Divine Visit – Sri Sathya Sai Vaniniketanam, Gadag – October 02, 2017

A short twenty minutes in the air, and Swami along with His guests reached the Gadag Campus, set amidst the hills and adorned with windmills. The wind speed in Gadag is the highest in Asia, and at times can go up to 45 Kms an hour!

The story of rains at Gadag was no different. The previous night and until the morning rains had lashed the grounds so much that the temporary roads were all washed away. A worried Principal kept praying for grace, and Swami had told her that “Everything will be ok when I come.” The divine word had to come true! The incessant rains stopped and made way for a clear sky. Thus the chopper could land safely, and Swami was driven to the newly constructed quarters for the Chairperson of Gadag, Dr Vinodini Mahishi. The students were all chanting the Sai Rudram as Swami alighted the car and entered the home which He lovingly named as ‘Divya Sannidhi’, truly a deserving name both in letter and spirit. Swami went around the home and even in to the kitchen to boil some milk, as the inaugural ritual. Then He took His seat in the hall where the students and staff had gathered. He spontaneously burst in to a joyful chat and acquainted the guests with His staff and students. He praised Dr Vinodini, a Gynaecologist, who had given up her profession at Swami’s command and had even given away her home at Dharwad to Swami for His mission. After ushering her in to her new quarters, Swami was finally satisfied. He also spoke very high of Ms Anupama Dhavale, who gave up the job of a lecturer at a college to become a mere school principal on the very command of Swami during the inauguration of the Gadag Campus in June 2017. “The world may think it’s a demotion, but truly it’s a promotion as you are getting nearer to God”, Swami said.

He advised the children to lead a selfless life of sharing and caring for each other which would make the very place a heaven to live in. He also praised Dr K P Sai Leela who had been with Swami for five decades right from her students days at Anantapur, a Professor thereafter, and now the Director for all the girls campuses. He revealed that, “For this work to happen today, I had prepared Dr Sai Leela for over five decades, Dr Vinodini for over four decades and Anupama for over three decades. I have been doing this for years and it was not some coincidence that you are all here today.”

After blessing teachers and students with chocolates, Swami retired for a while before the evening programme at the school hall.

In the evening around 7 p.m. Swami proceeded to the school hall where the children were chanting Rudram and singing Bhajans. Teachers, devotees and other staff were all eagerly waiting to hear Swami. As Swami ascended the make shift Dias, He commanded Ms Anupama to start the programme. After two soulful speeches, a dandiya dance, a few group songs and a wonderful monoact, Sri B N Narasimha Murthy spoke to them about the highest education one can get, and how the students had already learnt much within four months due to their devotion for Swami which is a result of their past associations in previous births with the Lord, as revealed by Him during Dussehra. The students had come for the Dussehra celebrations only for two days to Muddenahalli, but it was Swami who made them stay through out and poured His love on them by giving much attention and many sets of new clothes for their comfortable stay.

Swami then went on to reminisce as to how this Campus which seemed impossible a year ago, came up with His sheer grace. From land to permissions to construction and other requirements, all happened within months and the Campus was up and running. All that was to ensure that these children had a future where they could be basking in Swami’s love today. He said that He Himself had done all the work through many, including selecting each student and then revealed the story of one girl student which stunned the audience!

Thereafter, Swami proceeded to the next room where an exhibition of teaching aids was organised by the students, and returned to the hall for dinner with His children before retiring for the night.