Divine Visit – Singapore – August 08, 2017

It was an exciting morning for the students, as they eagerly got ready to go on a sight-seeing tour of Singapore. Soon after breakfast, they proceeded to visit some of the most iconic places including the Marina Bay Sands, and the Merlion, which is synonymous of Singapore. The Sai youth from Singapore had organised this trip for the students and staff very meticulously, and passionately. Like Swami told the students the previous evening, overseas trips like this for them is informational and educative, as they get exposed to real-world lessons and gain much from the valuable learning opportunities.

While the students were busy in their educational tour, Swami proceeded to the residence of Dr Ganesan and Smt Suganti Naidu. It was an intimate gathering of about thirty-five people. As soon as Swami entered, He was fascinated looking at their dog, a Toy Poodle, and immediately compared how maya or illusion, is like a dog. “One has to befriend the dog to get into the house of its master. Maya guards the house of God! Unless the ferocious maya is befriended, one cannot go near God. Where there is God, there is also maya. It’s like a burning lamp which has brightness of the flame, and also the darkness of the shadow.”

Swami then beckoned one of the devotees Sri Thiagarajan to address the gathering. He spoke about the will of God, and reminded everyone of how fortunate all were, as God was in their midst. He said, “God could have chosen anyone from anywhere. But He has chosen us, and given us this wonderful opportunity. Truly, this is only because of Him!”

Swami then spoke about the upcoming Bhoomi Puja in November 2017 of yet another marvel which will be constructed to mend little hearts in Mumbai, Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital for Child Heart Care and Training. He then commanded Sri C Sreenivas to share about the upcoming Hospital which will be inaugurated in November 2018! Thereafter, lunch was served, while Swami granted interviews to many families. After partaking His lunch, the Lord proceeded back to the residence of Dr Pillay.

Devotees started pouring into Sai Anandam from 4 p.m. for the Public Satsang. It is simply amazing to see the crowds increase every time, and this time over 400 devotees had gathered to bask in Swami’s love. Swami entered the Satsang Hall at 5 p.m. amidst soulful Bhajans. The Satsang was webcast LIVE to devotees around the world. Mr Issac Tigrett, the first speaker for the evening was commanded by Swami to speak about the value of this rarest of the opportunities, as he has had many metaphysical experiences, and dimension travels. He vividly narrated about the recent trip to Sri Lanka, when Swami had visited some temples of importance from the Treta Yuga, visited by Lord Rama. At one particular temple, Swami had revealed about his past lives, and gave him a lingam. It was fascinating to hear him talk, as he narrated them, and also revealed some past lives.  Mr Tigrett spoke at length about Karma, and reminded everyone how fortunate all are to be reincarnated when the Cosmic Master, the Avatar Himself is amidst human beings. He said, “You must also understand you have had many many, many past lives. And the reason that you are here now, is that you have not reached the pinnacle as yet, including myself. All the Masters say the reason you are here is for self-realisation, realising your true identity. And your identity is that you are Divine.”

Sri C Sreenivas in his talk spoke about his first visit to Singapore in the 1980s, when Swami had sent him on work. He went on say, “This mission of Swami, this saga of Swami that He is engaging Himself in, is a saga of upliftment, is a saga truly of lifting our consciousness from daily trifle, from daily life to something sublime, something we can only be blessed to be seeing or visualise with His grace. In Swami, you see the mergence today of all pursuits of science and all spiritual endeavour. This has been my life’s recent journeys. Just as much as He keeps us busy in the works we do, I must confide in all of you, a lot of my time is being spent cerebrally in reflection and contemplation of the beauty that Swami is, and that He now and then gives us glimpses. That is what brings true meaning to my life!”

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy in his speech spoke about how when man is unable to find a solution, he goes to God naturally. “Only when there is Sankatam, we go to Venkataramana. Only when we face more and more difficulties, we go to God. When things are going very comfortable and cosy, we tend to forget God. And that is why Swami also tells us when some devotees complain to Swami, ‘Swami, why are You giving us difficulties?’ Swami replied by saying, ‘I send you difficulties so that you will remember Me. Otherwise you forget Me!’ The great secret of how we can still be in the world and attain grace of God, attain liberation, attain emancipation is Karma Yoga.”

Swami in His divine discourse yet again reminded everyone that all are God. “Right from the time we are born into this world, till the time the life forces leave this body, our breath goes on repeating a truth 21,600 times a day. What is this truth? It says Soham Soham Soham. You breathe in So, when you breathe out Ham. Soham Soham which means ‘I am That, I am That, I am That.’ You are also God just as I am. The difference is that I know I am God, and you do not know! The day you know that you are also God, that is the day this cycle of birth and death is broken, and is finished once for all. And then one is liberated eternally and becomes one with the true self!”

Swami also advised that one should not waste the opportunity of having received the blessing of being in the presence of God! “If only you knew the efforts that you have put, the pains that you have undergone, the sacrifices that you have made in order to be here in the presence of God, in the company of good people learning good things, you will not waste a single opportunity!”

Thereafter, many devotees asked valuable questions to Swami, which He answered in the most beautiful way. Mangala Arati was offered, and Prasadam was distributed to all gathered. Swami then granted interviews to many families, before His dinner. Students, staff and others who were part of Swami’s entourage, partook their dinner, and proceeded to retire for the night, as the next morning they had to take an early flight to the next destination, Bali.