Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – September 04 to September 08, 2017 – Singapore and Fiji

Swami’s entourage proceeded to the Bangalore Airport on the evening of September 4, embarking on yet another monumental Visit to Fiji and Australia. They touched down in Singapore on the morning of September 5, and were lovingly received by the ‘Singapore gang’. It was a day of much needed rest, and the Singapore devotees hosted Swami’s entourage for dinner that evening in the spirit of bonding and sharing. The next morning of September 6, Swami spent precious moments with the Pillay family after His breakfast. An early lunch was served to all, as everyone had to reach Changi Airport early afternoon to catch their flight to Fiji. Probably the only country so far, which was to enjoy Swami’s presence for a whole week! But ofcourse, Swami is, where His work is. In His continuing mission, it is evident that His command on the various Seva initiatives must be carried out, without an iota of doubt as to how it will happen. Most fear whether they will get the required support to establish these initiatives in their respective countries, but like Swami often says, “You do your best, and I will do the rest.” That leap of faith, that total conviction, that everything will fall in to place as He has willed, is what is required. Love for God, coupled with unwavering faith is Devotion or Bhakti, Swami says. It is that unwavering faith that whatever Swami says MUST happen, should be at the core of all that one does and embarks upon.

The entourage reached Nadi (pronounced Nandi), in the wee hours of the next morning, September 7, after a long ten-hour flight. From Nadi, they boarded a local domestic flight to Suva, after a few hours, and landed at around 7:30 a.m. Brother Sumeet Tappoo and the Sai youth from Fiji lovingly welcomed the tired retinue, who were driven straight to the Tappoo residence. The next day and a half was set aside for everyone to adjust to the new time zone, and work on their jet lag. In the last one year, Swami and His entourage have travelled to 30 countries, which is almost one country every 1.5 weeks on an average. So naturally, the varying time zones, long flights and transits, and the busy schedule in every country, takes a toll on their bodies. But the most amazing part is, in spite of all this, it is the renewed enthusiasm and vigour to be of some use to Swami and His mission, which is purely because of the relationship they witness between Swami and His devotees, that energised them. Physical form or subtle form, then or now, nothing has changed, in fact the bond has only deepened!

Upon arrival, Swami had said that the next day and a half was ‘family time with God’ for the Tappoo family. Sri Mahendra Tappoo, and Mrs Maya, parents of Brother Sumeet, along with Dr Krupali, his wife, and their eight-year-old sweet daughter Saisha, ensured every comfort was given to the entourage. Little Saisha is the fourth generation Sai devotee, and the family have always enjoyed Bhagawan’s close proximity for many decades now. The Lord’s revelation over a decade ago, to Sumeet about leading the His last years of the mission from Muddenahalli, is well known to everyone.

The next morning, September 8, during breakfast Swami instructed everyone to go sight seeing. The Tappoo family had arranged a picnic by the ocean at Pacific Harbour, an hour’s drive from Suva, and a stone’s throw from the site of the upcoming Ashram. After a day well spent, everyone returned to the Tappoo residence early evening. Swami was served His dinner, and everyone retired for the night.