Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – South Bangalore – March 24, 2019

On the morning of March 24, 2019, Bhagawan blessed the devotees of South Bangalore with His presence. He departed at 8.15 a.m from Muddenahalli and first visited to the residence of Brother Jayaprakash and his wife Mrs Hamsa, where He had breakfast and then proceeded for the public Satsang held in RV Teachers’ College Auditorium, Jayanagar, Bangalore, which was a culmination of over flowing gratitude, love and joy. The auditorium was packed to the brim with devotees, almost 1000 yearning hearts, wishing to partake the divine energy that would fill the ambience.

Swami was welcomed with Poorna Kumbham, and the programme began with the soulful rendition of Bhajans. Bhagawan’s grand entry to the venue amidst the beautiful decorations was a festive sight to behold. Vedic chants by the young boys being served as part of the breakfast Seva set the tone for the event. A formal Lighting of the Lamp paved the way for the rest of the ceremony. The significance of South Bangalore and its devoted volunteers was aptly brought out in the introductory talk by Dr Girish Suryanarayana, reminding the audience that it was here that the Annapoorna Breakfast Seva programme was born through Seva activities in Doddabele and Vinayakanagar villages. This was followed by a musical offering by a group of devotees including alumni, which spiritually moved the entire audience through the meaningful songs rendered.

Sister Bhuvana Santhanam then gave a vivid narration of all the wonderful work being undertaken as part of Bhagawan’s mission in Education, Health and Nutrition. One can only surrender with awe at the magnitude of Seva being done by Bhagawan’s will through His many instruments. Bhagawan had said that Sankarshana, Sandarshana and Sankramana are the three phases in His mission. Sankramana being the current phase is when all the glorious work is happening and each of the speeches and words of gratitude were testament to this very glory.

Two young girls, Meghana and Maheshwari from Doddabele, performed a short skit through which they spoke of the extensive work done in the villages across Karnataka through breakfast Seva in the form of health camps, installation of RO Water Purifiers, medical clinics with counselling and distribution of free medicines and summer camps for children during vacation. Science museum visits and a field visit to the American software company, Micro Focus have broadened the children’s horizons. Birthday and festival celebrations have made the children feel included in the loving and ever-growing Sai family. Several children from these villages are studying in Sai campuses and have become role models for the younger children as well.

Aishwarya and Nisarga from Vinayakanagar spoke of their transformative journeys through breakfast Seva and pledged their lives to the service of the Lord. They offered a handmade ‘Thank You Torana’ as a symbol of their gratitude. The children prayed to Bhagawan to guide them to be doctors and other professionals who can contribute to His journey and give back in whatever form for all the love and grace received by them.

It was a humbling experience to watch these young children, who were under-nourished not so long ago, standing tall in front of everyone gathered, as they spoke of Swami’s love and the work of Sai volunteers as His instruments.

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy address was a heartwarming exposition of his experiences with Bhagawan. While speaking of his personal experience in 2011, when Bhagawan left His physical form, he quoted Bhagawan’s words: “I am always with you, but you are not with Me. Learn to be with Me always.” What more could devotees ask for than the word of God promising His eternal presence in their journeys. He spoke of Bhagawan’s continuing mission and spoke of Bhagawan’s vision of Educational Campuses in every district of Karnataka. When asked as to why Karnataka alone was chosen, he quoted Bhagawan’s plans to set the stage for the advent of the next Sai Avatar – Prema Sai.

Bhagawan’s much-awaited discourse highlighted the importance of Seva and especially programmes like Annapoorna and the Divine Mother and Child Programme. Bhagawan said that these activities should reach the entire world. He said that God has reached thousands of people in the form of food in all the villages that were served through this Seva. This is the way to change the world. He encouraged volunteers to march on and do the impossible with the infinite God by their side. He ended by blessing everyone, Mangala Arati was performed, and lunch Prasadam was served to all the devotees.

Thereafter, Bhagawan proceeded to the residence of Sri Prabhakar, where lunch was served to Him and returned to Muddenahalli at 4 p.m. It was a beautiful Sunday spent in the presence of the Lord, one to be cherished for eternity!