Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Singapore – February 06, 2018

As the entourage reached Singapore after mid night, the next morning was quiet and relaxed. Of course the ‘Singapore gang’ and the youth were busy preparing for the Public Satsang in the evening at Sai Anandam.

Over 400 people had gathered, and Swami entered amidst Bhajans. The Satsang was streamed LIVE across the world. Mr Isaac Tigrett, the first speaker as always announced that Swami had commanded him to speak of the Lord Himself, about Sai Baba. He quipped to say that Swami might have to keep the time and perhaps might throw a flower at him to indicate the time was up, the Lord had given him only ten minutes to speak. Mr Tigrett said, “God created man in His own image. This is not the physical image, it is the spiritual image. That same essence that is sitting in this chair right now! It is the immortal image of yourselves because you are all immortal although not many people especially these days can understand that possibility. And who is Sai Baba? Sai Baba is the cosmic master. Only through faith can you accept that a cosmic master is sitting in that chair and even more so, that He actually sits within each heart. And that faith goes on and grows, and as the faith grows, it eventually becomes something known as blind faith where you accept these things 24/7, you know them to be true because you were told. I know that I am a divine being, I know that I am immortal. You know why? Because He told me and I have faith in Him. That is all I need. To know the truth all I need to have faith in the Master. And if that faith grows to this blind stage, then something really extraordinary occurs which is called surrender. Then you surrender your five senses, you surrender everything – time, everything is surrendered to your higher nature and you become the cosmic Master. You surrender to who you are, you become it. And that is what Sai Baba is!” It was a little above ten minutes, and Brother Madhusudan pulled out a flower from the vase next to Swami on His command, which got everyone laughing, and gave it to Mr Tigrett as he finished the speech. It is very endearing to see the relationship between God and this devotee!
Sri C Sreenivas spoke next about the journey of the Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani which is truly a manifestation of the Divine will. He said that patient care, clinical care, education, training and research opportunities will mean so much to young doctors or doctors to be when they come to this Institution, as they would get to learn and imbibe the values that come out of this Institution.

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy spoke about Swami’s compassion which touches everybody, manifested as free healthcare with compassion. He reminisced Swami’s 65th Birthday when He announced about the Super Specialty Hospital in Puttaparthi. Sathya Sai University for Human Excellence is coming up. Swami’s another gift to humanity is free education with wisdom. In just a short span of five years, a Sri Sathya Sai University of Human Excellence will be established and inaugurated by Swami in June 2018. The University will create dedicated men and women who would sacrifice themselves at the altar of Swami’s educational institutions. As teachers, as principals, as wardens, as administrators, as educationists, they will take Swami’s message all over the world!

Bhagawan in His divine message reminded everyone that if a person does not have purity of heart, how can the principle of God or Divinity be taught, as this principle of Atman is only for those who have purity of heart. Despite being Divine, few understand this great nature of divinity that they truly are. The divinity that exists within and without is perceptible to those who are not afflicted with the disease of worldliness, that does not allow them to experience this divinity that exists around. A tongue stricken with fever cannot taste the food correctly for everything tastes bitter to it. Likewise, a person afflicted with worldliness cannot experience divinity, though divinity exists at all times. So what is this whole spirituality about? It is truly an inward path where the effort is to gradually and slowly, get rid of this worldliness which obstructs our experience of our own divinity and allow ourselves to be what we truly are!”

Swami answered a few questions, including an interesting one about Prema Sai, where the devotee asked in which year and month will all be able to see the physical form of Prema Sai.

Swami in His inimitable style answered this, “Sun rises in different countries at different times, likewise different people will come to Prema Sai at different times, based on their own evolution. As the Earth turns, the Sun rises and then we have the light and the warmth of Sun for us. Likewise, when people turn towards God that is when God will become available to them more easily, more regularly.

So when one will see Prema Sai, I have to ask this question to you, when will you be ready to see Him? I mentioned before that earlier it was like Primary school, now it has become High school and it has to go to the University. Only those who have passed Primary school can be admitted to High School and only those who passed High school can join the University. Likewise, who will see Him when, where, how will totally depend on where the person has reached in his spiritual growth! Even otherwise if you render to see Him it would be of no use because you would not understand anything, since you have not done your homework, you have not studied, not done the High school well, so even if you get admitted to the University you will not understand anything. So to each person He will come in His own way in different points of time. But just to put your curiosity to rest and the curiosity of all the others which you arose by this question, it is to say, Swami has a plan and He works according to a plan, which is the Master plan! As for this Master plan after Swami has spent 96 years in this Jiva Prajna as Sai Baba, the next plan will unfold. And as the next plan unfolds it will take a little while for people to understand who and what it is. As Shirdi Baba stayed away from people during His indicial years, and revealed Himself as Avatar to the society and public on a later day. The same was with Sathya Sai Baba, who was away from the public and not available to everyone a certain number of years and then he made Himself known, seen and available for everyone else, in the same way after Jiva Prajna of Sathya Sai there will be a gap in which Prema Sai will wait and not make Himself available for everyone. But as I said, again it is not the question when He becomes available to you, but when you will become available to Him and that will make the difference. Else even though we see, we will not see. The scriptures say, ‘He sees but does not see. Such a person is a foolish person.’ Likewise even though we are there, we will not benefit from it so you have to wait for the right time.

All I can say is that the good part is that you still have time in which you can prepare yourself and be available to Him and enjoy the Divinity and proximity in the presence of God in that form.

So, it’s not too far, and at the same time my Master plan doesn’t allow Me to reveal dates and time like that. It is almost like asking the examiner what are the questions coming in the exam. All I can say is that the questions are coming, you prepare well for it, you pass the exam and get admitted! That’s most important!”

Mangala Arati was offered, and Swami blessed many families with interviews, before His dinner.