Divine Visit – Singapore – 23 March, 2016 (Evening)

 ‘Sai Anandam’, Bhagawan’s Ashram in Singapore was abuzz with last minute preparations, as streams of people entered the gates of what can be verily termed ‘heaven’, to experience the love of their divine Master. Of course, with the presence of God, any place gets transformed to ‘heaven’, and ‘Sai Anandam’ was certainly a part of it.

The afternoon session began with a talk by Sri BN Narasimha Murthy. He said, “You have to take it with equanimity if a result is good, by saying, ‘Lord it is Your gift, it is Your will; I am very happy with whatever You have given me. If the result is otherwise, that is also Your will and I have learned something from this.’ You meet success and failure with equanimity, many times we parents want to keep our children happy, but I tell you we betray them by not teaching them how to take failure in life. Therefore the very important thing in life is to teach  how to accept a failure in life, and that become easy only when you have faith in God. When you love God, everything happens according to the will of God.  The first thing is whatever we do offer it to God. ‘Swami I am just as You have made me; my mind is weak, let me offer it to you’. Once you start offering, you will easily come out of the rut. You will know I am offering it to God I should offer the best things in life. That is all that we have; every moment, every turn of our lives, remember this certainty in this uncertain world, is His Feet alone are our anchor.

Sri C Sreenivas, the next speaker, echoed the same thoughts and submitted to everyone, “May the anchor, Swami’s Lotus Feet, to which you will cling on with all the strength that you have, bring enormous meaning, enormous strength, enormous light, enormous direction and eventually make you go to the destiny that you eventually have to.”

Bhagawan blessed everyone with His Divine Discourse. He started by saying, “There is one law in this world that cannot be altered or tinkered; it is the law of karma.  We see this happening all around us. There is no place where this law of karma does not exist. If you sow a lemon seed, you are bound to get a lemon tree. If you sow a mango seed, you are bound to get a mango fruit. No one gets a mango fruit by sowing a lemon seed nor a lemon by sowing a mango. Whatever we do, comes back to us as the fruits of our action. The good we do, comes back as good results; the wrong we do comes back to us, as not so good result. One may try hundred means to escape this law. But to tell you the truth, it is impossible to escape this law of karma.

The law of karma also is a very unique one because the results of the action, the timing of the results may vary according to the action. Sometimes we immediately experience for what we do. Sometimes, the results of what we do are experienced with a delay. Sometimes, a much longer delay.

Let us say, you hit the table, the table hits you. It is an instant reaction. You eat your food when you are hungry, and your hunger is satiated; it takes a while. You sow a seed today, it takes much longer for the tree to come up and bear the fruits as desired by you. Therefore, in its own time, the law governs as to when the reaction to that action will be delivered to you.

And there is no confusion. Though there are billions of beings and each performing millions of actions, which bear millions of results, yet like a great postal system, every envelope addressed to you gets delivered to your address only, and not to the next one. Every single action’s reaction will be precisely delivered to you in its own time and no one can escape that.

Devotion alone can help us get rid of our past karmas; and two, not to engage in more accumulation of karmas. Whatever we do if we offer it to God with complete sincerity and surrender, it will get negated. Whether good or bad, whatever you throw into the fire, will get destroyed and become ash; likewise, with sincere fire of this paschaataapa or repentance, with great devotion for the Lord, if you offer whatever it is, it will be over with that.”

Thereafter, Bhagawan answered a lot of questions from the devotees. One of the questions was – “Living gods like our parents and our gurus, who led us to You and made us understand Your glory when You were in the physical form are not convinced with Your subtle form in Muddenahalli. And our efforts to make them understand is not bearing any fruit. Among those who came to Muddenahalli and had received Your darshan and sambhaashan, still not convinced about Your subtle form. Nobody can come to You unless You wish. We feel that it is our duty to convince the people who were guiding and helping us in the spiritual path when You were in Your physical form to accept the subtle form that Parthi Sai, Muddenahalli Sai are one. When we tried to persuade them, they feel uncomfortable. What should we do?”

Swami answered, “I can understand your difficulty, I can understand your pain but convincing anyone is not your work! If you are convinced, that is more than enough. Don’t worry about the others. In course of time, when their time arrives, when their time comes, they will all understand.” Swami continued, “It is nothing to do by you telling or by you explaining nobody will understand. It is their experience, their journey that they must undertake. Don’t while away your time and make yourself sorrowful in these pursuits; rather you pursue Me within. So from Parthi when I left the body, you felt abandoned, you felt orphaned and now you found great solace and strength in this form of Swami’s. Soon this form will also go; then where are you going to go? You will be back to the same state of misery. Therefore, neither you pursue this place or that place; you pursue Me within and that is where I am there eternally, permanently. Once you find Me there, you don’t have to fine Me anywhere else. For I am there with you all the time at every moment in your life.”

After mangala arathi and prasadam, Bhagawan granted a few interviews, before retiring for the night.