Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Salta, Argentina- October 10 & 11, 2017

After traditional South Indian breakfast, Swami proceeded to the residence of Mrs Liliana, the lady who had invited Swami to Salta. About 75 people had gathered at her home, and as Swami entered, He made His way straight to His room. Swami knew exactly where He was going! He blessed the lady of the house profusely, telling her that when she was very unwell recently with high fever, it was Swami who was by her side all night. All along she had thought it was a dream, but Swami told her it was He who had come and stood by her side all night! Bhajans were in progress, as Swami took His seat. He called upon Dr Jorge Berra to speak, who started by saying “The mercy of God is so immense and has no end. And God leaves us speechless.” Moments before, Mrs Liliana had offered her home to Swami, so it could be of some use for the Ashram in Escobar! Swami commanded Dr Berra to narrate about this and also about how the Sai Prema Foundation was instituted in a record time!

Thereafter, Mrs Liliana addressed the gathering and said that everything has been possible in her life only because of Swami. She submitted herself at His Lotus Feet very emotionally and thanked Swami for everything that she is today.

Swami then beckoned Mr Tigrett to speak about faith and surrender. He started by saying that faith is a very elusive thing. “For the 44 years I have been following Him, He gives faith and takes it away. It’s a process. Swami has spoken about the future, about the things to come, especially of Prema Sai. He speaks about the rise of consciousness, and words like faith and surrender will be second nature soon. Now we are in the darkest hour, when our body and mind are over stimulated.” Mr Tigrett went on to speak about Swami’s divine will which can manifest anything, which is nothing but faith! He concluded by saying that at the end of the day it is the communication with the divine within which is important, and as one learns to communicate, faith and surrender will automatically follow.

Sri C Sreenivas also spoke about faith and told the gathering how people are trying to do the undoable. “We push ourselves to the edge, and sometimes we will have only one ingredient left with us, which is faith. This becomes God’s opportunity, which is our life of extremity!”

Swami began His divine discourse by saying, “Believing in what you see is fact. But to believe in what you don’t see is faith. It does not arise out of the body or mind. Faith is beyond limitations, and beyond the bounds of physical or mental. It is in the realm of the heart. Only a heart full of devotion can understand faith, which is natural by birth to every human being. But as one grows and loses the innocence, doubts gather and contaminate the faith. Have the innocent surrender of a kitten and not that of a monkey to its mother. Then God will look after everything. When ups and downs come, enjoy it like an infant who is thrilled when it’s father swings it up and down and plays with it!”

Mangala Arati was offered after the wonderful discourse and Swami returned to the residence of Dr Pablo and Mrs Leonar for the afternoon.

In the evening, a Public Satsang was organised where over 250 people had gathered. For a small place like Salta, a gathering of 250 devotees was huge! Swami was welcomed with traditional dances as soon as He sat on His chair, after which Mr Isaac Tigrett addressed the gathering, who began his speech by saying, “I wonder how many life times we have waited to understand this phenomena. There are people in this room, who simply do not believe. There are some who want to believe, and there are those who believe. Only one person who knows! Who sits in the chair (pointing to Swami)!” He spoke about the last 44 years that he has been blessed to follow Swami and more so especially in the last three years. He spoke about his evolution, which he said was still a work in progress. Mr Tigrett also said that in his journey with Swami, the Lord had taught him about the formless, which is the true nature of the divine!

Sri C Sreenivas was the next speaker, who said that the divine picks each person as His choice. “When the divine chooses us, He takes over us in our entirely. In the recent past Swami has revealed that He has no body, but henceforth every body that He meets or picks is a choice He has made, as from that moment on, that person becomes His body! Swami chooses to act through you, spreading His message of divine love and kindness.”

Swami then commanded Dr Jorge Berra to speak and tell all the devotees in Salta about the Ashram and how Swami had identified it. Thereafter, Swami blessed everyone with His divine discourse.

Mangala Arati was offered, and Swami returned to the residence of Dr Pablo and Mrs Leonar. After dinner, Mangala Arati was offered by the family to Swami, as the next day was a very early start to the Airport.

The next morning, October 11 was a long day of travel from Salta to Buenos Aires to Lima in Peru and finally to Bogota, Columbia. The entourage along with a few other devotees from Argentina reached Bogota at around 1 a.m. The city is situated at an altitude of 8,600 feet above sea level in the Andes mountain range and said to be one of the highest capital cities in the world! They were very lovingly received by Mr Richard Deeb, his family and many devotees. It was amazing to witness their spirited welcome and bubbling enthusiasm even at that hour! All were driven straight to the hotel to retire for the night.