Divine Visit – Singapore – August 07, 2017

Yet another trip to Singapore, and this time another batch of students from the Sri Sathya Sai Centre for Human Excellence, along with a few staff and others guests were part of Bhagawan’s entourage to the island country. In the wee hours of the morning, amidst slight drizzle, everyone proceeded to the Bangalore International Airport for their flight to Singapore. It was endearing to see these students, many of whom boarded an airplane for the first time, and who were travelling abroad for the very first time. Swami had gifted them everything for their maiden trip – from shoes and colourful sandals, to trousers and t-shirts, from toiletries to suitcases, every single item which they would probably require! Simply writing about this, makes one teary-eyed. Truly, the love of a thousand mothers!

Everyone was lovingly welcomed at the Arrivals Hall of Changi Airport, and driven to the respective homes of the various devotees, where the thirty-five members of Swami’s entourage were to stay for the next couple of nights. After a quick refreshment break, everyone proceeded to Sai Anandam, Swami’s Ashram in Singapore. It was an intimate and informal gathering of about fifty people. Dr Ravi Pillay welcomed the gathering, and prayed to Swami to keep everyone in His fold, as part of His divine drama and at His Lotus Feet. Swami then commanded Dr Pillay to talk to the students about how the Ashram in Sai Anandam came about, during His first visit in the subtle to Singapore in the year 2014.

Swami then commanded Sri C Sreenivas and Mr Isaac Tigrett to speak to the students. Thereafter, He commanded one of the active youth Ryan Tan to address the gathering. He spoke about how the purpose of life is to engage in Seva, without wasting a single moment.

Swami in His discourse said, “Swami considers the devotees of Singapore as the engine of His mission. Only when the engine pulls, can the train move. And only when the train moves, can the passengers travel and reach their destination. They had to work harder than all the others. They had to sacrifice more than rest of the people. Just like an engine which has to work hard in order to pull the train and take it to the destination. But what they have done today is leading so many more people who are able to travel in this train and reach the destination which is God.

Swami spoke about the true lesson that one must learn by being with Him, “Others’ happiness before oneself, is the true source of happiness, and true joy.” Addressing the students Swami said, “It is not that you have come for a Vishva Darshan, that is to see the world, but you have come to have Bhakta Darshan, that is to see the devotees, to have Darshan of these devotees which is more important for you than seeing the rest of Singapore! It is these people who work tirelessly morning to night keeping their individual requirements far below the societal needs and though they stay far away from Swami physically, yet they are very very near to Him, because they are like the bees who come to the lotus, suck the nectar and then fill themselves with this bliss. They are far more benefitting from this association with Swami than many of those who stay around like frogs!”

After Mangala Arati, Swami blessed a few families with interviews, before retiring for the night.