Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Mexico City, Mexico – October 15, 2017

Mexico, a city drenched in culture. The ancient civilisations of the Maya and Aztec have long intrigued man. In fact, the Maya believed deeply in the cyclical nature of life – nothing was ever `born’ and nothing ever `died’ – and this belief inspired their view of the Gods and the cosmos. Swami’s hosts in Mexico City Mr Hector Avalos and his wife Mrs Cynthia had left no stone unturned to prepare for Swami’s first visit to Mexico City. Last year Swami had visited Chihuahua, a little over two hours from Mexico City. The compassionate Lord manifested at the entrance of their new home at 4:30 a.m. and blessed the couple, and urged them to rest. Due to the late arrival in the wee hours of the morning from Bogota, the entourage rested until lunch, while preparations were underway for the Public Satsang in the evening.

The Public Satsang in the evening was organised at the Auditorium of the Institute of Civil Engineers of Mexico. Over 300 people had gathered from various parts of Mexico, ever grateful for the Lord having visited them in His original form.

The Satsang commenced with a very powerful invocation to the Gods in the Nahuatl language of Aztec by a group of four natives, who are descendants from a civilisation even older than the Maya and Aztec. They invoked the four directions, sky and earth, along with the five elements to the beating of the traditional drums. Towards the end, they bowed down in all reverence and humility to Mother Earth, thanking Her for allowing their feet to kiss the ground. The whole ceremony lasted for about 15 minutes, and it was truly breathtaking to watch. Brother Madhusudan later revealed that as the ritual was in progress he saw the Mayan Gods descend on stage!

The first of the three distinguished speakers Mr Isaac Tigrett began his spirited talk thereafter by saying, “To understand where you are going, you must understand where you came from. You are the descendants of a great culture. The great Aztec, Mayans are the greatest, and they called on the Gods, this is how significant and important you are! What you saw was so real and pure and true. The energy of your ancestors, possesses a spirit that is so powerful. This belief in God comes from faith. What has happened in the last three years in the continuing mission of Baba can only be possible when He is there guiding at every step!”

Sri C Sreenivas in his talk reminisced a time about 40 years ago, when he had the great good fortune to accompany Swami to a congregation in the memory of one of India’s greatest Ministers, Sri T A Pai. Swami had gone to bless the Institute which was set up in His memory, and it was for the first time Sri Sreenivas heard Swami utter the words ‘Centre for Human Development’! Swami had said during His discourse that “At the centre of every human being, lies development, and that which strives for perfection.” Swami then defined perfection, “total dependence on God”. Sri Sreenivas urged everyone to totally and completely depend only on God!

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy started by talk by quoting Lord Jesus Christ who often spoke of Kingdom of Heaven and Father, “My kingdom is not of this earth. It is where men and women who love me, meet together in love, joy, peace and harmony”. He went on to speak about Swami’s current phase of the ongoing mission, and how He is preparing the ground for the next Avatar, Prema Sai. Sri Narasimha Murthy stressed that in the current subtle form, the main purpose for Swami is NOT to build schools or hospitals, but in fact Swami is preparing the hearts of men and women to aspire for two things – love for God and love for fellow beings.

Swami in His discourse, said, “The body made of five elements is weak and will have to be given up somewhere at some point in time. Knowing death is certain, while there is still time, be wise and spend your time in realising your divinity. Between the pre-fixed manufacturing date which is the birth date and the expiry date which is the date of demise, all other dates are in your hands to use them well. Depend on the inner divinity which is the source of permanent happiness and abandon the pursuit of paltry temporary pleasures in the world outside. Happiness is union with God”. Swami also declared to the audience about the upcoming Centre for human excellence in Chihuahua, for which Bhoomi Puja was to be performed the next day. Swami called upon the gathered devotees to work together in unity to build the centre for all of Mexico, which will become a beacon of hope and guidance to young and old on the spiritual path. He called the lady who offered the land and is working on the centre, to explain the same. Thereafter Swami answered several questions before taking Arati and returning to the residence of Mr Avalos, leaving everyone spellbound.

The entourage retired early, as the next day they were to fly to Chihuahua for the Bhoomi Puja of the upcoming Centre for Human Development.