Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Russia – August 28, 2017

A city tour of Moscow was the morning’s agenda, soon after breakfast. Some of the devotees joined Swami’s entourage on this tour in a steamer through River Moscow. It was indeed a sight to see the Kremlin, Red Square, St Basil’s Cathedral, and many other places of historic importance. The guide explained in detail about the various events during the time when Soviet Union existed. Everyone returned back to the hotel for lunch, as preparations were underway for the Public Satsang in the evening, which was to be broadcast LIVE.

As Swami entered the Satsang Hall, over 500 pair of eyes, filled with teary gratitude and love, turned towards Him, just like the sunflower which turns itself, no matter what, towards the direction of the sun. Mr Dmitry welcomed Swami and yet again placed himself at His Lotus Feet for having given this unique opportunity to be in His presence in Russia.

Yet again, a group of professional singers, poured their heart out through soul stirring songs, and the energy in the Satsang Hall elevated to many notches higher. When they went to take Swami’s blessings after their performance Swami spoke to each one of them, revealing various aspects of their lives, and they were spell bound, and ofcourse overwhelmed! Swami then commanded a lady Mrs Marina Yachmenikova to speak and share her experience about her interview with Swami, and His promise of visiting Russia.

Professor Ravichandran took to the podium next, and poured his heart out at Swami’s Lotus Feet, while reminding all the devotees of the responsibility each one had in His glorious mission. He also reminisced how he came to Russia on Swami’s command and stayed in the country for twenty years. Swami also commanded him to share the news of an Ashram in Russia, which brought a lot of cheer to all the devotees gathered. When he went to take Namaskar, Swami asked Ravichandran to go back to the podium to announce saying that, Swami has asked him be in Russia to coordinate all the affairs of the upcoming Ashram.

Sri C Sreenivas in his inspiring talk reminded everyone about their good fortune to have been chosen to be a part of the unique moment with Swami. He said, “There is a magic to every moment, that it reinvents itself. That is how the history of time is written, where the moment reinvents itself in another moment. And in that, you will reinvent yourself touched by the beauty and love of Swami into more beautiful beings. The magic of time, and the most beautiful magic of Swami’s love, together will reinvent itself in having all of you as the most wonderful torch bearers that time will see and tell!”

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy in his talk spoke about how Bhagawan’s mission is spreading all over the world. The new educational campuses which are being established, the superspecialty hospitals which are coming up in many parts of India, and the many Ashrams all over the world, including the new Ashram in Russia, all in preparation for the advent of His next Avatar, Prema Sai.

Swami’s divine discourse was extraordinary, like always. He began by saying, “The greatest truth that has ever been told is in two words: ‘God is’. The one who understands this truth, understands everything! Truly the one who knows this need not know anything else, This is what is defined as Vidya or the true knowledge. Vid-ya – to know that. To know that ‘God is’, is all that one needs to know!

Just as there is no mother without a child and there is no child without a mother, there can’t be God without His devotees, and there can’t be devotees without God. So our relation is very ancient. When God was, devotees were; when devotees are, God is. Therefore, if “God is” is the truth, then “devotees are” is also equal truth. It is you who are the cause of Me! I am because you are, and this is the beautiful relation between God and His devotees.

One pure-hearted prayer will make God manifest wherever such a prayer is made. There has never been an exception to this truth, and there can never be an exception. With pure love in your heart, with selflessness in your heart, if you call God, He has to come and He has no other go!”

Swami then spoke about the Ashram and revealed that Prema Sai will travel from His 16th year, and will visit all the Ashrams around the world which are being established now. Swami also commanded Prof Ravichandran to move back to Russia to look after the Ashram, and ensure all the devotees come together and work closely.

Mangala Arati was offered and Prasadam was distributed, and Swami returned to the Hotel for the night, while His entourage packed to leave for Lithuania in the wee hours of the next morning.