Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine visit to Fiji

“God moves in mysterious ways, He wonders to perform, He plants His footsteps on the sea and rides upon the storm”.

The day one in Fiji has been another wondrous day in the chapter of God’s glory.

Fiji Islands are unique for the 300+ islands that are scattered seemingly in the midst of no where in the South Pacific Ocean, with the nearest country being 1500 miles away. However the Glory of Lord has reached the hearts of Fijians overcoming the obstacles of space and time.

We were told that most of the Fijians ( a total population of approx. 8.5 million) know Swami, one reason being the unique Afro hairstyle that they share! Of course this is apart from the indomitable divine spirit that exists in all  and which our master represents!!!

We landed in Suva, the capital of this island country from Brisbane via Nadi International Airport ( pronounced as NANDI ) on 25th eve. We were warmly received  by the well known Tappoo family, that migrated to Fiji almost a 100 years ago and had met Swami in sixties. They were to play the host to the Lord. ” I will come to Fiji”, Swami had told them and now has fulfilled His promise.

As we entered the Tapoo residence in the city of Suva, we could see that the flat had been renovated and refurbished with all new upholstery and drapes to receive the Lord! Seemed like not merely the home but the inmates too had been reenergised with a renewed enthusiasm to serve the Lord.

No sooner that we landed in the home that Swami emerged from His room where He was already present and graced the small family gathering. Brother Sumeet Tappoo, a well known singer, sang a welcome song that he had specially composed for this occasion but his voice weighed by the emotions of ecstasy and gratitude could not bear the melody and broke down several times!

All were in tears including the Lord. It was His love that was being reflected in every tear drop! His love that resounded in every note of the songs!

Swami started a small conversation to ease them out and blessed the family profusely revealing to them His ever present grace in their lives. Blessed the daughter and son-in-law especially as He broke the ice.

After this brief session at 9.00 pm we all had our dinner and retired for the day.

The next morning was fresh with the little rain drops that washed the land clean for the lord’s city tour. Every street was bathed in the morning dew and we were stunned by the scenic views of the ocean on one side and the mountain on the other. It’s truly a blessed country with nature’s bounty. The creator too from the balcony of His room enjoyed His creation silently.

After breakfast, Swami blessed the family with interview and then started on His Suva city tour. He visited the Tappoo City ( a mall) and blessed the directors of the group company with advice and guidance both personal and professional. After having spent enough time with them at their office, Swami was driven around the beautiful city. We all enjoyed the drive.

After lunch and a brief rest ( much needed due to jet lag) we got ready for the evening public satsangh that was to begin at 5.00 pm in the Khatri hall. More than 500 people had gathered to take part in this divine satsangh. Swami glided across the hall as boys welcomed Him with Vedic chants and bhajans. He went on to the stage and took His seat. The hall was tastefully decorated and people were comfortably seated, ladies on one side and the gents on the other.

After a few bhajans, brother Sumeet shared his experiences that amazed us. He revealed to the audience that he had several dreams in which Swami had indicated about visiting Fiji with the same set of delegates as now, namely Mr Tigrett, Sri C Sreenivas and Sri Narasimha Murthy, along with three brothers and a sister. It perfectly matched now! Swami had also shown him in a dream and told him that He will spend the last years of His avatar in a place surrounded by hills about 100 kms from Puttaparthi. Though Swami did not reveal the name ” Muddenahalli ” then in 1999, it hardly took any time for brother Sumeet to recognise Muddenehalli of his dream as soon as he visited the ashram this year. Swami had also revealed to him in the dream that Muddenahalli and its surroundings were the ashram of Vishwamitra where thousands of years ago, Sri Rama and Laxmana had fought the war with demoness Taataki and her sons Maricha and Subahu!!

( to share with you all, this is exactly what Swami had told me in a vision when I visited Nandi grama near Muddenahalli in June 2011)

His speech left us spell bound as to how mysterious are our lord’s ways!

Mr Tigrett was the next speaker who praised the purity of the people of Fiji, that is even represented by the world famous Fiji bottled water which is the purest water on earth as claimed. He said religion is a group phenomenon but spirituality is an individual journey that every one must undertake alone. No one can tell you what to believe or not to believe.

Mr Sreenivas spoke next and narrated the story of a blind person, 29 years old, who enrolled himself for climbing Mount Everest. For us  ordinary people ” Seeing is believing”, but for that extraordinary young man, ” BELIEVING WAS SEEING”.
Sri Sreenivas also pledged to the people of Fiji that soon he will organise a team of doctors from our hospital who would fly down to Fiji and operate upon children and adults as needed, of course free of cost! He urged the devotees to identify such cases of poor and needy, 20-25 to begin with so that this Seva in Swami’s name can begin soon.

Sri Narasimha Murthy mentioned about the divine blessings of Swami for the poor in Nigeria when during His visit in July Swami blessed them with a cardiac care unit in Nigeria. Similarly today He is blessing Fiji. Without Swami no body can build hospitals and schools in such a short span of 3 years.


Finally it was the time for Swami’s discourse. Mentioning that God has no birth or death, He is present in all as the indestructible Atma, Swami said that the invisible God takes a visible form and moves amongst the devotees to teach them the spiritual path. However the body made of 5 elements must finally merge in them. This is the rule of this transient world that everyone must follow including avatars. Rama, Krishna, Jesus, Buddha all were subjects to this rule and Swami is no exception. However the glory of avatars only increased after their physical demise and that will be the case with Swami too. Soon He will come as Prema Sai and is preparing all of us for that to deserve His grace. Both good teacher and a good student are required for the knowledge to be taught. Be good students, selfless and divine,  He urged. Soon Fiji will see many transformational changes, an Ashram too will come up here and people will benefit both spiritually and materially. Swami blessed all profusely. He answered a few questions for all again in the simplest but profoundest way. When asked about the confusion that many have regarding this phenomenon, Swami said that people in the dark may assume a rope to be a snake and suffer from imaginary fear. All that is needed is to throw some light using a torch, know the truth and be rid of the fear. Likewise those who want to know the truth must light a lamp of love in their hearts and then see things in its shining light in order to get rid of all the confusion and fear which is imaginary. Else one has to wait for the dawn to see things in the right light but it might be too late. World is reflection, reaction and resound. Love sees all as one. However like a man who is drunk and sees two instead of one, a man under the influence of ego and attachment sees two instead of one. All are one.


Swami blessed the Prasadam for all and then had his dinner with the people gathered. All the devotees were served sumptuous dinner. Swami went over to the tables of the devotees to see what was being served and said jokingly, “I have come to see whether they have served you any extra item that i haven’t been served”. The truth is, He wanted to ensure that all are served the same things as He was served. He did not want any difference!  Lord hasn’t changed a bit!