Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – San Jose – June 17, 2017

Youth from many states of North America had arrived the previous night, and were busy with preparations for the Youth Meet in the morning. Close to 150 young adults gathered at the Balaji Temple situated in San Jose. Swami and His entourage reached the venue at around 10 a.m. 

Swami first commanded Brother Bobby Patel to talk about ‘Sai Ashraya’ which has been licensed by the State of California. Two kids have been taken off the streets permanently, and they are now in the journey for recovery, going through therapeutic care. Swami has given this project to the Sai youth of America, and Brother Bobby urged all the youth to participate, and be a part of this self-transformation journey. Thereafter, Brother Sumeet Tappoo addressed the youth talking about the Seva projects in Fiji, and stressed on the need for all the youth to be a part of Swami’s continuing mission. 

Two young adults who have been a part of ‘Sai Ashraya’ and ‘One World One Sai’, spoke about both the initiatives to the youth. One World-One Sai, is an effort to bring all the youth around the world on one single platform, where they can exchange ideas, information and stories of transformation. Swami’s vision is that once the youth around the world are on this platform they will feel connected, and bonded as brothers and sisters of an extended world wide ‘Sai Family’, and can be of help to each other even in other countries. Currently, the platform also helps to disseminate the Seva activities around the world, which serve as an inspiration for all the youth. 

Mr Isaac Tigrett addressed the gathering thereafter, and narrated about the time when he came to Swami as young boy in his early twenties. After seventeen years, and more than a hundred visits to Puttaparti, Swami finally spoke to him, and told him how to get God, by loving all and serving all. 

Sri C Sreenivas spoke about how everyone lives in a world which is laterally growing, where the world wants one to extend his or her arm to hold somebody else’s hand. He advised the youth to take Swami’s word seriously, and engage in selfless Seva by helping one another, and enriching the lives of others. 

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy in his talk reminded the youth about the great opportunity they have got, which God has directly handed over. 

He narrated how the previous day when one of the Patel brothers, who was driving Swami’s car to Stanford University said, “Swami, thank you for giving this opportunity to serve in Your Mission.” Swami said “Thank you for taking the opportunity.” Sri Narasimha Murthy continued by saying, “Opportunities are given to everyone, and can be found everywhere. Any person who needs help is an opportunity. Any person, young or old, who is suffering, is an opportunity. It is left to us whether we take that opportunity or not!”

Bhagawan in His discourse to the youth said, “Plenty of devotees came to Swami, and they were of two kinds. First, those who came for their sake; second, those who came for Swami’s sake. Today, only those can be with Me, who have come only for My sake and not for their sake; who have forgotten everything about themselves and only remember Me, and only remember what matters to Me for such people will find place at My feet. It is up to you to develop that kind of a feeling, not because I say or they say or somebody else says, but because it comes from within that this is the path that Swami has preached, this is the path of oneness that He has shown. And each one of you should feel that oneness, each other’s pain, each other’s joy as one’s own. And that will drive you all to do what is to be achieved!”

Thereafter, Mangala Arati was offered to Swami, and the Lord returned to the Patel residence for lunch. 

In the evening, Swami visited the residence of Sri Vivek Mahadevan, an ardent devotee of Bhagawan for many years. The Lord was welcomed amidst Purna Kumbham and Vedam. After a few soulful Bhajans, Swami beckoned Sri B N Narasimha Murthy to address the gathering, and asked him to speak about Bhakti. Sri Narasimha Murthy said that true Bhakti is the highest love, love for God. He stressed that Bhakti alone is the solution for all the problems of man. Most problems today are created by people themselves, but if one placed God above the world, all problems will be solved.

Swami thereafter addressed the intimate gathering and spoke about Bhakti. He said, “Bhakti can be simply defined as choosing God over anything else. The opposite of it is, choosing everything else above God which is Bhukti. Discriminating what would please God all the time in thought, word and actions, what will make one closer to God, and what is that which God would like, can simply guide the path in this journey of life. One must put this question to one self in every situation. ‘What would be that God would like or God would want me to do in this situation?’ And only take the decisions that are in accordance to the happiness of God.  The worldly joys don’t last long but the joy that one gets out of devotion  by choosing God over everything else, remains permanent, remains forever. One must try to attain that kind of will power to continuously discriminate, but it is not enough if you just discriminate. You must also detach yourself from that which is not Godly, which is not divine and constantly endeavour to choose that which is divine, which is Godly. It is as simple as that! All this spirituality can be just summed up in this one Bhakti – choosing God, choosing God, choosing God over everything else in all situations, at all places!”

Swami then granted interviews to a few devotees. Dinner Prasadam was served to all gathered, after which Swami departed to the Patel residence.