dearest to God.” Swami thereafter mentioned that soon there was going to be an Ashram in the area, high upon the hills which will be called ‘Ananda Vihar’ and would be the Ashram for the future Avatar of Prema Sai. The devotees were delighted to hear these words from Swami. Swami also said in times to come, His mission is going to expand in a glorious way, and it is only for those who have a pure heart to be a part of this mission and experience it, and enjoy it. Giving an analogy of a connecting train from one station to another, Swami said, “Leela of the subtle body is like the connecting train between the station of Sathya Sai to the station of Prema Sai, however the only pass that one needs to board this train is that of pure love. The good that we do will enable us to purchase this pass and travel on the train just as people get a pass to travel on the mountain train between Ooty and Ketti .”

Urging all develop love in their hearts and serve the society having the twin, Sadhana of Smarana and Seva, Swami concluded His talk. After the Arati, Swami proceeded to the Lord Rama temple, which was nearby, on the request of devotees. And there He went around the temple appreciating the architecture and maintenance, and finally as the prayers were offered to Lord Rama by the priest, Swami assured the priest that though he is very worried about his child’s education, Swami is there to look after him. He asked him also to tell his wife who had prayed to Lord Rama for the child. Swami also told the priest that it was his wife who is more devoted than him and it is his wife who brought him to this temple of Lord Rama which of course was absolutely true. After blessing the devotees who were gathered at the Rama temple, Swami came back to Sai Nivas to have His dinner. He spoke to a few devotees and gave specific instructions before He took Arati and left for His residence. Thus, another glorious day in Swami’s ongoing mission, came to a close.