Divine Visit – San Jose, USA – June 16, 2016

After breakfast, Bhagawan with His entourage proceeded to the venue for the Young Adults USA Meet. Over 150 youth had gathered from California and various other parts of the US. Swami is always excited to be with the youth, as He believes that they are the harbingers of His mission, and will be front runners in taking His mighty mission forward. The Lord was welcomed with traditional Purna Kumbham and bhajans.

Sister Divya Jayaram, the Youth Leader (Women) for USA, welcomed Bhagawan and His entourage. On behalf of all the youth gathered, she expressed her gratitude to Swami for meeting all of them and invited the first speaker Sister Bhuvana Santhanam to address the gathering. Sister Bhuvana, on Swami’s command, spoke about her journey from the time she left the portals of the Sathya Sai Institute, her successful professional career in Qatar and Dubai, her stint with upgrading her skills in the UK and also at Harvard Business School. She quoted a story which Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa would often narrate, “At the doors of large granaries are placed traps containing puffed rice to catch mice. The mice, attracted by the flavour of the fried rice, forgets the more solid pleasure of tasting the rice inside the granary, and fall into the trap. They are caught therein and killed. Just so is the case with the soul. It stands on the threshold of Divine bliss, which is like millions of the highest worldly pleasures solidified into one; but instead of striving for that bliss, it allows itself to be enticed by the petty pleasures of the world and falls into the trap of Maya, the great illusion, and dies therein.” Sister Bhuvana compared herself to the mice. But, she chose to leave everything at the drop of a hat to be with Swami, and serve in His mission. She told the youth that “true happiness can only be found with God.” She urged the youth to seek and connect with Swami internally by making Him part of every action, and by having a constant, continuous conversation with Him at all times.

The next speaker was Brother Sumeet Tappoo. He encouraged the youth to cherish, embrace, fathom, feel and internalise this most Divine opportunity, adding that their attendance was not a mere coincidence but a boon given by Swami. Brother Sumeet reminded everyone about the three week period starting from 28th March 2011, when Swami’s physical form was in the hospital. He said it was perhaps one of the most unique times in history, when everyone gave up their selfish desires and prayed to God, for God. “All those days of yearning and praying to Swami did not fall on deaf ears. Swami has always told us that if our prayers are pure and from our heart, it will never be denied but may be delayed and granted at the correct time.” He urged the youth to grab this opportunity given by Swami and dedicate their life to love and service. “Become like the matrix and jump to newer heights of spirituality. Do not float on the waters of mediocrity, instead become expansionary beacons of light in the mission of Sathya Sai” he said. Brother Sumeet shared about his dreams in 2005 of Swami coming to Fiji with Sri Narasimha Murthy, Sri C Sreenivas, Mr Isaac Tigrett, Brother V Kumar, Brother Madhu, Brother Manjrekar and Sister Bhuvana! That dream was fulfilled in September last year. Swami also showed him the Muddenahalli ashram in 1999, stating that Swami’s golden mission will begin from there!

Mr Isaac Tigrett was the next speaker, who spoke about the mantra which everyone needs to chant. “This is a journey – and belief and faith does not come from the mind. This is an out of control computer. Faith comes from the heart. All faith comes from the heart. Swami tells everybody ‘You are a divine being.’ I know I am a divine being, how many people in this room believe you are a divine being? He has been saying that since day one but of course, you have to put things in your life to remind yourself. How many people say the mantra He gave? You go to a guru, you want a mantra to raise the consciousness and He gave us a mantra. And He says, ‘This is very simple. These are the only three words you need. I am God, I am God, I am God.’ How many people repeat that mantra every day?” He ended by urging everyone “to tune yourself in to your true personality.”

Sri C Sreenivas also stressed on realising one’s divinity, and said, “The game changing doctrine that Swami is so strongly advocating, like He always did, but which He is advocating very strongly now, is to believe not just in yourself – as Isaac keeps saying – believe that you are divine. I would think the first take home that all of you should from this moment on – not that you have not – but since I am asked to speak, I must make both sense and substance to what I say, tell yourself that hereon, I am truly divine! Now that is generally easier said than done; we know it as a statement of fact, we know that it is a statement that Swami makes but how do we genuinely internalise this? This is your life’s journey hereon. Tell yourself, convince yourself so that you are able to take your life forward in believing that you are divine! From belief comes the ability with which all of you are endowed with in extremely good measure – to think. You – the youth in particular. Swami once wrote ‘is that flame which tries incessantly to reach to the limits of perfection’. Look at the choice of Swami’s words. And if you see the place that you are in now – all individual endeavours really come about in inflaming ourselves to think how we can reach those levels of perfection.”

Swami beckoned Sri B N Narasimha Murthy next to address the youth, and continued on the same lines of the previous speakers. He said, “We are divine – there is absolutely no doubt because Swami tells us we need to believe that we are divine. What is coming between us and the divine experience is our own mind.” He went on say that it is possible to control the mind through – abhyasa and vairagya. Without vairagya, attachment to God and detachment from the world, practice or abhyasa, is not possible. Therefore, this abhyasa is possible first and foremost, good company is the most important thing. As long as we are in the wrong company, there is no way we can make any headway on this path. There is no way we can progress on this path. First and foremost, we have to choose to be in the right company, good company and divine company always.

Then the simple question is what is bad and what is good? Good is that that takes us towards God. Bad is that which takes us away from God. That is all. Any company which will pollute our mind with worldliness, with greed, with desire, with infatuation, with jealousy, with arrogance is poison – we have to shun it. Get away from bad company. That is why Swami says, ‘Run away from bad company.'”

⁠⁠⁠Swami in His discourse also stressed about the same thought, of realising the divinity in each person. “It is very, very easy to become God. It is very difficult to remain human.” Swami said that it is very easy to be divine, because that is the reality. “If you have to be what you are, it is natural for you, it is simple for you, it is easy for you. If you have to be somebody else, then it is going to be difficult, it is going to be cumbersome, it is going to be burdensome. If a boy has to be a boy, it is very easy; if he has to act in a drama, let us say, like a girl, it is difficult because he has to put on makeup, a costume and behave like one. Therefore, what you truly are is divine and it is very easy to remain divine, to be divine. All the misery, all the sorrow, all the difficulty that we face in our lives is because we are trying to be something else which we truly are not. Therefore, in order to hold on to that image, that identity, that role that we are not is causing all the difficulties, pains and sufferings. If you just become what you truly are, it is going to be very, very easy. In fact, there is no effort at all. To hold on to something is difficult. You have to hold on to it with some effort. To give up a thing is very, very easy. Therefore, according to Me, spirituality, divinity, being what you are is the easiest thing you can do, easier than sipping a glass of water. Believe this is first. Because you are divine, it is easy to be what you are; it is difficult to be what you are not.”

Thereafter a wonderful Q&A season followed, for almost an hour! It was indeed overwhelming to see the connect between the Lord and His dear ones. One of the questions was, “What is the one simplest thing that You would like me to do every day, that would make You smile Swami?”

Swami answered, “The easiest service that you can easily do – is always smile – that will make Me also smile, you also smile, everybody else also smiles. Be happy. Happiness is constant thinking of God. If you think of Me, I will guide you every moment. Why this room? Every room I will be there with you. All the time I will be there with you. At every place, I will be there with you. In every aspect of your life, you go on involving Me as your constant companion. And you will see I will answer and I will talk to you and tell you what to do and what not to do. Because I am the inner conscience, the inner voice within you. This is the best thing that you can do. This will tell you everything else.”

Another question asked was, “Swami You said ‘It is always easy to be yourself. You are naturally divine. It is easier for you to be yourself than to be someone else.’ But why are we all finding it so hard?”

Swami explained that generations after generations, the untruth that “we are somebody, something else than what we truly are, has been told. We have been told constantly that we have a body, we are the mind, this is our name, this is our place, to these parents we belong, to this community we live in we belong, this is what we are supposed to do, this is what we are not supposed to do. This untruth has been told to us so many times that it now sounds like truth. And we start believing that, that is our true reality.”

After a wonderful session, a few youth made a short presentation about the various activities which have been underway. Later, Swami dined with the youth, blessed them, took Aarthi before heading back to the Patel residence to rest for the afternoon.

In the evening, Swami visited the residence of an ardent devotee Sri Prashanth Mehta in Freemont. The session started with bhajans by Brother Sumeet Tappoo. Thereafter, Swami commanded Sri B N Narasimha Murthy to speak. He spoke about the God fortune of Sri Prashanth Mehta, and said “Meeting God is the greatest fortune for any human being. God coming to our home is something indescribable.” He went to narrate an experience when Swami came to visit him in the hostel, when he was still the Warden at the Brindavan Campus, when he was unwell. Swami asked Sri C Sreenivas to share some of his thoughts as well with all gathered, and he reminded everyone of the great fortune of being with Swami.

Swami in His message said, “Know God, Know peace. No God, No peace! Only when we wake up to the reality of our true selves, we will realise that the outside world is not true.” He reminded everyone that the world is like a dream, sometimes pleasant and sometimes otherwise. This dream brings pain and pleasure alternatively, and is experienced only during the dream state. Neither pleasure or sorrow are permanent. Once awake, they don’t exist anymore. Swami said, “Only when we wake up to the reality of our true selves, do we realise that we are beyond all this, which is not eternal. Knowing that this world cannot give us lasting joy, we must pray to God and seek His proximity.”

Mr Mehta has not seen Swami physically, but what his experiences during the last few interactions with Swami both at USA and in Muddenehalli, has made him what he is today. His family too found great joy in welcoming Swami to his home, which Swami named very sweetly as “Prashanthi”, the abode of Supreme Peace. Swami said that only when he met Swami that he found true peace. “Know God, Know Peace. No God, No Peace.”

Swami walked all around the house, blessing them profusely. As Swami walked out towards the infinity pool overlooking the city of San Hose, Mr Mehta shared with all that even before this house was bought by him, Swami in an interview last year described the whole house including the pool and the view from there!! He thanked Swami for giving them such a beautiful house to live in, which today has become a temple by the touch of the Lotus Feet!

After Aarthi, Swami had his dinner, granted a few interviews and then returned to the Patel residence.