Divine Visit – Singapore – August 06, 2016

Day two in Singapore started with a tour of the city centre and some important landmarks, which was organised by the youth, sons and daughters of the devotees of Singapore. Swami had wanted the trip to be organised for the staff and students of the Sri Sathya Sai Centre for Human Excellence so they could get a feel of the city and learn from their experiences of going around in a world class city like Singapore. As the group assembled at the Marina Bay, the weather Gods favoured the group with some beautiful weather, despite the forecast which promised some showers. The young hosts did a wonderful job escorting the group around the most famous landmarks, explaining its background and history. It was a great opportunity for the students from India and the team from Singapore to interact, exchange notes and bond. After a leisurely stroll, a ride in the MRT or Mass Rapid Transport, some shopping, and lunch in the famed China Town, the group headed back for a short afternoon rest, before heading to Sai Anandam for the evening Satsang.

While the students enjoyed the city tour, Bhagawan blessed the residence of Dr Yoeh and his wife Mrs Janice. It was a wonderful opportunity to witness the Chinese tradition of welcome. The lion dance was a treat to watch and as part of the ritual, oranges were given by the lions to the devotees who had gathered. Swami said, “The lions have taught many lessons today. You cannot eat the orange with its rind. These lions also removed the rind and ate the fruit. In everyone there is something sweet and something bigger, we must discard the bitterness and accept the Sweetness. Lions also danced to give happiness to all gathered, living life to make others happy is the way they taught today”.

Swami thereafter commanded Dr Yeoh to address the intimate gathering, who spoke about his first Darshan of the Lord in 1979 at the inauguration of Easwaramma school. He went to talk about how the first Sai Center was set up in Singapore amidst various challenges. Dr Yeoh very humbly spoke about his short comings and prayed to Swami to guide him through vagaries of life.

Thereafter Swami asked the devotees to sing a few songs, which were interspersed with jovial remarks of Swami! A very close family gathering, it truly was.

After granting a few interviews, Swami partook His lunch and after Mangala Arati, He proceeded back to the Pillay residence for some afternoon rest.

The evening public Satsang at Sai Anandam commenced at 5:00 pm. After granting interviews to the members of Pillay Family Swami walked in to the Hall amidst the soulful bhajans. After Swami took His seat, Sri Sutharshanom welcomed everyone and introduced members of Swami’s entourage. He extended a warm welcome to Bhagawan’s students and staff who had travelled along with Him.

The first speaker for the day was Sri Yugumaran, an entrepreneur from Singapore who has been involved in Bhagawan’s mission for several decades now. His talk was seamlessly flowing from his heart, and he spoke about how God is always with us. He illustrated it with an anecdote of the young Native American Indian who had to spend a night in the forest all alone, with a blindfold, as the rite of passage into manhood, which was part of the tradition. After the night of terrifying sounds of the forest and his own imagination playing tricks with him, when he opened his blindfold in the morning, he found his father sitting right next to him keeping a watch over him. He had been there all night looking after his son! Many times we do not realise that God is always by our side watching over us even if we don’t see Him.

The next speaker was Sri Narasimha Murthy, who spoke of the devotion of the Singapore devotees. Like the steam condenses to manifest as water wherever it finds the coolness, the devotion of the devotees had made Swami manifest in Singapore. Alluding to the Lord’s love for His devotees and His endevour to deliver them of their suffering, the Lord had returned even after leaving His body to continue this work, like the sage King Vipaschit who had chosen to be in hell where his good disposition had ensured joy to the dwellers in hell, and render it into a veritable heaven.

Bhagawan’s divine discourse was on the theme of action. Man, He said was constantly involved in action. Every action has a reaction and this was the perpetual cycle of action-reaction. All action should lead to the purification of the mind, reiterated Swami.

Giving the example of the lion cub which believed it was a sheep while in the company of sheep, Swami beckoned everyone to realise their real self. “Avatars come to remind man of his true identity. As the cub in the story realised it’s true identity by looking in the still water, man too can realise himself if the water (his mind) is pure and still.”

The kind and compassionate Lord then invited the devotees to ask questions. What followed was a amazing session of questions and answers ranging from questions on finding balance between the spiritual and worldly aspects of life, guidance on prayer, dealing with difficult people, etc.

After the Q&A, a cake had been arranged on the occasion of the 51st anniversary of Singapore’s independence. Bhagawan blessed the cake and blessed everyone to practice and digest what He had served that evening, and promised them He would be back to serve them more. Bhagawan then went to the interview room where He called many devotees for interviews. Dinner was served and with that the day two came to a close.

Bhagawan’s entourage packed to catch an early flight to Bali the next morning.

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