Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Singapore – March 17, 2017

Divine Visit – Singapore – March 17, 2017


After a hearty breakfast, Bhagawan blessed a few devotees with interviews. Thereafter, He proceeded for lunch to the residence  of Brother Yugumaran and his devout wife Mrs Elena. After blessing the family profusely, Swami returned to the Pillay residence for the afternoon. 


Over 400 devotees had gathered to eagerly experience Bhagawan in all His glory. The Lord entered in the midst of Bhajans a little past 5 p.m. The first speaker for the evening was Sri C Sreenivas. He said, “Most of our lives, we begin by serving a need. Need, predominantly drives life. So much of life gets to be lived around these needs. How are we singularly fortunate? With the serving of a need of life, Swami first inducted into us the search for a meaning for life. He brought in this crucial factor of bringing in meaning to life. The story of all our lives is to find that meaning in life. But more than serving a need or even bringing a meaning to life, we are singularly fortunate that we have Swami who has helped in bringing ever lasting value to life!”

Sri Sreenivas spoke about the Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital. “It is not a hospital. The first thought that I must share with you is, for Swami, Sathya Sai Sanjeevani was life. Because first, it served the need. Then it brought meaning to so many who served that need. And finally this is something each and every one of you, young and old should be proud that in His name, we are associated with an institution which institutionalises love all, serve all, and thereby bringing ever lasting value to life.” 

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy who spoke next started by narrating how Swami names the  educational campuses. Recently some devotees had visited the new site at Hampi in Bellary district, and when Sri Narasimha Murthy prayed to Swami for a name, He lovingly named the new Campus as ‘Sri Sathya Sai Vishwa Niketanam’. Just before that, when another land was being looked at as per Swami’s command in Tumkur district, he prayed yet again to Swami thus, “Swami, when I go there to look for land, first thing is I am going to do is, address the devotees of that region. If You give a name, it will naturally give them motivation.” Swami said, “Sri Sathya Sai Karunaya Niketanam”. 

He then spoke about how this list has been growing, and said, “This is what really gives meaning to our lives in the words of Sreenivas. When our life is just need driven, it is just an animal life. When we find meaning to our lives, we become real humans and when we contribute something everlasting to life, we become Divine. 

It is said in the Bhagavad Gita, this world is an abode of sorrow, ‘Dukhalayam’. Fortunately it is ‘Ashashwatam’, temporary. Suppose it was ‘Dukhalayam Shashwatam’, abode of sorrow forever, eternal, what a miserable proposition! Luckily, it is temporary. All of us face misery some time or the other in our lives. The only way to conquer misery once for all in our lives is to find out, discover and realise that we are one with God. We are God. I am not this mind body complex. I am Divine. Curing a disease, giving education to a child is a very small way of contributing to our happiness, not to somebody else’s happiness. And Swami Himself is telling us, ‘Establishing educational institutions is just incidental to My mission. My mission is to redeem you, not that I need you to redeem others.’

Sri Narasimha Murthy concluded with a story of Saint Francis of Assisi, when he called God, a bottomless abyss. When one of his friends had asked him the way to God, Saint Francis had replied, “There is no way to God. God is an abyss, if you have the courage, jump!” It requires courage to tread the path of God. Sri Narasimha Murthy emphasised by saying that everyone present at that moment were in pursuit of that courage, so that Swami would bless them with that strength of will, will power, and that courage to follow Him. “By following Him, we become Himself. That’s what He wants”, he said. 

Swami began His divine discourse by saying, ‘The cause for the decline of peace, for the decline of truth, for the increase in the fear of weapons, is nothing but selfishness! This is the truth that Sai tells you!’

This world that we all live in is tied to our fate. It becomes what we make of it. For, it is nothing but reflection, reaction and resound. What we think, what we say, what we do gets reflected in the world around us. For a person with noble thoughts, words and actions, noble things get formed around him. For the person with wicked thoughts and feelings, he attracts wickedness to himself. What we experience in the world is what we truly are. If we are good, we will perceive the whole world as full of good people. And if there is selfishness in us, there is negativity in us, the whole world will appear to be in the same way. 

 Changing this world requires one to change one’s own self in the very first place. The main reason for all the sorrow that the world experiences today is the selfishness that has taken deep roots in the hearts of men and women. But if you expect others to be selfless so that there will be happiness around, it is not the right kind of expectation. First, you must become what you want others to become. If you develop Divine noble feelings, selfless feelings, you will see the change happening around you. It begins with you!”

Swami then explained who is a devotee? He said, “A devotee is not simply one who wears clothes which are prescribed for the devotees, not somebody who puts a lot of Vibhuti, not even somebody who chants and sings the name of God. A devotee is the one who with great faith and courage, sees God in everyone and thereby serves God in everyone. My devotees must be those who see Me in others: in an ailing child, in a poor suffering baby, in the poverty-stricken parents, in the grief-stricken society. If they can see Me in each one of them, then they are truly My devotees and not merely seeing, but then this love for Me should translate, should transform into service, transform into action to help those in need. Neither by penance nor by undertaking pilrimage nor by reading scriptures not even by chanting the name but by serving the people alone one can cross over this ocean of Samsara!

Today, if you have to meet Me, you have to feel Me, you have to experience Me, it is not enough if you just chant My name. If you listen to what I say, and if you discuss about what My teachings are, these are only half. The other half is putting all that into practice and serving Swami by serving those who are in need all around you. When these two come together like the positive and negative current, the electricity will flow. And that is when the Jnana or the light bulb will glow, the wisdom will dawn. Without one, the other is useless like two sides of the coin. Therefore, My message to all the devotees who want to experience Me and feel Me, is the same. It is not enough if you just love Me in your hearts and you chant My name. Unless you translate all this into serving Me in people around by becoming selfless, you are not going to achieve the goal!”

Swami then encouraged the gathered devotees to ask questions. After a wonderful Questions and Answers session, Mangala Arati was offered to Swami. Thereafter, Swami blessed a few families with interviews, while all the gathered devotees partook dinner Prasadam. After dinner, Swami retired for the night, while the entourage packed to leave to Tokyo the next morning.