Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Mauritius – 13 and 14 December, 2018

After a good night’s rest, and still dwelling in the beautiful experiences from the Singamma Kali Temple the previous day, the entourage went to see the coral reefs at Blue Bay, while the local team were busy in preparations for the evening Satsang. Swami entered amidst Vedam and Bhajans. After the ceremonial lamp lighting, Sister Nila welcomed the gathering and thanked Swami for blessing all of them. It was heartening to see many devotees who were experiencing Swami in the subtle for the very first time. Thereafter, Sister Jaya offered her gratitude to Swami. Mr Issac Tigrett started his talk by saying, “No one can tell you what to believe and what not to believe. Spirituality is your own journey, which has brought you here tonight.” He spoke about his own unique journey when Swami had refused to speak to him for 17 years, and how Swami taught him the formless nature of divinity.

Sri C Sreenivas spoke about how a defining moment and day, arrives in life. “God and life have their own way of unravelling of what we should be doing, and where we should be going. Open yourself, and say Yes to life and Yes to God!” He narrated three utterances of Swami in the subtle through Brother Madhusudan, a month after He gave up His physical form. One of it was a private moment when Swami was in the ICU bed on April 24, 2011. Sri C Sreenivas was the only person at 6:15 a.m. standing by Swami’s Lotus Feet and weeping. He went to reveal how when he had met Swami in the subtle for the very first time, and how Swami had described about that morning, which was not known to anyone!

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy also spoke about how God’s presence can be recognised. Innocence, purity and humility are hallmarks in a person who can experience God, he said.

Swami in His divine discourse said, “Just as tongue cannot hear, just as ears cannot taste, just as eyes cannot smell, just as nose cannot see, likewise mind cannot understand the ways of God. Therefore, it is said, Yatho Vacho Nivartante Aprapya Manasa Saha. He cannot be described in words, he cannot be understood by mind. Using mind to know God is like using eyes to taste or tongue to hear or nose to see. Only through a pure heart can one understand God.

Purity of heart means the heart that does not seek anything, that does not desire anything that does not aspire for anything but God and God alone. Though all kinds of people came to Swami, they come to different gods of different religions, of different faiths, they come mostly to seek something for themselves. Nevertheless, God grants what needs to be granted to everyone only to develop a sense of devotion and a relationship between God and devotee. But ultimately God wants those who only want God, Though everyone wants God but God wants only those who want only Him for His sake and not for any other desires. Today, truly I seek those who want Me and Me alone for My sake not for the sake of some problems to be solved, not for the sake of some achievements to be made, not for the sake of any issues to be resolved, not for any other sake, but those who want God for God’s sake.

At the end when Krishna had to give up His body, again very strange are the ways of God, very unique, very different. Such a Lord who could wield Sudarshana Chakra on His finger, who could bring about the downfall of the entire Kaurava dynasty, who killed many a demons merely with His hands, such a Lord ultimately died of an arrow shot by a hunter! Nevertheless, the Lord had decided to leave the body and move on and so it happened. At that point of time, the Yadavas fought within themselves, brother killed brother, cousins slayed cousins and at the end of it, no one remained, all had destroyed themselves. Someone asked Swami, ‘Why is it that Yadavas who were kith and kin of Krishna could not understand Your principle though they were born of the same lineage, of the same dynasty as Yours, they were Your sons and grandsons and great grandsons, yet they could not understand the principle of Krishna and they fought and died without having understood Him whereas the unlettered Gopikas who had no, so to say, relation directly with Krishna, are still remembered with great devotion by all the devotees, why did it happen?’ And I told them, the reason was very simple. Yadavas thought that Krishna belonged to them and they had right over Krishna, whereas Gopikas thought that they belonged to Krishna and Krishna had right over them!

When we surrender to Lord as we belong to Him and not demand that He belongs to us, not put condition that He should be this way or that way with us, not take pride that we know Him or we have experienced Him or in some way we are connected to Him, but rather remain humble, sincere and surrender saying , ‘We belong to You, O Lord. Use us as You want. Do what You want with us as You please, as You wish. We have no conditions, we have no desires, we have no aspirations.’ It is then that the Lord becomes theirs!

The story of the Lord does not change. Times change, situations change, circumstances change, place changes but this unique principle of God, that He always belongs to devotees who have a pure heart, who have a surrendered heart, who have nothing but only one desire that to have Lord and that to belong to the Lord, He always is with them. Even today when you look back at the life of Krishna, the best devotees of Krishna are known to be the Gopikas of Vraja. No one greater than Gopikas of Vraja who belong to Krishna. 

Yes, definitely He created a kingdom, He fought many a political wars, He also led, guided the Pandavas in order to establish Dharma. He also had His sons, kith, kin, grandsons and His lineage but at the end, if you ask Krishna in His heart who He loved the most, He would simply say, He loved the Gopikas because they loved Him for no reason, for no season, they just loved Him for His love’s sake. These kind of devotees are dearest to the Lord and to these devotees the Lord belongs and for their sake, He is ready to do anything!”

Swami then revealed that He would open a Medical Centre in Mauritius in the coming months, much to the joy of everyone gathered. After Mangala Arati and Prasadam, Swami and His entourage returned to the hotel for the night.

The next morning, 14 December, Swami’s entourage packed to leave for the next destination, Nigeria, where Father Charles and all the children were eagerly waiting for Swami’s arrival. After lunch, Swami blessed all the volunteers and the core team who had helped organise Swami’s Visit to Mauritius. Mangala Arati was offered, and Swami along with His entourage departed to the Airport to board their very long flight via South Africa and Ethiopia, to Enugu in Nigeria!