Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Singapore – March 16, 2017

Divine Visit – Singapore – March 16, 2017

It was early morning, and one could hear the final Jaikars after the Nagar Sankeertan, when Bhagawan’s entourage which comprised of Sri B N Narasimha Murthy, Sri C Sreenivas, Brother Madhusudan, Sister Bhuvana and young Pavan Kumar from the Sri Sathya Sai Centre for Human Excellence, boarded the cars with their luggage, all set to fly to Singapore. Truly, Singapore has become second home and like Swami says, ‘expansion love’ is what one experiences amidst the loving devotees of Singapore.

Dr Ravi Pillay along with other devotees lovingly welcomed everyone at the Changi Airport. After some quick refreshments, everyone proceeded to the residence of Dr Kesavan and Dr Roshni, which glistened in the evening, and was decked in its finery to welcome the Lord of the Universe. A sudden burst of rain was indeed a welcome sign, and it almost seemed that the roads were also being cleaned in anticipation of ‘The Arrival’.

The moment arrived when Bhagawan walked into their residence, and into the hearts of everyone gathered. Bhajans were in progress, and this intimate gathering of a handful of Bhagawan’s chosen devotees were enveloped in ecstatic bliss. Due to the sudden showers, Swami had to enter the Kesavan residence through the basement. And every situation or moment with the Lord is a learning experience, as He was quick to say, “When Krishna would go from house to house, He would enter from the backdoor like a thief to steal butter. Not that He didn’t have enough butter at his own home, for He was the son of Nanda. But Krishna enjoyed the butter of the Gopikas, whose selfless love was more powerful. Butter is obtained by churning the milk. Similarly the churning is going on between the good and bad in the heart, and the divinity that comes out is the butter, which is dear to Krishna. Krishna wanted that pure love, which was only with the Gopikas. He felt that His own mother’s love had a bit of attachment. Butter is significant of the love of the Gopikas.”

Swami then commanded Sri C Sreenivas to address the gathering. He was overwhelmed with the love of the devotees and above all, the overpowering love of Bhagawan. He thanked Him for giving the enrichment, meaning and direction that He has given to everyone’s life. He reminisced the last five years of the continuing mission and said, “The seeds of our lives are growing and blossoming. ‘A tree beyond your imagination will grow’, is what You told through this boy (referring to Brother Madhusudan) few years ago, Swami. You have touched the lives of so many, because of which those seated here have poured water to those seeds, and nourished them. This is bearing fruits and giving shelter in ways that we cannot imagine to all those in need.

Swami had once written a letter to me in which He said, ‘The Self looses itself, only to find itself in another Self’. The One can become many, and the many are one. Swami spoke about glimpses of the horizon we never knew. Let Your love be the only strength in our lives Swami”, saying thus, Sri Sreenivas concluded.

Thereafter, Sri B N Narasimha Murthy reminisced the past week when Swami visited Ooty. He quoted a verse from the Bhagavad Gita, “Macchittaa Madgatapraanaa Bodhayantaha Parasparam | Kathayantashcha Maam Nityam Tushyanti Cha Ramanti Cha.

Macchittaa : their mind absorbed in me
Madgatapraanaa : their life force absorbed in me
Bodhayantaha : educating
Parasparam : each other
Kathayantaha : conversing
Cha : and
Maam : my
Nityam : daily
Tushyanti : contentment
Ramanti : delight

Lord Krishna had described the state of the unwavering devotee. He says that their minds are always absorbed in contemplating on God and their entire lives are submitted in extolling the virtues of God. This gives them an eternal source of joy and contentment.

We become children in the presence of God. Swami has often said, ‘My devotee is one, whose mind is always focused on Me, and the mind is completely merged in Me. Their five life principles revolve around Me. All the time they keep telling the Lord’s stories and derive great joy!’ We have to truly strive to follow what Swami has said.”

Sri Narasimha Murthy spoke about April 2011 when Sai devotees around the world thought it was all over and everything was lost. He submitted to Swami by saying, “But Swami, You have Your own mysterious ways by which You fulfill Your mission. What’s happening now is beyond our imagination! You always keep telling us, ‘I am on the hundredth page, while you are on the first page still’. Swami please bless us with surrender, faith and selflessness.”

Swami then blessed the gathering with His nectarine message and said, “For a person with a broad heart, the whole world is his family. What is a family? A group of individuals. What kind of individuals? Who thinks more about others, than themselves. When such individuals get together, then there is a society. Combination of societies is a nation. When nations think about the welfare of other nations, then it is a world!

A house is made up of merely bricks and stones. With people, it becomes a home. When all the people in the home live for God, then it’s a temple or heaven. Such people alone can make a good family! What is a HOME?

H – He, or God first
O – Others
ME – last

As an individual, you have to give up likes and dislikes for the sake of others, only then you will be happy and peaceful. You will derive joy, peace and fulfilment, when you all live together for the society.

All are in pieces today, because of selfishness that has made its way into the hearts of men and women. Strongest is the one who is able to think of others, and sacrifice personal likes and dislikes for others. That is true strength!

My real mission is that, you become more kind, more selfless; thinking less about yourself and more about others. All of you have the same purpose in life. Paths and means may be different, but the destination is to become free of selfishness, and become selfless like God. Easiest way is to develop love for God, with the name of God in your heart and work of God in your hands. These two are like the two wings which will help you fly, and help you achieve the purpose of your life.

No one enters your life without a purpose. Therefore, if you feel sad or happy, don’t look around, look within. The root cause of all misery and sorrow is selfishness. The ultimate purpose of life is to move from selfishness to selflessness. Develop faith that ‘I am just a custodian, and everything is in God’s hands, and in His control.’ After all the efforts of so many births, you are here. So be cautious of this opportunity!”

Swami then proceeded to have His dinner, while all the gathered devotees partook their dinner as well. After spending precious moments with Dr Kesavan and his family, Arati was offered, and Bhagawan returned to the Pillay residence for the night.