Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Sri Sathya Sai University for Human Excellence, Gulbarga – June 01 to 04 , 2019

June 01, 2019

Whenever Bhagawan announces His visits to His campuses, the heart of every student swells with the joy, and it was no different for the students of Gulbarga who were blessed with the opportunity of spending time with their Divine Mother at the very beginning of the new academic year. With preparations for the Divine visit having begun ten days earlier, every member of the Campus were busy with the preparations. Students learning songs and Vedic chants, the kitchen staff putting their heart and soul into planning of delicacies to be served to Bhagawan, and of course His students and guests and the Campus staff working day and night to prepare the new Pre-University College building. The only thought which permeated the entire Campus, was how they could make Bhagawan happy.

With showers of rain having descended the previous day in preparation for the Lord’s arrival, cooling the temperature considerable, the evening of 01 June saw Bhagawan’s arrival at the Campus, after having spent time at the Koppal and Hyderabad Campuses. Along with His guests Smt Darshana Patel and Sri Atul Patel, Bhagawan was welcomed with a procession of boys chanting the Vedas. He proceeded straight towards the new Sri Sathya Sai Saraswati Pre-University College building for the inaugural function and blessed the Poornahuti of the Ganapathi Homam, which was conducted by Sri Adinarayana, the Principal of the Pre-University College. After the Homam, Bhagawan asked him and the Warden, Brother Bhupal Chidambar to speak on how their journey to Sai. The Lord then spoke to all the students, staff and others gathered. He said that in order to be blessed with such Divine proximity, each and every student sitting in the hall would have accumulated much Punya or merit in their past births. He went on to say that the Pre-University College is like the bridge between the High School and University and urged the students of the Pre-University College to make the best use of every second spent in their two-year stay.

Thereafter, Mangala Arati was offered to Bhagawan and He then went around the building before proceeding to the University prayer hall. He then spoke to all those who had gathered about the evolution of the Campus, which has a school, Pre-University College and University all in one place! He reminded the students how lucky they were to be in such a place where a student who enters Grade six, can remain in the same Campus until PhD.

After the Arati was offered to Bhagawan, Prasadam was distributed to everyone before Bhagawan retired for the evening.

June 02, 2019


On the morning of 02 June, Bhagawan called the students of the Sri Sathya Sai University for Human Excellence and spoke to all of them, while everyone eagerly awaited the arrival of the dignitaries for the morning event. Swami explained the need for all students to develop both Bhakti and Yukti and illustrated the importance of these two qualities. Thereafter, along with the dignitaries which included Dr Satyapal Singh, former Minister of State for Human Resource Development and other proceeded to the state-of-the-art Conference room.

Dignitaries and guests then proceeded to the Prayer Hall where all the students and staff were waiting. Students of the University offered two songs, after which the celebrations commemorating the first anniversary of the University, commenced.

After the invocation prayer, the Pro-Chancellor of the Sri Sathya Sai University for Human Excellence, Professor A R Manjunath welcomed the gathering and the dignitaries who were present, including Dr Satyapal Singh, and a current Member of Parliament, Sri T B Jayachandra, former Minister for Government of Karnataka, Sri Basavaraj Mattimudu, MLA for Gulbarga rural, Dr Tobin Hart, Professor of Psychology at the University of West Georgia. Students of the Gulbarga Campus received yet another blessing in the form of a brass band, as Bhagawan lovingly gifted new instruments to them. Talks by Dr P D N Srinivasu, Vice-Chancellor of the University and Sri B N Narasimha Murthy, Chancellor followed next. Bhagawan then granted His Divine message, reiterating the need for all students to imbibe and amalgamate the 3-H formula, to be moved by compassion of the heart, utilising knowledge of the head in order to serve humanity and alleviate suffering. He also stated that education is of true value only when it is offered absolutely free and not when charged with lakhs of rupees.

The programme then concluded with the National Anthem and Bhagawan retired for the afternoon.


In the evening, the Lord entered the Prayer Hall, as Bhajans were in progress. After He had taken His seat on the dais, the students, both boys and girls offered a few songs. Bhagawan then spoke about the importance of nature and urged the students of grades six and seven to plant a tree each and look after it. He spoke about the selflessness of nature, giving the example of trees, which only take water but provide many things in return. After the discourse, He accepted Mangala Arati and retired for the evening.

June 03, 2019


On the morning of 03 June, Bhagawan spent precious time with the Pre-University and University students, clearly explaining to them the purpose of the University, which is to create teachers, scientists, professors and many others, who will serve humanity for its upliftment. He said that students who join the University will come out as divine beings who will dedicate their lives for the sake of humanity. He also explained the next step in his mission towards the Golden Age, where His students will be sent to every corner of India in order to elevate and transform the country from its roots in the villages. He added that by giving Vidya or education, Vaidya or healthcare, Vaari or water and Vidyut or electricity to the 6.5 lakh villages, making them self-sustainable and eradicating poverty, not only physical and financial but also intellectual and spiritual, this land of Bharat would become a beacon of light for the world. Therefore, the purpose of His University is to produce such soldiers of Sai.


In the evening, there was a public Satsang. Seeing the new intake of children in Grade six, who were joyfully immersed in singing Bhajans, Bhagawan was very happy! He commanded Sri B N Narasimha Murthy to speak. The Chancellor’s speech was about the beautiful bond of love between these tiny tots and their beloved Lord.

Bhagawan then addressed all the students and told the children of the Grade six to retain this same love for God all their lives. Permitting them to come to Muddenahalli for the Guru Poornima celebrations in July, Bhagawan assured to all the staff and students that He would come back once again at the end of July and stay in Gulbarga until October, greatly elating the hearts of all the students. Bhagawan then blessed the kitchen staff before retiring for the day.

04 June, 2019

On the morning of 04 June, Bhagawan was scheduled to leave for Bijapur and before departing, granted group photographs to the students and staff, along with His guests. Thereafter, as He proceeded towards the helipad, all the students lined on both sides of the road in a bid to catch one last glimpse of the Lord before He departed in the helicopter. Even though a sadness of separation lingered in the hearts of all the students, the bond of love soothed their hearts with the knowledge that Bhagawan would be returning very soon!