Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Singapore – February 08, 2018

Last day of the trip, and Swami’s entourage packed to depart in the evening back to Bangalore. But there was one last Satsang in the morning at the residence of Smt Rekha and Sri Kishore Parikh. Their son Saumil, daughter-in-law Mona and their two little girls also live in the same house, which they call Swami’s house, and they are mere care takers. Close to 75 people had gathered, and Swami reached their residence around 10:45 a.m amidst Purna Kumbham and Bhajans. After a couple of Bhajans, Swami beckoned Sri Kishore Parikh to welcome everyone that morning. He fell short of words, was choked with emotions and barely said a few words before handing the mike over to Swami, who spoke about the sacrifices of this family.

Swami then called upon Mr Isaac Tigrett to speak about the ‘gift of love’. From the first hospital in Puttaparthi, to the schools and multitudes of projects around the world which are being established in an unprecedented way, he humble submitted that all these are His ‘Gifts of Love’ to humanity. He also added that the greatest gift of love is to realise that all are divine beings and to see that divinity in everyone around. “Can you imagine the energy that you are really tuning into when you see divinity in other people or see it in yourself? This is the gift.  And it is available to all of you. Not just this lifetime, it has always been available in all of your lifetimes. This energy, this truth, this one truth is your opportunity to get it right. To at least walk the path, to begin to walk the path of the gift of love. That is what it is. Love!”

Sri C Sreenivas spoke about the greatest lesson life can teach, an experience which results in gratitude. He said that gratitude comes as a direct communion with Swami. Sri Sreenivas reminisced the time when Swami came to his home for the very first when he was barely eight years, and the journey with Him thereafter, where he learnt the lesson that Swami did not belong to this world. “What stood out in Swami’s life was always gratitude. He was so grateful to anybody and everybody that came into His life. It did not matter to Him how much He loved them but that tiny little bit of love they showed to Him, and He was grateful!” A big lesson for each person to imbibe.

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy in his speech spoke about the Bhagavad Gita and reminded everyone about the final and the most important lesson which is surrender to His lotus feet. “Whatever happens in our life, Swami knows it. It does not happen without His knowledge. Even another way of looking at it is that it happens because He wants that to happen. The ultimate message from the Bhagavad Gita is ‘With all your soul and heart, surrender to Him. By His grace, you will attain stable eternal peace and also find your real home.’” He concludes by saying that it is a great fortune to be sitting at His Lotus Feet!

Bhagawan then blessed all with His divine message. Thereafter, the Lord granted a few interviews, and lunch was served to Him and all the gathered devotees.  was offered and Swami departed back to the Pillay residence. In the evening, the entourage proceeded to the Changi Airport to board their flight back to Bangalore.