Divine Visit – Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Kendra, Muddenahalli – July 23, 2017

23rd July, Sunday was yet another unforgettable day for Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Kendra, Muddenahalli Campus, as the Chancellor of the Universe, the Lord of Lords, dearest Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba visited the Campus to bless His students and staff.

Swami’s car was escorted by the Vedic procession, followed by showers of flowers by the tiny tots of Grade Six. Swami walked in to the Vidyadeep Hall, and made His way towards the dais and adorned the Simhasan, which gleamed resplendently. The Vidyadeep Hall and the hostel building which were decorated elegantly by the students till late night was amply rewarded, as Swami was present for more than three hours.

The programme began with the Vedic invocation by the junior Veda Vrinda boys who chanted the enchanting Devi Suktham mellifluously. Perfection in diction, style, and the sweet voice of the boys, brought a sweet smile to the face of beloved Bhagawan.

Sri Venkateshwarulu, Warden and Administrator of the Campus spoke very emotionally thereafter, and welcomed Bhagawan and His guests to the glittering function. He remarked that it was only a pretext for Swami to inaugurate the new Warden’s room. The actual intention was to bless His beloved children who had drawn Swami to themselves with their supreme devotion! Sri Venkateshwarlu also mentioned that though the drama ‘Prema Mahima’ was ready to be staged for Swami, when it was known that Swami would not see the drama on this occasion, the students were not perturbed, instead were very happy that Swami was visiting the hostel. This was an extraordinary attitude the boys had developed at that tender age, which made Swami happy, and He gave Himself to His loving children. The entire atmosphere vibrated with soul stirring songs and Qawali offered at the lotus feet by the students of Grade Nine and Ten, who sang from the depths of their hearts.

Two students of Grade Ten Master Dhanush and Master Sai Prasad poured out their feelings of intense love for Bhagawan with heart touching words, which touched the hearts of one and all, and brought tears to the eyes of all theguests gathered. Master Dhanush made one striking declaration, that stunned all, when he said he would offer his life for serving Swami! He also mentioned that Swami’s love cannot be described in mere words, and he quoted Saint Kabirdas who said that even if we take the entire sky as the paper, all the waters of the seven oceans as ink, and all the trees as the pen, even then it would be impossible to describe God’s glory! Similarly, Master Sai Prasad also narrated his fascinating story of joining the Institution during the current academic year. Swami’s love draws everyone to Him however far they might be. Sai Prasad too pledged to serve Swami throughout his life. The youngster also mentioned that love, sincerity, honesty, righteousness etc are the principles by which everyone should lead their lives. It was evident that Swami had inspired them to devote their lives for His mission!

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy spoke about how this kind of a programme was an inspiration to even himself, who was a fortunate witness of many such programmes in Puttaparti and Brindavan. Infact, Swami asked Sri Narasimha Murthy before his talk as to how many batches he had seen, and enquired if he had seen this kind of devotion. Sri Narasimha Murthy replied that what he witnessed was the most pure and supreme devotion. He also mentioned how Swami had prepared people like Sri Venkateshwarulu, Sri Gopinath and other elders for several ages, before using them as instruments now.

Swami spoke to the gathering thereafter, and enthralled them with His golden words. He acknowledged that there are people who sing and chant Veda for money and fame, without the feeling. Swami expressed His deep admiration and appreciation and love for the boys, who had put up such a loving programme with love for Him in their hearts.

Bhagawan was all smiles and very happy, and visited every room in the hostel beginning with the inauguration of the Warden’s room. He sanctified the room and blessed Sri Venkateshwarulu by boiling the milk Himself, and going all around the room. One had to see and believe the bond between students and their Lord, when He interacted with them in every room in the hostel. There was not one student left with whom Swami had not interacted.

When students prayed that after the hostel visit, Swami should visit the school building as well, Swami said, “Oh, if I visit the school this time itself, then I will not have a reason to visit you again! So let me come again to see what I haven’t seen this time. It’s getting late, let’s all have lunch now.” Swami declined the request so sweetly in a way that only He can do. Love knows how to say no with Love.

Swami then made His way to the dining hall, and under the guidance of Sri Gopinath, delicious dishes were served to Bhagawan, all the students and His guests, who partook the Prasadam in the Divine Presence, unmindful of any other thought except that of Swami in their hearts!

The Vidyadeep hall exuded Swami’s love. After distributing apples to all, Bhagawan bid goodbye to everyone and returned to Sai Anandam. Thus ended the three-hour blissful time which exalted all to a heavenly abode, and filled the hearts of one and all with new hope, love and enthusiasm to engage in more selfless work!