Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Singapore and Malaysia- August 28 and 29, 2019

It was a glorious, bright and breezy morning of 28 August. Students prepared to leave for the Airport to catch their flight to the next destination, Kuala Lumpur. Enroute to the Airport, just a little after noon, Swami arrived with His entourage for lunch at the residence of Sri Kisenchand Ranai, his wife Smt Sheela, and their two sons Shennind and Khevind. Swami was greeted by the family at the gate, and was led into the home amidst the chants of Sri Rudram, which blissfully melted into the Bhajans. After Bhajans, Swami jokingly commented that He was expecting just the family at home as it was a working day, but on the contrary many devotees had gathered to be at His Lotus Feet. Smt Sheela’s instant reply “They all want to see You Swami”, brought a beautiful smile to Sri Madhusudan Sai’s face! How can anyone even remotely think of missing the opportunity to be in God’s presence? No way!

Swami beckoned Sri Narasimha Murthy to speak to all gathered. Murthy Anna as he is fondly called by all the devotees around the world, spoke about the importance of developing the foremost quality – Bhakti or devotion, to tread the path of goodness and the path of God. He then went on to explain the Jivanmuktha phenomenon, of Sri Madhusudan Sai. He also elaborated the need for Viveka (discrimination) and Vairagya (renunciation) as essential for Bhakti, to stay stable in the heart.

In His Divine Discourse, Swami revealed that God’s names, forms and ways are important only to the extent the devotee is able to relate to it, and develop Shraddha. Swami explained that Shraddha is a word that does not have an equivalent in the English language, and went on to elaborate on the meaning of the word. He explained that Shraddha is a mix of qualities such as – faith, deep yearning, surrender, obedience, and one pointedness. Swami emphasised “Those who want to develop Shraddha in Me, must develop all these qualities!” He blessed all those who wanted to sincerely develop Shraddha, and revealed that the basic requisite to experience God is indeed Shraddha!

Swami further elaborated, “Many people wonder what the real form of God could be. The truth is that whatever appeals to us, what gives us joy and happiness, is the form you must worship. You can worship your own photo!” Swami gave a profound message when He uttered, “I am there in your faith, in this Shraddha. I am in THAT. THAT is how I exist. So I don’t mind if you put up your own photo and say, ‘I worship my own self!’ Shraddha is the most basic prerequisite to experience divinity outside or inside, in whatever way. And that Shraddha is something that the Guru is capable of giving, because by listening to the words of a Guru, by following his footsteps, by practising what he tells us to do – Shraddha can be developed. This helps one to realise the divinity in all forms, in all names, and in all places!”

After His discourse, Swami went upstairs to His room for lunch and spent some time privately with the family, while His entourage and other guests were served lunch downstairs. Swami returned for Arati and blessed the Prasadam, which was distributed to all. Everyone was overwhelmed by Swami’s love and blessings as He graciously permitted every single person to take Padanamaskar, before He waved goodbye to leave for the Airport to board His flight to Kuala Lumpur.

Swami arrived at Sai Amrutham, the residence of Brother Ayavoo and Dr Vimala late afternoon, soon after the students had reached. Tea was served and after some
rest, a Satsang was held late evening. After a few Bhajans, Swami spoke on the value of true devotion. He distributed t-shirts to all the students and gents, and sarees to all the ladies. After Mangala Arati, dinner was served to Him, and He retired for the night.

The next morning, August 29, after an early breakfast, all the students proceeded for a city tour. Swami departed Sai Anandam to Janda Baik, which was a little over an hour’s drive. Swami arrived in the midst of Vedam, and proceeded to a small chalet, which is already part of the land, where a new residence of Brother Ayavoo and Dr Vimala will soon be constructed. Swami blessed the gathering and spoke about the importance of worship and rituals, and guided all gathered to follow the the path of the Guru, love and service.

Soon after the Satsang, the Bhoomi Puja was held in the garden area and Swami materialised a Lingam to be placed into the soil. Then, He was ushered for a special picnic at the garden to savour the local fruits of Malaysia. Soon after the picnic, Swami proceeded to Sri Sathya Sai Sevashram, set up by Sri Kisenchand Ranai, his wife Smt Sheela, on the command of Swami during His visit in March 2019. The morning was a flurry of activity as all the devotees energetically raced up and down to ensure every inch of the Ashram was perfect for the Lord. Swami arrived early afternoon amidst chants of Sri Rudram. Tears of gratitude seemed to wash His path into the Ashram, for He had once again mercifully chosen to visit His Ashram to bless the devotees.

After a few Bhajans, Swami straight away started speaking to all gathered. He advised that if everything in life is done at the right time, life will progress in the right way. He advocated Buddha’s middle path of no extremes. Swami conveyed a profound message by explaining that regardless of what cuisine is eaten, the idea is to satiate one’s hunger. Likewise, different people take different ways to reach God – somebody may sing Bhajans, another may engage in Seva, yet another may find joy in reading scriptures, another in meditation or undertake pilgrimages, and so on. Ultimately the idea is to reach God, the chosen path is secondary. Swami said, “The primary goal is to reach God. But some people say Malaysian food is better than South Indian food, South Indian food is better than North Indian food, and they engage in endless disputes. It is your taste, your tongue! It is okay if you like something – it is fine. The idea is that we are only satisfying our hunger. It is not about fighting over whose cuisine is better. Likewise all paths, all religions, all faiths lead to the same goal but if we dispute over the path, then we lose our way! Finally we forget why we started altogether!”

After His enlightening discourse, Swami instructed that lunch must be served to all. A beautiful cake was then brought out to celebrate birthdays of devotees born in the month of August, whom Swami lovingly blessed as they stood next to Him with tears in their eyes, and hearts full of joy. He then proceeded to His room to partake His lunch. Devotees reassembled and once Swami came back after lunch, they pleaded with Him for yet another divine discourse. Anything to keep the Lord with them longer! The Lord however, insisted that what was said earlier must be digested completely, before another session. A mellifluous song, the lyrics of which were written by one of the youths, was then offered with ardent devotion, touching the hearts of every single person in the room and ensuring that there was not a single dry eye in the audience! The youth then delivered a presentation regarding updates of the various Seva activities being carried out since Swami’s last visit in March earlier this year, which are divided into three categories – SocioCare, MediCare and EduCare. Following this, Swami stressed on the importance of more youth joining by sweetly saying “If you are young you can do Seva with your hands, head and heart. After some time, hands become weak, you can’t do Seva with your hands. Then you can still do Seva with your head and heart. After some time, the head also becomes weak; you may not even remember your own name. Then only the heart remains!” He explained that since the youth have the faculties of hands, head and heart, they should not waste this precious time and use it meaningfully to serve others with their hands, while also meditating and contemplating on the Lord with their head, and lastly by loving Swami with their heart. Mangala Aarti was offered and the compassionate Lord then called everyone to come around Him for a group photograph before leaving, which was a joyous ending to a truly blissful afternoon!Swami departed to Sai Amrutham to rest, before the Public Satsang at Sai Ananda in the evening.

Swami arrived at Sai Ananda for a Public Satsang whereby close to 500 devotees had gathered to bask in the divine love. Swami was ushered for a tour around Sai Ananda first. He visited the Ananda Cares(project for single mother) and the Medicare projects (Dialysis Centre and Dental Clinic). The evening programme commenced with a Vedic invocation by the Balvikas students. Two youths of Sai Ananda shared their experiences, and thereafter al the youth offered a bouquet of songs. Sri B N Narasimha Murthy addressed the gathering and this was followed by Swami’s Divine discourse. There was short break, and Swami returned to the Prayer Hall to watch a musical drama entitled ‘Dasha Avatar’. After blessing all the children, He departed for dinner to Sai Amrutham.