Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Chihuahua, Mexico – October 16 & 17, 2017

Soon after breakfast, Swami’s entourage and devotees from Latin America proceeded to the Mexico City Airport to board their flight to Chihuahua, a city straight out of a native Indian movie with rugged terrain and arid mountains all around, indeed something different and wonderful about it. Two-and-a-half hour by plane from Mexico City, as the plane touched down Chihuahua, the entourage were greeted by Mrs Rosario Ordonez and other devotees from Chihuahua. When Swami had visited Chihuahua in October 2016, He guided them to establish a Centre for Human Development.

Upon landing in Chihuahua around 3 p.m. the entourage were driven to the residence of Mrs Erma. After lunch and refreshments, Swami proceeded to the site of the Centre for officiating the Bhoomi Puja and blessing the land.

A short twenty minutes drive was the land, set in the lap of mountains. A marquee was erected to welcome the Lord. To the auspicious chants of Sai Gayathri, Swami Himself conducted the rituals of the Bhoomi Puja through Brother Madhusudan. Swami then took His seat, and called upon Mr Rafael, a long-standing devotee for over thirty years to address the gathering. Swami commanded him to speak about the episode which happened twenty years before, when he had prayed to Swami to build a Centre for Human Excellence. Swami then had told an eager Mr Rafael it would happen later. Mr Rafael was overwhelmed as finally the moment had arrived for the birth of the Centre in Chihuahua.

Sri C Sreenivas began by saying that with Swami sometimes one feels that beginnings are not clear, but month on month as the plan unravels, everything comes to light. He went on to talk about the Centre for Human Development which was built in Naya Raipur, “When it was being done, Swami had said that the Centre would serve to ‘educate’ ourselves with the knowledge of the world, and how to make our lives in this world more meaningful. It will be a place which would ‘enrich’ us with noble thoughts with new ways of thinking in keeping with the changing times of the world, but we will still retain those timeliness truths into whatever changing times may come. It is a place which would ‘enlighten’, as it is what we seek and every soul who comes in whatever way to this great Centre, will in some way be enlightened. And finally the most important feature for all times to come, the Centre would ‘enable’ man to connect himself to the supreme, and this is the main purpose of this Centre in Chihuahua. It will be so inviting, so embracing in love that people from far and near will be drawn by the magnet to educate, illuminate and enlighten.”

Swami in His divine message started by saying that it is because of the decline of human values in humanity, due to lack of fear of sin and love for God, the world has come to this state of restlessness. “The situation that the world is in, is a matter of grave concern. Having travelled to so many countries, one thing that is commonly prevalent is the increase in fear, worries and anxieties, sadness and depression especially in the minds of the young. No right kind of guidance has been provided to them. They have been told to live in competition, but not in cooperation. They are leading selfish lives, which is the cause of all sorrow. If you want to set this world right and make it better, human beings who inhabit this world have to become better. This can be done by first helping them develop love for God, which will automatically lead to fear of wrong doing. Then there will be morality in society. A society bereft of human values, is worse than the ecosystem of a forest. To bring back morality in human beings, this Centre has been envisaged. What is this human value which gives value to humans? Fire derived its value fork its ability to burn, water is valued when it is able to cool and wind when it is able to blow. These are the inherent qualities which give them value. The true value which gives value to human life is love. This is not the worldly love, which is contaminated with expectations. Divine love which lives by giving and forgiving, and does not want anything in return, gives true value to humans. Human beings have to develop this divine love, only then there willl be a future to this world.

Why this place out of all in Mexico? Why not elsewhere? For everything there is a reason and season. God does not choose anything without a reason or season. Centre is not about the building and earth below or the sky above. There are right kind of human beings in this place, whose hearts bleed for the suffering of the world and they want to do something about it. They want to do something tangible.”

Swami then went on to speak about Mr Rafael saying that for the last 18 years, he wanted to do this Centre. Swami said, “Before he could change the world, I wanted him to change himself. These 18 years have taught him much and he has ripened with experiences. This is why I waited for so long!” God’s delays are never His denials!

Mangala Arati was offered thereafter, and Swami returned to the residence of Mrs Erma. After a few interviews, Swami was served dinner, and the entourage proceeded to the Chihuahua Airport to board their flight back to Mexico City. They reached in the wee hours of the morning of October 17.

After a little rest, and a quick breakfast, Mangala Arati was offered to Swami at the Avalos residence, and He instructed the core group who had gathered to bid farewell to Swami, to look for a land close by for an Ashram! The devotees were jubilant that an Ashram will also be established in Mexico, apart from the Centre for Human Development. Soon after, the entourage proceeded to the Mexico Airport to board their flight back to Bangalore, thus concluding yet another glorious trip to Latin America! After a long flight back via North America and Middle East, they arrived back in Bangalore at 3 a.m. on the morning of Diwali, October 19.