Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Singapore – September 18, 2016

The last day of what had been a very eventful visit by Swami to the Fiji Islands and Singapore, came to a close with a Satsang at the house of Sri Umashankar in Singapore.

Brother Umashankar’s house exuded a festive look, all set to welcome the Lord. Around 40 devotees had assembled that morning to bask in the Love of the Lord. Swami arrived to a warm welcome by the host family and an offering of two classical songs were beautifully rendered for the Lord by two youth (children of the Singapore devotees). Among the gathered devotees were three reputed musicians – Ustad Rashid Mustafa Tirakwka (Tabla maestro); his son Ustad Shariq Mustafa Tirakwka (Tabla artist) and Sri Sangeet Mishra (Sarangi Maestro). They offered soulful instrumental music which transported all to a timeless dimension. The sound of the sarangi complemented by the tabla in perfect unison made perfect harmony.

After the performance, Swami started speaking about the musicians and amazed them by revealing incidents from their lives. Swami also spoke about the early days of struggle of Ustad Shariq Mustafa Tirakwka. He asked the sarangi artist Sri Sangeet Mishra to play the song that he had first started with, which was dedicated to the Mother Goddess. After the song, Swami told the gathering that Sri Sangeet Mishra used to play this song on the banks of the Ganges with tears in his eyes. He was very moved and one could sense his sudden gush of an  overwhelming feeling for the Lord.

To the young budding musicians in the gathering, Bhagawan said – “Music does not come to everyone. It is a result of three factors – merits of past births, present sadhana and dedication, and lastly the legacy one is leaving for future generations.”

Swami then called upon Sri Narasimha Murthy to speak. In his talk, he underlined the importance of music in one’s life. Quoting great thinkers, he said “Life without Music is a mistake. And Music is for men and women of penance (dedication) and not for the pleasure seekers.” Commending the host that morning, he said “Sri Umashankar is an example of inner peace and external success.” Speaking on inner peace, he gave anecdotes about the importance of achieving inner peace, which would then bestow external success. He spoke about the treasure that a father shared with his sons while passing on his legacy, and the essence of what he had learnt in his life.

Sri Narasimha Murthy shared life’s three greatest lessons –

– Experience the presence of God everywhere in every moment of life wherever we are, and understand that His Will is the ultimate.

– Whomever we meet in your life, human or animal, is by design and has a previous connection. So be kind to them.

– Live in the present. Do not brood about the past and worry about the future.

Bhagawan’s divine message followed next, which was based on the importance of human birth and its purpose. Swami said everyone born comes with a expiry date. What matters is what one does between birth and death. “Human birth is the consummation of perfection in God’s creation. Only when one attains one’s divinity, does the human birth find fulfillment. By serving others one is serving God. By loving others can one love God. Before loving others, one should love oneself. Just as a sculptor chips away that which is not the idol, one should remove what is not Divine from within. Mind is the basis of all life; a pure mind without attachment and ego turns Godwards. Human birth is the rarest of the rare opportunities.”

Bhagawan blessed all to be single minded and reorient oneself towards God, and keep God as the center of life, and urged the Singapore devotees to join in selfless service, “One person cannot do it alone.”

Two birthdays were celebrated in the divine presence – Sri Umashamkar and Sri Ravindran. As the candles were being blown Bhagawan had a poignant message, “more than the cake it is the candle that gives you a message to all. It burns and melts away, only to give light to others.” The Satsang ended with Arati and lunch prasadam.

Thus ended, yet again another glorious trip with the Lord, and His entourage boarded the flight back to India in the evening.

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