Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Singapore – February 02, 2018

It was an early morning departure to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, and the entourage of Bhagawan were on their way to Singapore. Though the next destination was Laos, limited weekly connections only from Singapore demanded that the ‘Singapore gang’ enjoy Swami’s presence for a day, before their departure to Vientiane on February 03. The flight landed at Changi a little before noon, and the entourage were lovingly received by the devotees of Singapore, who are true examples of selfless service. This team of 14 families are ever ready to engage in any Seva activity, and consider it a blessing to be able to do so! Not only the older devotees, but the next generation, their children who are all in their twenties, have remarkably imbibed these selfless values from their parents, and are religiously following in their footsteps, much to the joy of Bhagawan!

Swami reached the residence of Dr Ravi Pillay, the ‘gang leader’ as the Lord calls him affectionately. Lunch was served, and after some rest, He proceeded with His entourage to the residence of Brother Sutharshanom and his wife Mrs Selina. Brother Sutha, as he is fondly called is the blessed person who was able to offer his land for the Ashram in Batticaloa in Sri Lanka. Due to heavy traffic Swami reached a little late, and as soon as He sat down said, “There was heavy traffic. So I started counting the buildings, there were so many then I lost count. Then I started counting the cars, which were so many, and I again lost count. Then, I started My devotees, and started counting devotees and was happy that all were there!” This got everyone laughing, but what seemed to be a fun statement had deep inner meaning, and it was up to each person to think what exactly Swami meant. Nothing comes out of His divine lips which does not have a meaning, then and now!

Swami lovingly spent much time talking to everyone, and said, “Live the day. Live in the present. Wake up to joy, peace and happiness and at the end of day, offer everything back to God. If God wants you to wake up the next morning, you will! You are all always thinking about the past, or future. But the current moment escapes the notice. It is possible for everyone to do like Swami, who lives for ‘that’ day. God can do anything, He has a thousand hands. If Swami wants you to continue the plan, He will allow you to, otherwise He can get anyone!”

Dinner was served to Swami and His entourage. After Mangala Arati, Swami departed back to the Pillay residence.