Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Singapore – August 6, 2018

A rather humid morning, but it certainly did not deter the enthusiastic students who were all set to explore the city for the second consecutive morning along with the Sai Youth of Singapore, who lovingly plan the itinerary every single time. And Swami, soon after His breakfast proceeded to bless the office of Sri Kishore Parikh. After speaking to the staff, and spending precious moments with all, Swami returned to the Pillay residence in the afternoon.

In the evening, Swami met the core group of devotees, the ‘Singapore Gang’, who are ever ready to embark on anything the Lord says. Swami spent more than an hour talking to them about various aspects of the ongoing mission. Brother Giorgos Sioufas and his family from Greece who travelled to be with Swami in both Malaysia and Singapore was also part of the gathering, along with Dr K P Saileela, Dr PDN Srinivasu (Vice Chancellor), his wife and the Wardens. Swami reminisced how the Sri Sathya Sai University in Gulbarga was established, and said that though people may think it happened in a year, the whole process from finding land to training teachers, etc was actually a long drawn journey of seven years, and how selfless individuals like the ‘Singapore Gang’ bring projects like this to fruition, simply by keeping others before themselves!

Swami then beautifully narrated the story of Lord Krishna, and how the Yadavas, Gopikas, and everyone else lived with Krishna, breathed the same air, and even ate the same food. “The Gopikas were unlettered and illiterate, did not know anything but loved Krishna from the bottom of their hearts, and always felt they belonged to Krishna. On the other hand, look at the Yadavas who were related to Krishna, their attitude towards Krishna was different, as they felt that Krishna belonged to them. They believed they had the right over Krishna. This attitude difference between the Gopikas and Yadavas made all the difference at the end. If you stay too close to God, there is the Maya of God too. Vishnu and Vishnu’s Maya are not different from each other. There is a lamp, and also the darkness beneath it. If you fall under the dark zone, how can you see the glory of the light of the lamp? Sometimes, like the Gopikas being a little away from God is good!

When negative thoughts emerge in your heart, always remind yourselves that you should not become like the Yadavas, who fought and destroyed themselves. Dharmo Rakshathi Rakshataha – the one who protects Dharma is protected by Dharma. God does not hurt. A judge does not hurt the criminal, he only passes the judgement as per the acts of the criminal, and does his duty. Similarly, God is watching as a witness and is only doing His duty!”

After Mangala Arati, Swami proceeded to the residence of Sister Tina Meng for dinner. It was a very cosy evening, and the long standing Chinese devotees were enthralled by the experience. While He casually chatted with the members of the family who were devoted for about four decades, He remembered the reason for their coming to Swami when their late father had contracted an incurable cancer of mouth and was on his death bed. It was then that someone in Singapore told them about Swami and they made a bee line to Parthi in the 80s. A distraught Meng family found hope in Swami’s assurance of their father’s recovery and it did come true. All the sisters and brothers had gathered to welcome Swami, as He had promised them several decades ago of this visit! There may be delays in God’s dealings, but never denials! After spending time with the family, Swami was served traditional Cantonese dinner, and after blessing everyone, He departed to the Pillay residence for the night.