Divine Visit – Singapore – August 05, 2016

Bhagawan’s visit to Singapore, Bali and Malaysia was indeed special, as the Lord had chosen His senior students and staff from the Sri Sathya Sai Centre for Human Excellence, accompany Him on this divine visit to the blessed Island nations. The main highlight of the trip was the Asia Pacific Youth Meet in Bali scheduled for August 8 and 9.

In the wee hours, on the morning of Friday, August 5, the entourage who were 26 in number, commenced their journey to the airport to ringing Jaikar by the boys. These blessed students of Swami had just received their new passports a few weeks ago, and were fortunate to have their first international travel in the company of the Lord. Another memorable aspect of the trip was that, for most students this was their very first flight travel! As the flight landed in Singapore in the evening around 5 pm, the group was greeted by the Singapore devotees who have now become so familiar to all, and an absolute inspiration to many for the dedication they have for Swami’s mission. Like Swami often says, there is never a ‘No’ in their dictionary!

After spending much of the day in the airport and in the flight, the prospect of spending the remainder of the day in the loving presence of Swami had everyone quickly freshen up and rush to the venue of the day’s Satsang. The evening was hosted by Sri Ravinder Singh and his devout wife Smt Kohila. Their two sons Rakesh and Sunil ensured every guest felt at home.

As the select group of gathered devotees awaited for the Lord’s arrival, melodious bhajans set the mood. The sudden rapturous beat of drums to the Bhangara music outside in the compound, indicated the Lord had arrived. The traditional dance form from the northern state of Punjab in India was a very nice touch as the host Sri Ravinder Singh has his roots from this part of India.

As Bhagawan adorned the beautiful chair, the Singapore team sang the now popular and most meaningful song, ‘We will follow you’. After the song Swami said, “Look you have not followed me, It is I who has followed you and come all the way here!” On Swami’s command the group offered two more songs at the Lotus Feet.

Swami then decided to give a very interesting spin to the evening’s agenda which took everyone by surprise. More so for the four teenagers (children of the Singapore devotees) whom Swami picked from the group to address everyone gathered! First to be called upon to speak was Ryan Tan, son of Mr Anthony and Mrs Karen Tan, who began by recounting his discussion with his sister that afternoon about Swami’s subtle form and how each related to Swami. The siblings had concluded that they should live in the moment and enjoy every bit of it. He revealed that he knew it from within, that he would be beckoned to speak; Inner communion with God! As Ryan was taking padanamaskar, Swami commented how the conversations between the two siblings had significantly changed to more spiritual topics in the past two years, since they began getting more involved in Swami’s work.

Next, Swami called Sunil, the son of the hosts for the evening Sri Ravinder and Smt Kohila. Sunil spoke of how his mind sometimes found it challenging to balance spirituality and the choices that he found around him, though he had increasingly been drawn to opportunities where he could make a difference in the lives of people. He prayed to Swami to resolve his dilemma. The loving Lord, responding to the prayer, counselled that one should not differentiate between God’s work and other work. “Seeing everything as God’s work, brings one closer to God. Then work transforms into worship”, He advised young Sunil.

The next to speak was Eashwar, son of Sri Umashankar Bhat and Smt Vidya, who shared his thoughts that one should believe everything is Swami and is being done by Swami, but putting in our best effort is equally essential and important. It was indeed refreshing to hear these youngsters articulate Bhagawan’s teachings in such a lucid and emphatic manner, and it showed what they were narrating was out of experience. Since the boy was a tabla player, Swami used his instrument to drive a point home that of course God does everything but He does it through his instruments and to get the perfect work done you need perfectly tuned instruments. A tabla out of tune will ruin the efforts of the player, like wise an unprepared instrument will spoil God’s work!

Swami then called upon Krutika, sister of Eashwar, who spoke about acceptance and how one should accept oneself to be able to accept God. Swami extended the thought by saying it is not enough if one accepts oneself and God, one should also accept everyone around as God has put around those around us to help us grow in our lives. He said everything has a purpose and it is important for us to find out this purpose and work towards it.

Swami then signalled that it was already late for everyone to have dinner. After granting interviews to the host family, Swami partook His dinner. After everyone was treated to a sumptuous dinner, Bhagawan left the venue back to the Pillay residence, lovingly named by Him as ” Sai Anubandham- the inseparable bond with Sai”, while the gathered devotees dispersed with a heart filled with joy and reverence for their beloved Master!

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