Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Singapore – February 07, 2018

Yet another wonderful day with God was to unfold. After breakfast Swami and His entourage proceeded to the residence of a young couple, Chubby Jayaram and his wife Kamini, daughter of Dr Ravi Pillay. Swami had graciously performed their wedding in Muddenahalli few months ago. He blessed their residence upon reaching which He had lovingly named as ‘Sai Hrudayam’. Swami elaborated on the significance of the name as, “It’s not a home, but the heart of Sai in which you would live. God lives in every heart by default, but only a true devotee lives in God’s heart.”

After an overwhelmed Chubby welcomed all with a throat choked with emotions and said, “Kamini and I will never be able to fully understand Swami’s love for us”, Swami replied, “You cannot fathom Swami’s love. You will dissolve in the love, and become that love. It is easy for people to keep God in their hearts, of course God is in every heart. But the question you should ask yourself is, whether you are in God’s heart or not. A true devotee is one who finds himself or herself in God’s heart.” Swami then beckoned Dr Ravi Pillay to say a few words, and he said everyone should implicitly follow Swami’s command, whatever may be the situation. Sri C Sreenivas gave his blessings to the young couple, and said that it is important for all to sync dynamism with equilibrium, and it is indeed a blessing of an attitude that everything is God! Sri B N Narasimha Murthy quoted the last verse of Bhagawad Gita which says that “with all your heart and soul surrender to God”. He urged everyone to be grateful and said that this gratitude lifts life to a higher level.

Swami said there are four kinds of devotees who come to God or worship Him. They are the Arthis (they approach God with some kind of a problem and seek relief), Artharthis (they approach God for wealth and fame), Jignasu (Out of curiosity to know the greater truth of existence they come to God), and Jnani (they come to God for God’s sake, to enjoy His grace and proximity). Out of these four, the dearest are the Jnanis who are there for God’s sake. In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna explains this well in Chapter 12 – Bhakti Yoga. Swami said, “Take a deep spiritual study of Bhakti Yoga, as it sets the goal and standard of devotion. It talks about the devotee who is dear to God, and explains the quality of such a devotee. Anapeksha Suchirdaksha Udhasino Gathavyata – one should desire only for God, and desiring God for God’s sake is important. ‘Anapeksha’ – bereft of all other desires one should desire only for God, be pure, be capable and be detached from whatever happens. If you desire, love and wish for God, everything will fall in place. The only goal and purpose of life is to be God! Life is to pursue God.” Lunch Prasadam was served to all, and soon after Swami departed back to the Pillay residence for the afternoon.

It was in fact a very short afternoon break, as all were busy preparing for an exciting trip with Bhagawan on a boat – ‘Sai-ling in the seas with the Lord of the Universe!’ Everyone gathered at Sentosa Island by 4:30, and the Lord arrived in a buggy to the boat. There was excitement all around, and the next four hours was complete bliss for the 14 blessed families and Swami’s entourage. Everyone were truly amazed at how Swami was comfortably speaking to this intimate group, various matters from spirituality to politics! Dinner was served to Swami in His bedroom at the lower deck of the boat, and thereafter the devotees asked a few questions to the Lord, before the boat docked back at Sentosa Island at 9 p.m. after a memorable trip which will be etched in the memory of every single person, who was overwhelmed with gratitude for this once in a lifetime opportunity with God!