Divine Visit – Newport Beach, Irvine – June 20, 2016

It was the last day in Irvine, and the Lord visited the residence of Prof Venkatesan and his wife Smt Sarojini. A short 30 minutes drive, Swami was welcomed at their residence with the traditional Purna Khumbam. Prof Venkatesan’s family and relatives were all present to welcome their loving Lord.

Bhajans and chanting of the Sai Rudram were offered at the Lotus Feet of Bhagawan, who was very happy with the bhajans rendered by the children. He said, “Like Bhojan (food) is for the body, Bhajan is for the soul. If we don’t feed our soul, we will become weak spiritually. Looking at the list of Bhajans that were on different Gods prepared to be sung, Swami said,” just as we want variety in our food, we need vegetables, lentils, rice, sambar etc to give us complete nutrition of vitamins, minerals, iron, carbohydrates, proteins etc we sing the names of different Gods so that we learn something from everyone. Bhajan session is like a meal served with a variety of items”. Swami encouraged the children to learn the meaning of Sai Rudram, which was chanted earlier and said that the original Chamakam asks for wealth, name, progeny etc. But the Sai Rudram asks for goodness, truth, etc. Swami said, “What a beautiful way of asking God! So learning the meaning is very crucial. Even if one word from the same can be followed, it will change your entire life.”

After lunch and interviews, Swami proceeded back to His residence for the afternoon.

In the evening, around 6pm a small Satsang was organised, about 30-odd people. Yet again, everyone was blessed out. Thanks to the beautiful Krishna and Meera Bhajans offered at Sai Krishna’s Lotus Feet by Brother Sumeet Tappoo. Thereafter, Swami commanded Mr Bob Bozzani to speak. He spoke emphasizing ally and said, “How many times have we heard Him say, ‘You want the world to change? Just change yourself.’ And that is the key. You have to open your heart and understand that you have to dive within yourself, and think about what did He wants you learn.” Mr Bozzani fondly spoke of about his first interaction with Bhagawan in 1974, and expressed his gratitude to the Lord for showing him the way – the way to love. He also reminded about Bhagawan’s first discourse in the year 1968 to the world, at the World Conference in Mumbai, where He had said why He has come. Mr Bozzani said, “My interpretation and I believe I can hear those words, He said, ‘In the past, I have always come to get rid of the wicked and protect the good. Now, I have come for transformation.’ He has told us how our heart is there, we are pure like gold but then He has to begin to remove the layers. And for me, that has been my path. Fortunately of opening my heart.”

Swami then commanded Sri C Sreenivas to say a few words. He narrated an instance a few years ago, before the construction of the Raipur Hospital, when he and Brother Madhusudan were in Delhi and made a trip to the very famous Bahai temple. When they returned, Swami had asked him what they saw and experienced. Sri Sreenivas told Swami about the magnificent temple. Then, Swami explained, “Man needs to relate. Man needs to connect. Only then can he manifest his love for God. It is not possible to love unless you connect and relate to fellow men and women.” Sri Sreenivas said that it is not possible or comprehensible to relate to the formless phenomenon, as it is too abstract. It will be possible only when “we love and connect with each other.”

He spoke about the little pin, ‘All About Love’, which Mr Bozzani created as per the divine command a year ago. Sri Sreenivas reminded everyone of two necessary ingredients, God’s grace and human effort to achieve anything in life. “Constant rediscovery of ourselves is effort. Sending out Swami’s message of love to everyone, is a constant rediscovery of ourselves.”

Mr Isaac Tigrett was the next speaker. He recalled an instance when Swami had beckoned Mr Bozzani and his wife Barbara to join Him for a drive in His car in Prasanthi Nilayam, in the early years. He also recalled the time in 2007 when Swami asked him to stay in Prasanthi Nilayam for the rest of his life.

Mr Tigrett extended his gratitude to the Lord for taking him along with Him to the various countries. He said, “It doesn’t matter if there is one person or a hundred or a thousand or five thousand, but it is an honour that He blessed me to walk in His shadow with other great souls. He said the other night – I never heard Him say this before – it really blew my mind – He said, ‘There are billions of people who want this opportunity.’ Billions! ‘And yet I have chosen just a few of you to receive this.’ There is no doubt in my mind – as He has said, every single person is invited here – there is no doubt in my mind that all of you in past lives have been with the Master, have been with the guru, have been close to the evolution which is the reason that we are here.”

Swami then commanded Sri B N Narasimha Murthy to speak. He said, “It is all about love. It is all about heart. It is all about knowing ourselves. But the real problem comes up when we try to put all this into practice. Unless there is immense grace of Swami, many times we think we are right but we will be wrong. Many times we think we are loving; even the great Swami Vivekananda said, “Behind my love there was pride. Behind my sacrifice, there was ambition. Behind my devotion, there was selfishness.” He said it not at the beginning, he said it at the end of his journey on the earth. I would say, it is all about practising. Very simple things which we overlook every moment.”

Swami started His discourse with a shloka – “Anapeksha shuchir daksha udaseeno gatavyataha sarvarambha parityagi yo mad bhaktah sa me priyaha.” Swami continued by saying, “This is a very important shloka from Bhagavad Gita from the twelfth chapter which talks about Bhakti Yoga, the science and art of devotion. Anapeskha – the very first word means the one without any expectations or desires. Shuchir daksha – Shuchi means the one who is pure inside and outside. Daksha is one who is skilled and capable. Udaseena – he is detached from everything. Gatavyataha – everything that comes, he lets it pass without getting attached. Sarvarambha parityagi – he does not initiate any action by himself. Such a person is dear to Me.”

Swami explained the word ‘Anapeskha’ – the one who is desireless, the one who does not have any expectations. He said, “What Krishna means truly is not desiring anything for one’s own selfish purpose, not desiring anything for one’s own personal gain. So having food – is it personal or is it for the others’ sake? It can again be asked and must be analysed. Paropakarartham idam shareeram – this body has been given only for the sake of serving the others. Therefore for upkeep of this body in healthy state only to serve others is selfless desire but for own pleasures it’s not correct.

Start with every day, every moment doing something which will help you love others and serve others and that is what will ultimately reach Swami. As Tigrett said, there are millions of people waiting for this opportunity. By some good deeds of the past and by grace of God, you have attained this rarest of the rare opportunity. Make good use of it. Else, history will remember us as people who had been given much but they wasted it away without understanding its value!”

Swami said, ” Mr Bozanni gives pins that carry the words, ‘ it’s all above love’, but love can’t be without service so in the true sense it’s all about service. Love and serve all as one without the other is like a counterfeit coin with no value. Both love and service together give value to humans”.

After answering a few questions, Swami had His dinner and retired for the day. The entourage packed, to set off next morning on the next leg of the trip, Mexico.