Divine Visit – Ottawa, Canada – June 11, 2016

Morning Session :

Everyone woke up to a gorgeous morning, with the feeling of gratitude and love for the Lord. The compassionate Lord that He is, imparts the highest of truths in the most simplest way, which everyone can understand, young or old.

After breakfast, everyone proceeded to the residences of Mrs and Mr Singhal’s daughters, Angela and Monica. There was a glow on the faces of Mrs and Mr Singhal, as their six grand children embraced them. After spending some time first at the residence of Angela and her husband Kevin, the entourage proceeded to the residence of Monica and Jeff. The next hour which unfolded was truly magical! Four generations sitting at the Lotus Feet of God, beginning with Mrs Manju Singhal’s dear mother, an octogenarian. An endearing sight indeed!

Swami commanded Brother Sumeet Tappoo to sing a couple of bhajans, and also an English song so that the children could understand! He sang the beautiful song, ‘Remind me my Lord, who I am’. Swami picked up from where the song ended, ‘I am love, I am love, pure love.’ Looking at Brother Sumeet, He said, “You sang ‘I am love, pure love.’ It is love that gives value to you. (Pointing to the fire place) There is fire. If it stops warming or producing heat, it will not be called fire, isn’t it? If you drink water, and if it doesn’t quench your thirst, it cannot be called water. Likewise, if a human being is not having love for one another and love for God, he cannot be called a human being!”

Swami then summoned Dr David Cornsweet to speak about love to the tiny tots. He said, “A lot of people want to see God. And that is a wonderful thing to happen. A lot of people want to feel God. To me, that is a real experience. When you are young, it is very, very easy to do this. Two reasons. One, you know how your mom and dad love you. Can you feel their love? And you are very fortunate to have a great grandmother and they all love you very, very much. You all can feel that. You know something else? Do you love them?” The children echoed with a resounding “Yes!”

Dr Cornsweet continued by saying, “That love which you feel for your mom and dad, for your grandparents, for your great grandmother; if you find that, that is a way to God’s love. Swami teaches us as well ‘God is love’. And what does He say? Live in love. You are living in love. You live with your parents, grand parents in this beautiful, peaceful house, and inside the house there is a lot of love. I was talking to your Grandpa. And he has all your pictures up there. Do you know why?” And the youngest of the lot, cuteness personified, said, “Because he loves me?” Dr Cornsweet explained to the children that when their Grandfather talks about them, his face brightens up and his heart is filled with love. He told them, that was Swami’s love. “That is how we know Swami is present in you. If you can feel that love, you know Swami is with us.”

Swami then asked a question to the little ones, “Who created this whole universe? How did this whole world come into existence? Do you know? Did they teach you in school?” And a little girl replied with confidence, “God made it in seven days!”

Swami told the little boy, “God made it in seven days! See, something is made by God, it should be like God, isn’t it? Like, you are born of your parents, you look like your parents, isn’t it? A little bit? Likewise, the world is created by God. Because God is love, therefore, the world has love in it. What is the nature of love? Love gives, always gives and forgives. That which is not love always gets and forgets. Giving is love. If somebody needs your help, somebody needs you, you give it away, that is love. You hold it back, that is not love. See, God created this whole universe. Every day the sun rises, isn’t it? Does it have a holiday? Does the sun have a holiday? It rises everyday. It may not be seen because of clouds but it is there for us. It doesn’t get tired of serving.

Every day your mother makes breakfast for you, food for you, isn’t it? Is there any day when she says, “I am not going to give you any food today?” She is not tired of cooking for you everyday. That is the nature of love. Parents cannot see their children hungry. They want their children to be happy. They work so that you are happy. Likewise, God does everything to make you all happy. What does He do? He makes the sun rise everyday so that it is bright outside, it is not dark and you can see your way, go to school. He makes the trees grow so that they make oxygen, they give you greenery, they give you fruits, they give you food. He makes the cows yield milk so that you can have your milk, you can grow big and strong. He makes the rivers flow so that you get water, you can drink it and it will quench your thirst. He makes all these things happen. For whose sake? To give us all happiness. Love’s nature is to give happiness to others.”

The interaction between Swami and the kids was the most beautiful, over whelming and blessed experience. Every single adult in the room was filled with bliss, filled with a sense of awe to see the Master of the Universe, coming down to the level of these little children, and explaining the ultimate lesson of love, which probably even adults find it hard to comprehend, and struggle with this aspect every single moment! What was even more endearing was that these children understood very easily, every single point which Swami spoke. Swami later revealed that Mr Singhal had once prayed that his children, grand children, great children, their children, and for generations to come, must all be at His divine Lotus Feet! And He was simply keeping His promise and assurance He had given him, many decades ago!

One line of which Swami often says crossed through the mind, “In the midst of children, I am a child….and when I am alone, I am God.” Those present, truly got to witness this reality!

Swami then commanded Sri B N Narsimha Murthy to say a few words to the children. He recalled a recent trip to Singapore where Swami visited the residence of an old devotee, and spoke to the parents, children and their grand children, and he gave them a 3-H formula. Sri Murthy said, “Baba said something which is very important for children, for elders and for everyone. 3-H formula- 3 words He said starting with H. First is House, second is Home and third is Heaven. So Baba told the people there what is a house, home and heaven, and how a house can become a home and how a home can become heaven.

A house is made up of a lot of materials – cement, bricks, wood, sand, etc. This is just a house, but it becomes a home when father, mother, yourself, your brother, your sister, grandpa, granny and all of them come to this place and love one another. When parents and children, brothers and sisters get together, help each other, then it becomes a home. That is how a house becomes a home. And a home become a heaven, when all the people at home live for each other and all of them live for God!”

Thereafter, Swami also commanded Sri C Sreenivas to say a few words about love. He said that “love is all that there is, love is all that matters in life, and love is all that we live for. To Narasimha Murthy, me and David included, we are so proud seeing you little stars, because we see that the sky that was not so bright yesterday is going to shine even more brightly in this home, house and heaven with the stars that you will be. The legacy which Krish (Singhal) and Manju are leaving is going to get enriched, is going to get enlivened by millions of more little children becoming the stars.”

When Sri Sreenivas concluded his talk, Swami immediately said, “They are very good children and they are very alert! They understand everything!”

Swami then concluded with the story of the prince who gave away gifts for his birthday, instead of receiving them. So on his birthday while everyone was busy picking up what they liked from the display of all the valuables in the palace, a young girl was standing aloof, surprised, the prince approached her and asked if she did not like anything? The young girl replied that nothing interests her except the prince himself ! She asked the prince for himself so that she could get the kingdom as well!

Thus Swami concluded that one must always pray for God alone; as, if you get the creator you will get the creation as well!

Then Swami asked one of the boys as what should he always pray for? Pat came the reply, “You”. The lesson was driven straight home!

Swami then called all the 6 children and said, “Yes! Pray for God alone and you will have everything! Here is God for each one of you”.

After blessing the children profusely with gifts of love, with his picture on it so that each could wear them, and remember the lesson always!

Arathi was offered and everyone proceeded to the Singhal household for lunch.

Evening Session :

A private Satsang was organised at the Singhal household, and close to 75 people had gathered to experience their beloved Lord. Brother Sumeet Tappoo enthralled everyone with soulful bhajans, before Swami beckoned Mr Isaac Tigrett, to address the gathering. He spoke about how everyone is on a journey of realising their true identity, and narrated an incident which happened many years ago when the Super Speciality Hospital at Prasanthi Nilayam was opened. Swami took Mr Tigrett along with Him, to the hospital, which had opened just a couple of weeks earlier. Swami took him inside, pointed out to the various panels in the central dome area, and said, “Tigrett, do you see this panel here? We will get one of the best painters in India and we are going to do a giant portrait of 40 or 50 feet of Krishna right there.” And He said, “In this panel here, I thought we would do an amazing picture of 60 feet of Jesus Christ, and over here, I think we will do Rama, and on this panel as you walk in, I am going to paint your picture.” Mr Tigrett was taken aback by the statement made by the Lord and said, “Oh my God, Swami, please, these are Gods…” Swami immediately replied, “So are you. So are you!”

Mr Tigrett reminded everyone that this was the message that Swami brought, and all other Avatars and messiahs propagated. He said, “The reason we are here is to realise our true identity and it is not the mind and not the body. Sai Baba and all masters have come for thousands of years, to tell us and we still don’t believe them. It is quite amazing but the word is ‘self’ realisation. You are here to realise your true identity.”

Sri C Sreenivas was the next speaker who spoke about the journey of life which everyone treads. He spoke of his association with Smt and Sri Singhal, their journey to Bhagawan, and also a meaningful statement which Sri Singhal had told Sri Sreenivas. He said, “Any act, wherever it would be, whichever place it could be, with regard to anybody, if it makes a difference, if it makes that person better, then, that act has the signature of the Divine. I do not know why Krishan chose to tell me that but to me actually, that was a definition of life itself.

He urged everyone to show a little kindness when somebody crosses the path, “a beautiful attitude and way of life that one could take.”

The next speaker was Sri B N Narasimha Murthy. He spoke about the three things that are absolutely rare for anybody to get, and that which will earn Divine grace. First is ‘Manushyatvam – human birth.’ The second is ‘Mumukshatvam – a desire to know about God.’ A desire to know God, and to realise God, is Mumukshatvam. He reminded everyone of the materialistic world, full of glitter, where people easily forget their purpose of life. He said, “Being born as a human being and then having the desire to see God, to know God, to become God, is Mumukshatvam. But that is not just enough. The third is ‘Mahapurusha Samshrayaha – being able to sit at the lotus feet of a godly person, a divine person, an Avatar or a mahatma or a noble soul.’ These three things are very difficult to get because, these are the three things that get you divine grace.”

Swami in His discourse said, “Tigrett just now told about a very important thing. He said, ‘Sai Baba came and proclaimed not just that He is God, but you are God too. Swami knows that He is God and you do not know that you are God. And He has come here to tell this truth that you are God as well.’

To develop good feelings, to develop these good thoughts, the first and foremost requirement is to have good company. Tell me your company and I shall tell what you are. If you are in the company of the sheep, you will behave like sheep. If you are in the company of the lion, you will behave like a lion.

By growing up continuously in the company of people who only believe that they are nothing but a body and mind complex, we also tend to develop these feelings that we are just this body and we are this mind. But no one comes and tells us that truly we are the divine self. Truly we are divine, we are God. In such times of despair, when fear haunts you, the fear of survival, the fear of future, the fear of your safety, at that point in time, an Avatar descends like a big lion and it roars, “Divyatmaswarupulara- embodiments of divinity, Premaswarupulara- embodiments of love,” and it reminds you of your true identity.”

Thereafter, Swami answered some questions of the devotees. One of the question was – ” I am constantly hearing that seva is the highest service that a man can do. On the other hand, we hear that the purpose of human birth is to realise the Divine self. When somebody says that I would like to spend my life in meditation and realise the self through meditation and there are others who say that to do seva is the easiest way, in Kali yuga it is namasmarana and seva. And yet sometimes we feel that it is easier to sit down and do meditation. So there is a conflict going on. On the one hand, you keep hearing that total seva – do this and that; on the other hand, your personal vasanas or whatever you may call it are leading a certain way. So which is the best path to follow for any individual? Should they listen to themselves and see which is the vasana leading them in a certain way or should one follow a prescribed path?”

Swami replied, “Take for instance if you are having some sickness or some health problem and you want it to be solved. You will approach a doctor. A doctor can be of different types. Somebody who likes homeopathy will go to the homeopathy doctor and get some homeopathic medicines; somebody who likes ayurvedic doctor, he will go to the ayurvedic doctor and seek some medicine from him; somebody who trusts allopathy, he will go to an allopathic doctor and get the medicines. All of us who go to the doctors will definitely get medicines from the doctors and will be treated in due course to become completely well.

You have come to doctor who is Sai Baba. And Sai Baba’s way of treatment may be different from that of other doctors. My way is ‘I’ to ‘We’, ‘We’ to ‘He’. My way is from Individual to Society and from Society to God. From Vyashti – that is, individual to Samashti – that is, society; from Samashti to Parameshti or God. From svartha – that is, self interest to parartha – that is, service to others; from parartha to paramartha- that is, God. Therefore, in My way it is about Man mein Ram, hath mein kam – that is, keep the name of the Lord in your heart and keep the work of the Lord in your hands. When we do this, we will be able to tide over all our tendencies of the past, all our desires, all our limitations and we will be able to expand our heart to encompass the whole world in it knowing the truth that in every one the same divinity resides. This is My way.

Since you have come to Me for the treatment, you have to follow the prescription that I have given. No point in jumping from homeopathy to ayurveda to allopathy, it will create confusion in your body. My treatment is forget your ‘I’ ness – that is, individuality; develop love and serve others; engage every moment all your thoughts, words and actions in order to love and serve others; and through this you will be able to see God. Therefore, this is the easiest and the royal path in the Kali yuga.”

When a person asked as to how he can engage in constant Seva as he needs to also look after his livelihood, Swami said, “If you really want to do Seva, nothing will stop it. Where there is will there is way. You do good to others and God will look after you. Narasimha Murthy and Sreenivas have never drawn a salary for their work, but they have depended on me and I have taken care of them better than what they could do for themselves. Have faith and I will look after! Quoting an incident where an alumnus asked Swami to give more money to him so that he could do more Seva, Swami said, “This is not a bargain like we do with Tirupathi Balaji on a percentage commission basis; you do Seva and money will flow; the way it has flown through the hands of these men.”

After prasadam and Arathi, the Lord retired for the evening, while everyone packed to leave for the next leg of the trip, Boston.